City Kitty Standoff

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Two kitties in the Cole Valley neighborhood in SF having a staring contest. I’m not sure who won.


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  1. Hahaha I’ve seen aggressive hissing and pawing at the window after a scene like that. Kinda funny.

  2. Dao says:

    Wow, I can hear a lot of “meow” and “rawr” from the photo. Outside kitty looked scared though, so my money is on the indoor kitty who was lording over the opponent.

  3. Katrin says:

    Haha, great picture!

  4. Chris25 says:

    At my place, it’s now cat vs. dog. Rocky doesn’t like my brother’s dog, Zoe. And I had to give up Annabelle, so now it’s 2 cats and 1 doggie.

  5. Marian says:

    It’s like that at my house. I’ve always got stray or neighborhood cats visiting my three at the screen door of the sun poorch.

  6. Sophie says:

    It’s normal for my house with 6 cats INSIDE! Cats! They know they were revered as gods and believe they still should be.

  7. Jane says:

    Love that. There is a neighborhood cat who comes to my house and glares through the French doors at Amber and Jeremiah. He finally goes away, but it takes a bit of yeowling from the inside cats.

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