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I have a small army of frozen Trader Joe’s treats in my freezer right now.

You in?


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  1. steph b says:

    I’m not a mango person, but I love the raspberry. It has a great creamy texture and I like that they skipped the popsicle stick.

  2. Christina says:

    I just bought more of those deliciously delicious mango bars right now! πŸ˜€ Along with some whole wheat pita bread, pineapple, Kefir strawberry yogurt, and Orangina πŸ˜›

  3. Issa says:

    oh yummy!

  4. Jackie says:

    Those look delicious! My area’s first Trader Joe’s opened last Friday and my husband and I are already in love. Other than the Mango and Cream bars, what are your favorite products? We’re looking for recommendations! πŸ™‚

  5. Claudia says:

    Yes please! πŸ˜€ They look delish!
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  6. Cristina says:

    Yummy! I SO need to go on Trader Joe’s run this weekend…

  7. Crystal says:

    I couldn’t be more in….YUMMY
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  8. Denise says:

    Is it possible to have it sent half way across the world without melting? I want!
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  9. Heidi says:

    Hand some over, it’s hot today!

  10. Jeannine says:

    The coffee ones are my favorite..
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  11. jen. says:

    I live literally… 3 minutes away from TJ’s, and I’ve never been. I definitely need some mango and cream bars in my life.

  12. Angela says:

    Aw I miss having a Trader Joes nearby,I have to fly down south if I want those Mango bars. That sounds like a good excuse to go visit relatives in Cali to me!

  13. Audrey says:

    LOL, was there a sale??? I just stocked up on their mini ice cream cones and the mini mint chocolate sandwiches, but I suppose these would have been a healthier option πŸ˜€

  14. Rita says:

    I l o v e mangos, but we don’t have this kind of products. πŸ™

  15. Nina says:

    i am in your fridge … stealingz your mango barz! πŸ˜€

  16. Liz! says:

    Omnomnom! Yes please!

  17. Casey says:

    I am so addicted to those bars! Glad to see that I am not the only one with multiple boxes in the freezer.

  18. Cathy says:

    Karen, you are stocked up! I’ve been loving the Magnum ice cream bars lately but they’re sooo fattening…

    • Nina says:

      they arent that great — the chocolate shell is too thick and unwieldy and the vanilla ice cream inside very bland!

    • Nina says:

      they arent that great — the chocolate shell is too thick and unwieldy and the vanilla ice cream inside very bland!

  19. Barbara says:

    I’m in!! I’m into Edy’s Pineapple Fruit Bars lately, but I need to try these ASAP!!

  20. AS says:

    LOVE THESE!!!! I prefer the mango over the raspberry, so always stock more of them, but both are so good.

  21. Millie says:

    Thanks Karen! Since you talked about this in your blog, I had to try it and now my kids and I love it too. Any other TJoe’s recs?

    • Karen says:

      I have a TON! I’m thinking about doing a mega list of TJ go-to treats, but here’s a quick one:

      Baked Cheese Crunchies
      Pita Crackers
      Pita Parmesan Chips
      Honey Greek Yogurt (actually, all of their Greek Yogurts)
      Frozen brown rice packets (so handy when you’re in a hurry to get dinner on the table)
      Frozen mushroom risotto
      Boxed soups (tomato and corn)

      …and much, much more! As you can tell I do most of my shopping there. πŸ™‚

  22. Soos says:


    You’re tempting us!
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  23. Natalie says:

    OMG I’ve been wanting to try these since you first mentioned them! I love TJ’s but I do not love the drama that goes along with a shopping trip there. Always too busy!!! I might have to suck it up and make a trip tho….Plus, I need some more 2 Buck Chuck! πŸ˜‰

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