NYX Winter in Moscow Palette

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NYX Winter in Moscow Silver Gray Smokey Look Palette, $20.

What did you think of the colors?


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  1. Rae says:

    My goodness, that’s just lovely! I mean, I’m sure many of the shadows will swatch quite similarly (with so many of them,) but those cheek colours look absolutely gorgeous — I can’t wait for your review!
    Rae recently posted … Burts Bees Super Shiny is a great product – but its a big fat liar!

  2. looks promising!

    and i love that the lip products are shaped like lipsticks. i’m excited to see your swatches 🙂
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … What Saved My Skin

  3. Alex says:

    All those choices, oh my! Looks like I’m adding yet another palette to my collection!
    Alex recently posted … I Want an Oversized Envelope Clutch So Badly

  4. Citrine says:

    I like that shimmering coral blush!
    Citrine recently posted … NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose

  5. Amber says:

    This is neat — kind of unusual!
    Amber recently posted … Modern retro

  6. Sarah says:

    I’ve been looking for some grays lately so I’d love to hear your review!
    Sarah recently posted … Mini Post

  7. fish fish says:

    Very nice! I am drawn to it. Ok, maybe this will be my virgin NYX product! The price is very good too!

  8. lo says:

    Oooh, I’m loving that taupe color (third down on the left)… can’t wait to see a review/swatches!

  9. Danielle F. says:

    When I first saw this about a month or so ago on the NYX website I got excited to see what it looked like. I can’t wait for the swatches and review!

  10. Paris B says:

    Goodness! That’s pretty – waiting for your swatches and then I’d have to figure out where I can get it 😛
    Paris B recently posted … Raving over the Guerlain Essence de Gloss 462 Violine and Guerlain Fall 2010 Collection

  11. Trisha says:

    You know how I feel about mixing creams and powders in a single palette: I don’t like it. Although, the price is good. A lot of the colors look really similar, though.
    Trisha recently posted … Enter to Win RAW Minerals Mineral Glow Blush

  12. Marina says:

    Oh, such a pretty palette!
    Marina recently posted … How to Subscribe and Follow Makeup4All

  13. Stephanie! says:

    Ik recently bought this palette. I am soooo happy with it! You might think all the colours are similar, but they are actually very different and pretty!

    I love it!

  14. Stephanie! says:

    I actually own this palette!
    I am so happy with it. The blushes are great, the shades are very different from each other and its perfect for on the go!

    I big thumbs up to NYX!!!

  15. Tiffany says:

    looks cute!!!

  16. Michou says:

    I’m not even a huge fan of grey/black but I want this so badly!!!

  17. Gah! I wish NYX wasn’t so hard to find here, they are really stepping up their game lately.
    Cindy (Prime Beauty) recently posted … Smashbox Masquerade

  18. Am I the only one who thinks that this palette looks kinda monotonous?? Almost all the eyeshadows are grey! I love grey, don’t get me wrong, but having a palette full of greys is boring!!

    Stavroula Plag recently posted … Random Tip of the Day 09082010

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