Buildings, Bread and Weird Fruit

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The title pretty much says it all (I took these while I was out sightseeing on my last day in Milan).

By the way, you officially ROCK if you can name the weird fruit!


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  1. Amy says:

    Hmm that kind of looks like a durian

  2. Amy says:

    Or some kind of pumpkin

  3. Tracy says:

    Is that a kind of melon?
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  4. Christy says:

    A horse apple? That’s the closest thing I could find searching online.

    Mmm, lovely Italian bread 🙂
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  5. Lauren B. says:

    It’s a custard apple! I ate one in Australia.

  6. Amber says:


    I love that first shot. So moody.
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  7. Anna says:

    I thought a type of custard apple aswell but its hella ugly…looks like its got zits galore !!! lol.

  8. Sarah B. says:

    It’s a Bule gourd! It’s a type of warted or warty gourd. It’s in it immature green state. Mature, it turns brown and does a very good imitation of a giant hairball. 🙂 Here’s it is:

    I can tell it’s a gourd because it looks thick-skinned and has a really fibrous stem. A custard apple looks more like an artichoke shape and texture wise. A horse apple has a very close texture, but it would be the same size as the pomegranate sitting next to it and would be more wrinkled than warty.

    LOL– I’m making my farmer ancestors proud today! Happy Friday, everyone!! 😀

  9. Barb says:

    It’s a gourd! Here in Northern Italy we make a very yummy soup with it either with vegetable stock or milk.

  10. dementia says:

    Oh my goodness! The photos make me want to go to Italy more! BTW, great photography 🙂
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