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I’ve been counting down the days ‘til the release of Cowboys & Aliens, and the invasion is almost here (July 29)! Just gimme a bucket of salty popcorn, a story about angry aliens and 90 uninterrupted minutes with hottie-bo-bottie Daniel Craig, and I’m good to go.


Sure, the movie looks cheesy (potentially very cheesy), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed because, after all, you never know, right? It’s high time someone pitted gunslingers against extra terrestrials, and maybe it’ll work out as well as other unusual pairings like chicken and waffles, salt and caramel, and Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav. 🙂

I’m also looking forward to seeing the lovely Olivia Wilde, whom I’m currently girl crushing on BIG TIME right now.

She looked all sorts of amazing on the red carpet last weekend at the Cowboys & Aliens premiere, sporting this black lace dress with her hair in a loose updo, and for her makeup, which was pure Chanel, she went with a soft smokey eye, pink lips and pinkish nude cheeks.

I liked the look so much that today I thought I’d give something like it a try. Most of the products I used here are from Chanel, with a few bits and bobs from MAC and NARS, but you could surely do something similar with other products you might have around.

I read in a press release that Olivia’s makeup for the evening involved Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Eyeshadow in Mirifique ($36), Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir ($30) and Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Noir ($28). I used the same products for my eye look, along with the others mentioned below.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Eyeshadow in Mirifique, Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir and Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Noir

Swatches from the left with the flash: Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Noir, Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Eyeshadow in Mirifique and Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir

Without the flash

Eye see you! 🙂

Olivia Wilde-inspired smokey eyes

A breakdown of my look…


My least favorite thing about smokey eyes is the time they take for blending. To get the products to flow together well as seamlessly as possible, I pretty much blend until my wrist starts to cramp (Kidding! Well, kinda…). Then, right around the time I think I’ve smoothed out every last harsh line…I blend a little more. And more. And a tad more.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I blend a lot. 🙂 If you’d like to see a more in depth tutorial, holla at me in the comments!

So I know this isn’t Chanel related but…

I had a rough afternoon today (PMS, grrr!) and was on the verge of tears until I saw these pics of two up-and-coming pet models showcasing their tubes of EvRev.

Here, Miss Kitty works her flawless profile for her assistant, Makeup Magpie


Sunshine the cockatiel, who lives with reader Jennifer, is a dude who loves gloss and isn’t afraid to show it

Thanks, ladies. You made my day 1,000% better.

Anywho, I hope you had a good one today. We did it! Well, almost. We’re just about over the hump.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Vijaya says:

    LOVE. Love the look, love Olivia Wilde, love the cowboy hat… Love the evrev models! =D
    Vijaya recently posted … Aqua Blossom Creamy Sugar Scrub Cubes

  2. Sara says:

    The foundation looks amazing on you! And i love the smokey eye. I would love to try the foundation but I don’t know if there is a shade match for NC43.

  3. Cristina says:

    I love Olivia Wilde as well, and was just checking out her red carpet look! Don’t know if I’ll be checking out Cowboys & Aliens, but I might need to try this look… You look so gorgeous!

  4. Eesha says:

    Loved the look & the cowboy hat!
    Eesha recently posted … Olive/ Bronze Eyes – FOTD

  5. Samantha says:

    I would love to see a more in depth tutorial! It’s always nice to see a little bit more… This looks like a perfect look for a semi-formal event I’ve got coming up. Just saying… Mayyyyybe you could record it? I sure do miss your YouTube videos:) but if not I think we’d all be happy with a more in depth blog tutorial! Ugh, and I’m with you on the PMSing today… I hate, hate, HATE it!

  6. Tracy says:

    I need Mirifique in my life!! Love the cowboy hat! 🙂
    Tracy recently posted … My Top Ten Series: My Top Ten MAC Eyeshadows

  7. peach_ says:

    HOTNESS! All the blending is definitely worth it because you look beautiful. I would love a tutorial!

  8. Ileana says:

    I love Olivia Wilde and I love your makeup!
    Ileana recently posted … Interviews 101

  9. Kate & Zena says:

    Olivia Wilde always has the best eye looks. I’m always trying to recreate her looks. If only my right eye were the tiniest bit less baggy; they look even, but my right eye is just the tinniest bit baggy on the top and it creates a host of problems. If only I could blend the same way; I’ve noticed I tend to go one way on my right eye and another on the other. Very frustrating.

