He’s a Birdwatcher

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He’s a birdwatcher! Watching birds go by…my, my, my.


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  1. Joyce says:

    Tabs just reminded me of an article that I read about how cats kill and eat their prey more often than people think. I’m sure Tabs is only a “birdwatcher.” ;) http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/kittycam-study-finds-cats-virtual-killing-machines-214018851.html

    • Ugh, tell me about them eating their kills! We have to force Muffin to spit flies out all the time because she’d eat them otherwise! Once she ate a spider right in front of my eyes aaargh

  2. Jane says:

    I thought about the kittycam when I saw this too. I’m sure Tabs is way too sophisticated for such frivolity.

    I used to have a cat that would bring grasshoppers into the house. She would play which them for a while, and then she would pull their back legs off. She always lost interest after they quit jumping.

  3. musical says:

    Look at that face!

  4. I wish Maitai this photogenic!

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