Is This What Shoe Heaven Looks Like?

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I saw these at the Miu Miu store when I was cruising Ala Moana Center today.

What say you?

I love them… le sigh.


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  1. Cara says:

    O…M…G…this is totally feeding into my obsession with Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. *sigh* is right!

  2. Molly says:

    It’s really not even funny how much I want these. NOW. I will wear them with my pj’s and zit cream. I will wear them with my grody jeans and hoodie. I will wear them while I sleep. I will wear them in the shower. Actually no, that would end horribly. I have a hard time balancing to shave my legs, let alone in heels.
    But I want these like nobody’s pants. If WANT was measured in pie, I’d be feeding an entire country pie for a week. That was a terrible analogy- the glitter has short-circuited my brain. And now I want pie.
    *le sigh*

  3. Carolanne says:

    looks like book-Dorothy’s shoes! =] In the book, her slippers were silver, not red. Unless I’m mistaken.

    Carolanne recently posted … Review- NEW elf Studio Cream Eyeshadows

  4. *drooool*

    reminds me of the louboutin silver glitter pumps. but i have to say, i like this much MUCH better!
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … All About Eyes – Red- Gold &amp Black

  5. Iben says:

    I’m really not that big of a shoe lover.. But these are AMAZING.

  6. Lowelli says:

    Ohhh geez. Didn’t realize how much I liked sparkly shoes until just now. I WANT

  7. Vanessa says:

    I think El Hub subconsciously wants to get these for you for xmas this year! They’re so pretty!
    Vanessa recently posted … Coffee Inspired Eyes

  8. marisol says:

    I am not much of a shoe gal ( I could live in flip flops and Converse) but these are just fabulous!

  9. Sara says:

    Holy crap a loola- these should be in my closet… I’d even where them with my bathrobe! JK.

  10. Rosemary says:

    OMG I love these!! I’ve been on the hunt for all black glitter heels, but these would suffice!

  11. Alex says:

    So Pretty *zombie face*; I love shoes!

  12. Linnea says:

    … I’m not normally a sparkle person, but those had me staring at them, mouth open, saliva running.

    Thanks Karen!

  13. alexis says:

    definitely le sigh. just wow.

  14. I am in love!!! I agree with Molly…I’d wear these with everything! I opened the blog page and this was the first thing I noticed! Second to makeup is my love for shoes!!
    Kajal Couture recently posted … Reader Request – Rani Mukherjee Makeup Breakdown

  15. Lori says:

    They’re gorgeous!!!!

    Miu Miu IS indeed shoe heaven!!!!

    I bought the CAT PRINT maryjanes from the spring collection!!!! Worth it, that is , from one crazy cat lady to another!!!! ; )

  16. Em C says:

    These are GORGEOUS!!!!

  17. Karen L. says:

    WOW! They’re so adorable! I wish I could walk in heels. The last time I wore one was during my award recognitions in high school. After since then I had been on flats and boots.

  18. Maggie says:

    I’ve never had much interest in heels (I’ve got all the grace of a water buffalo and always fall all over the place) but these literally took my breath away. I. Want. These.

  19. BeautyMaven says:

    Mine aren’t as Gucci as these, but I <3 the glitter!!
    My shoes~
    BeautyMaven recently posted … Lips!

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