The Secret to Shopping at HomeGoods…

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I believe I have discovered the secret to efficient shopping at HomeGoods, and this is it: BRING A FRIEND.


But you should NOT bring your husband under any circumstances, unless he is gifted at home decor, in which case, lucky you! 🙂 El Hub, bless his heart, just spends the entire time when we’re there staring at his phone, and then answers, “Yeah, I like that,” whenever I ask him about something…

Behold! — my latest HomeGoods loot. I went earlier this week with my friend Marisol. The shelves looked like they had been picked over by Christmas buzzards, but both of us still found a few hidden gems.


I got some fun steno stuff for my office — $3 notepads and a notebook, because you can never have too many of either — and three pieces of inspirational wall decor, which I’m very excited about putting up in my office.

So far my first day of 2015 has been spent sleeping and recovering on the couch, and singing Tabs-themed Prince songs all day long, like…

When the cats cry...
Dig if you will, this tabby,
His tum-tum is swinging so low,
His husky body covers me,
Can you, my tabby,
Can you picture this?


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  1. Those notepads looks cute.. And inspirational quotes are always good to motivate oneself whenever feeling low..

    N u right about shopping with besties than hubby 😛

    Have a great year ahead :-*
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Happy New 2015 and New Year Resolutions!!

  2. Kelly B. says:

    These are too cute! i’m jealous, my home goods never has chic items like this. happy new year!
    Kelly B. recently posted … Fabulous Party Lips ft. Paula Dorf!

  3. Tulipthecat says:

    The items you found are cute! Makes me want to stop by on my way back to SF from Bodega Bay

  4. Caitlin says:

    Wow, you have such a beautiful sense of style!

  5. Becca M says:

    I’m so happy to know I’m not the only crazy cat lady to put cat names/references in songs! My favorite this Christmas season was:
    I saw 3 cats come sailing in
    on Christmas day, on Christmas day
    I saw 3 cats come sailing in
    on Christmas day in the morning

    Their ears were fuzzy, their tails were long
    on Christmas day, on Christmas day

  6. Jessica says:

    I agree, do NOT bring your husband.
    I went to Homegoods before Christmas. Saw a darling plate and serving dish, that could go with my current china. He didn’t like it and wouldn’t let me buy them. >:(
    I got home, got a phone call, “Can we bring an extra person to dinner?”
    I don’t have enough plates! I wanted to go back, but the streets were already madness due to Christmas being days away. So I used a salad plate for my plate. Husband are like parents, they always say “no”. I shoulda bought the plates and ignored him!

  7. tirurit says:

    why oh why are there not any stores like that here!? Those are very very cute indeed
    tirurit recently posted … How to: recycle chocolates’ containers to organize your make up drawers

  8. Mr. Loca is the opposite. Sadly not in being great at home decor, he just doesn’t care, but when we go someplace like that he stares at his phone and always tells me: “I don’t think we REALLY need that.”
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … New Years Eve

  9. Crazy cat lady goodies ftw!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | L’Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil

  10. Amanda says:

    These items are great!! We are just now getting a HomeGoods. I can’t wait to check it out.
    Amanda recently posted … Belated Christmas

  11. Rachel R. says:

    I’ve never been to HomeGoods. They’ve only recently come to our area. I’ll have to check them out. The stuff you got is too cute.

  12. Erin says:

    I don’t have a close Home Goods to me, which is probably for the best. I’d be buying more enough stuff to bankrupt me. Especially towels and sheets!
    Erin recently posted … The Best Products Of 2014: Skin and Hair Edition

  13. tamar says:

    love this post and love the tabs song.
    must have you as a cat woman wednesday!

  14. Elena says:

    For some reason I didn’t think we had any HomeGoods where I lived but I just looked it up and there is one close to my work. Uh oh!

    I love fun little knick knacks like the notepads and stuff! I have a little mini collection of Japanese/Asian little sticky notes and tabs because they are so cute (different little animals and whatnot).

  15. Chelsea says:

    Love the kitty cat paraphernalia! I got a Pusheen calendar for Christmas that I’m going to take to work. Have you ever looked at Pusheen the cat? She’s a husky tabby too.

  16. Natalie Brown says:

    Nice finds! I especially like the wall hangings. The paper goods are too cute. Thanks for sharing!

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