    Karen, I wish PMS was my problem. I get to go to Dr. Mom tomorrow (that’s what we call our physician because she hounds us to eat more veggies! That and she knows everything.) I’m “sick.” I’m not physically cough-and-a-fever sick, but there’s something with me because I’ve lost almost 11 pounds in three weeks. That’s not good for me as I’m “underweight” as it is by that stupid thing called BMI. I hope your cramps let up!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kate,

      I know what you mean about having blending look different on each eye. I have the tendency to do the same thing, so I adjust as I go along. Do you ever do the trick where you tilt your chin up during application? I do it all the time, and I think it helps for me to see the entire lid all at once.

      Hope the visit with Dr. Mom goes okay. Tabs sends kitty hugs (he knows it’s never fun to visit the doc’s office!).

      • Kate & Zena says:

        Hi Karen,

        Oh yea, I tilt my chin my chin up and it still looks a wee wonky. I’m working on it. It’s just a matter of my being more right handed than left. When I actually use my left hand on my left eye, they actually come out even which is REALLY strange considering how weak that hand is. (Side note: Most peoples hands are rather equal in strength, not mine. That’s the ONE area you see my Cerebral Palsy the most. My left is much weaker. I used to have Left Hand Days when I was little to get me to use it!)

        The visit with Dr. Mom was slightly depressing. She thinks it’s just summer weight loss, but she’s running a thyroid test just to make sure nothing’s wrong with my thyroid and my iron levels and some other doctor babble I didn’t quite catch. I’m pretty good catching doctor babble, but she tends to babble a lot when she’s thinking and I don’t quite catch everything.

  10. Heidi says:

    What a beautiful look! And yes, I would love to see a tutorial. Every time I attempt a look like this with these types of shades my lack of patience gets the best of me and I end up with a whole Taylor Momsen look going on and, well, not cute!

  11. kimberly says:

    Lovely look! Ahhh the kitty is such adorable
    kimberly recently posted … REVIEW: Name4ever ketting

  12. Joy says:

    Terrific! You look lovely in your own version and not exactly copying her style.

  13. WOW! that is one über sexy look! the shape of your eye is GORGEOUS.
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … My IMATS Haul!

  14. Anna says:

    Tutorial please! This look is amazing!

  15. gio says:

    This is a gorgeous look! Love the cowboy hat!
    gio recently posted … Product Review: Rival De Loop Young Glossy Lips in n.10 Apricot Cream

  16. Serena says:

    Great look! I would actually love a more in depth blending tutorial. It’s where I pretty much fail on the makeup front. o_o

    • Karen says:

      I hear ya. When I first started doing smokey eyes it was one of the hardest challenges to overcome. With a little bit of practice, though, you can work it! 🙂

  17. Katie says:

    Beautiful! That eyeshadow looks amazing!

  18. Gauri says:

    Wonderful FOTD..♥ the eye shadow: jar looks a tish small..
    Gauri recently posted … 5 Ways to Transition Your Beauty Regimen Into Monsoon

  19. Cynthia Imperato says:

    Looks like a quick and easy smoky eye, and going to try it!

  20. Freidra says:

    Ha! That’s funny – Olivia Wilde is on my Keira Knightly list of “Oh, I wish they’d go away…” But your makeup inspired by her is beautiful!

  21. Nina says:

    Karennnn!!!! the hat is adorable, and you are too!

  22. Crystal says:

    You look fab! You always make me smile!
    Crystal recently posted … Nars Tainted Love Set

  23. Kim says:

    I actually like yours better – it looks a bit softer to me. It must be all the blending! Mirifique is beautiful, though on me I think it would look like someone popped me in the eye. 🙂

    I’ll definitely see Cowboys and Aliens, too. I mean, it stars Han Solo/Indiana Jones and James Bond. What’s not to love? 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Dude, you could TOTALLY do this color. It actually sheers out really well. And if you’re afraid of all the black liner you could always use a gray or a gunmetal shade.

      • Kim says:

        It’s very tempting – and thanks for the encouragement! Black eyeliner sort of makes me look like a pirate hooker, so your gray suggestion would definitely be the winner. 🙂

  24. Jill says:

    tutorial please! this is gorgeous! 🙂

  25. Stephanie says:

    why did you use nw25 concealer under your eyes? i thought you were warm toned?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Yup, I’m warm-toned (NC), but I use an NW concealer.

      It’s a trick I learned from a MAC artist. When you have purplish/blue circles beneath your eyes like I do, using a pink or a peachy toned concealer helps cancel out the color. Using a yellow-based concealer, like an NC, sometimes creates a grayish tone (it has to do with the color wheel).

