I Found a Mug Made Just For You

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Purr-fect for your morning cup of tea!


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  1. LOL I have some mugs like that :p
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  2. S says:

    Yes, please!
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  3. Chelsea says:

    I bought my parents “I <3 my Cat" mugs a couple Christmases ago.

    In addition to the big black tomcat Houghton they adopted from a shelter, they have a marmalade kitty in their yard who meows at their back porch for food. He's very skittish, but mom plans on trying to make him an indoor kitty by the winter – after, of course, taking him to the vet to check for feline leukemia, etc. But the other day they had TWO marmalade kitties in their backyard! Dad usually lets the local feral kitties live in his barn, and they have old doghouses filled with straw for them to hang out in/stay warm in.

    We used to have rotties (up to 6 at a time), but now i think my mom is going to be a crazy cat lady.

  4. daye says:

    I love those mugs… it tells exactly what i am =)

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