Tabs: He’s Mad as Hell!

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One more time for the cheap seats in the back: Tabs mad as hell in his yellow submarine costume.

Look at those ears, haha!


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  1. Kelly says:

    Yep, he’s got “the look”. I have seen it many times before on my cats, lol!

  2. Yep, he’s got the Crazy Eyes. Reminds me of this:

    I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you …
    Principessa Grassa recently posted … Brief- Unhelpful Update

  3. Vanessa H says:

    LOL! Aw, poor Tabs!

    I can’t dress up my dogs, they’ll try to eat the outfits. I do, however, make lots of small pony tails all over my yorkie mix, he looks all kinds of crazy and hilarious lol.
    Vanessa H recently posted … Soft Nudes and Pinks a Mini Haul

  4. Kate & Zena says:

    Yep, Zena gives me this look every Halloween when I put her in her Lil’ Stinker costume. She HATES being a skunk. I think she looks adorable….because she’s so stinkin’ cute.

  5. Trisha says:

    Yep. He’s definitely not happy. I wonder if it would help if I cuddled the heck out of him…
    Trisha recently posted … Tropical Face of the Day and Movies About Writing

  6. Dao says:

    What’s up with all the mad kittens lately? Belly has been licking his knuckles like a gangster. I think Tabs and he have been plotting some schemes on us.
    Dao recently posted … Two ViDerm Skincare Products to Brighten Your Skin

  7. He’s gorgeous anyway!!! 😀 <3
    Stavroula Plag recently posted … Review – Garnier Fructis Instant Melt-In Hair Mask

  8. keri b says:

    i love this…TABS obviously wasnt in on the joke however…I cant stop cracking up

  9. Alexandra says:

    Awwww bless him 🙂 No way would i get Gannet or Vince in a costume.

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