The Scarlet Letter

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The former English major in me wonders what symbolism lies in these personalized file folders from Anthropologie ($10).


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  1. lesley says:

    Oh! I have the post-it set of that in the letter L. Coincindentally my friend who is an English major got it for me for my birthday last year, LOL 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good day!

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Lesley,

    How cute! I wanted the “K” folders but couldn’t find ’em in the stack (boo). I will keep my eyes peeled for the Post-Its.

    Is it raining out your way?

  3. Luv J says:

    Oooh this is cool.. hubby said I’m too much of a “monogram freak”.. like I’m gonna forget the first letter of my name! These men just don’t understand!

    I don’t complain when he has to have a “swoosh” on every sneaker, shirt, jacket, hat and golf item he owns!

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