More Pics of A Coign of Vantage

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A few more snapshots of detailing from one of my new favorite paintings, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s A Coign of Vantage (taken at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco).

Nice shoes!


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  1. Brenda says:

    The detail is amazing

  2. Alex says:

    Ha! I thought the preview was a picture of Tabs!
    .-= Alex’s last blog post… Id Kill For His Style =-.

  3. Arnold. says:

    They had a print of this painting and a few others by the same artist on the walls of a Mcdonalds of all places about 10 years ago in Sydney Australia. However the franchise changed hands and the new guys junked the lot!!!!
    Love your Blog, and Tabs he’s quite the Star.

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