  26. Kelly says:

    Very nice! Love an awesome smokey eye! I’m getting very intrigued by Chanel products these days, so I think I need to make a shopping pit stop there soon 😛
    Kelly recently posted … NOTD: Perfect Pool Party Nails!

  27. katie wong says:

    I LOVE this look!!!

  28. Marian says:

    Love, love, love your makeup! I need some of those Chanel shadows!

  29. Michaella says:

    I love the smokey eye you did!
    Can you do a tutorial on how to do it?
    I would love to learn how!

  30. BooBooNinja says:

    I like your look better than Olivia’s.
    You found the ideal balance between eye size/shape with the “smoke out”.
    Please do a video tutorial! I kneel at your blending saavy!

    • Karen says:

      Hi BooBooNinja,

      Aww, thanks. Video tutorials take a while to edit… I’ll probably end up doing a photo/text one, but we’ll see how much time I have this weekend. 🙂

      And you can totally work that blending, girl! Just keep moving that wrist until you can’t no more, LOL!

  31. Ana says:

    Congrats for this look, It’s gorgeous 🙂

  32. Alison says:

    That’s a lovely look and Mirifique is gorgeous!

  33. snoopysteph says:

    Olivia Wilde is so pretty! Her red carpet looks are always out of the park. 😀 She has a great combo of sultry & classy.

    I have one of the Illusion D’Ombre shadows (Epatant) but now I’m really considering picking up Mirifique! Makes a VERY lovely, soft smoky eye – you look fantastic, by the way!

  34. Rosie says:

    you look gorgeous!! and you did it yourself. Olivia probably had a team working on her makeup. Amazing look for you!!

  35. Karo says:

    Oh my God! I love this look! You are so wonderful! And I love your Chanel make up!
    I love Chanel 🙂

  36. Karo says:

    And I love your Cowboy Hat!
    Karo recently posted … CHANEL Nouvelle Vague 527

  37. Sheena says:

    I love this look on you….I like how its not overbearing and a smokey that can be worn in the day!

  38. I LOVE this look on you! HOT! I girl crush on Olivia too 😉
    Perilously Pale recently posted … Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick 512 – Swatches & Review

  39. Stephanie R says:

    GORGEOUS! I’m finding my makeup case so I can try this right now! I like the VitaLumiere Aqua foundation more though…feels more like a tinted moisturizer than an actual foundation!

  40. KAREN says:

    DANG GURL!!! Miss Karen you are lookin HOT!!! OUCH OUCH! HOT! =D

    Now you have created a Chanel lemming and I am going to copy this look!! and I have yet to go find my TJ Mango Bars… They are ALWAYS gone!!! Are you having them ship them to you from LA? lololol!

    Karen =)

  41. resa says:

    Ok I officially love this blog. L-O-V-E the look and I’ll try to wear it this weekend.. if it’ll work on me. ><! Think a soft pinkish-peach colored, flowy short dress will match it?

  42. I love this look ♥ Unfortunately this collection is still not available here in the UK yet…it feels like I’ve been waiting for ages!

  43. graychic says:

    Love the look and LOVE the necklace! …I’m on a chunky jewelry kick at the moment

  44. Natalie says:

    Awww Karen, I’m sorry you had a rough day! Le PMS le sux! I’ve been trying to get a pic of my EvRev with one of the kitties since I got it, but everytime I place it near one of them they either try to eat it OR try to eat the camera! Argh! I guess my kitties just don’t have Tabs’ talent. And I would love a smokey eye tutorial. It drives me nuts ‘cuz everyone is always talking about smokey eye this and smokey eye that and I have no clue how to make that happen! I iz a makeup spaz! 😀

  45. Dovey says:

    LOVE this look, I’m going to try to emulate. I also love the furry/feathery friends. So cute!

  46. Shannon says:

    This look is absolutely gorgeous on you! I always love a smoky eye 🙂 So chic!
    (Miss Kitty is thrilled to be on MBB!) xx

  47. Samantha says:

    Love the smoky eye look, this turned out very similar to Olivia’s!

  48. Phyrra says:

    I love this look on you! You look gorgeous!
    Phyrra recently posted … Beauty Blog Awards

  49. Mandy says:



    Must have.

  50. Sandra says:

    I would absolutely love a tutorial on this look. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  51. Tiffany says:

    Wow, I love this look. The smokey eye is very sexy without looking overdone of too dark!


  52. Teresa says:

    I just bought the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Mirifique and can’t wait to attempt this look! And I say “attempt” because despite hoarding boxes full of shadows, creams, pencils, etc. I still suck at application! So yes, I would LOVE an in-depth tutorial if you’re willing to provide one!! <3

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