Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Honeymoon: With These Shadows, the Honeymoon Period Lasts and Lasts and Lasts…

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tom ford honeymoon

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Honeymoon ($80)

Competely proven, statistically verifiable facts (well…) about the new spring Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Honeymoon

  1. It costs $1 BILLION!

    OK…it’s more like $80, but it feels like a billion dollars because we’re only talking about four eyeshadows.

  2. Studies show that upon applying any of these four luminous shades, nine out of 10 people exhibit the following symptoms: their eyes roll back in their head, they bite down on their fist and scream, “OHHHH!” in sheer ecstasy. The tenth person just face plants directly on the ground from a standing position.
  3. You could probably live without it (LIES!!!).

I mean, seriously, there are so many things (price notwidthstanding) about this quad that make me want to do the snake in my chair. In terms of texture, finish and wear time, it knocks it outta the park.

tom ford honeymoon swatches

Swatches of the Tom Ford Eye Quad in Honeymoon (for reference, as you may or may not already know, I’m a MAC NC42)

It’s as if Tom probed my mind like a creepy makeup alien from The X-Files (have you been watching the new ones?) and molded all of my lusty eyeshadow dreams into these pans. When I load my brush with these shadows and apply them to my lids, the pigmented powders glide, blend and buff like they were put on this planet solely to make my makeup life easier.

A few days ago, I got it into my head to use the palette, and it was a day when I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready. No joke — I had my eye makeup all blended and done in less than five minutes, and even though I blazed through everything, I didn’t have to clean up anything under my eyes.

tom ford honeymoon

Wearing Tom Ford Honeymoon on my lids and lash lines…

Also, please, please don’t outright dismiss this quad if your only reservation is that you’re a tried-and-true lover of matte finish eyeshadows. These shadows may look like they’d be super shiny and frosty and difficult for anyone over the age of 15 to wear, but their luminous finish is surprisingly forgiving.

They create a good amount of glow (though still subtle), but they don’t bring the bad drama, like uninvited fine lines, that often accompany shiny shadows to the party. I usually like to keep the shiny stuff out of my crease for that reason, but I can “go there” with these shadows. Highly recommended for makeup lovers of all ages.

tom ford honeymoon

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Honeymoon ($80)

It would be a travesty if the colors in this quad disappeared on the skin after a short time. Thankfully, they don’t. I can wear any combo of these four shades atop my trusty NARS Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof, and I’m good for at least 10 hours.

Granted…these days, I’m laid out on the couch for much of that time, since Baby Girl’s main mission in life has been to zap the living energy out of me, but still…long wear time FTW! 🙂


Please, somebody, anybody, take this quad with you on your honeymoon, because if you won’t do it, then I’m going to have to insist that El Hub finally take me on ours (we never officially had one), which means that I’ll be forced to visit someplace with warm and tropical beaches and sit in a lounge chair with a virgin margarita while my lids glisten in the sun while wearing these shadows…


Honeymoon is part of Tom Ford’s permanent collection, and it appears to be a little tough to track down online right now (Neimans has it backordered until August, holy sh*t!), so you might try calling your TF local counter before heading over there, just in case.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Ann says:

    Good grief, they’re nice, but 80 bucks for 4 eyeshadows? Ill pass!

  2. Alexis says:

    I have yet to own a TF palette. I think I’m hesitant because I know it’ll lead me down a rabbit hole, albeit a smooth like butter, fabulous rabbit hole. Now I want this, good thing it’s backordered otherwise, I’m in danger.
    Yes, been watching new X Files and I’m on the fence – a. I love to reminisce all things 90’s and b. some episodes just border on ridiculousness but I still love watching them anyway. I didn’t catch last week’s but last night when Mulder was on his ‘shroom trip’ I was dying!!
    Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Yes, I want this palette. I am going to NM this Friday for the beauty event and I’m going to check out new skincare. I’m going to give my current Kate Somervile a rest and see if there’s something better – I might go back to Chanel Hydra line. I love KS and her products worked wonders on my sensitive eczema skin but I’m curious if there’s something else.
    You’re in the home stretch…can’t wait to read Baby Girl’s announcement!

    • Karen says:

      TF is a slippery slope, my friend, but ugh… he does so many things SO well. Seriously, my life was forever changed after I tried his liquid liner. It really is the best one out there (le sigh). If you ever do “go there” with the quads, this one, as well as Cocoa Mirage, are gorgeous. If you can get a hold of Cognac Sable, grab it. IMHO it’s one of the best ones (unfortch it seems to be discontinued).

      What skin care are you thinking about trying? Not sure if Neimans carries Sunday Riley but her Good Genes serum is the sh*t!

      As for BG, I wouldn’t mind if she decided to come sooner rather than later. My hospital bag is packed and all ready to go, and we’re as ready as we can be (still have a whole bunch of things to do, but it’s at the point where I could function if she came early).

      • Alexis says:

        I remember getting a sample at Barneys for Good Genes and loving it. Now I’m hoping NM carries it. I need to get a new TF brow shaper. Ugh, I should probably look into something more cost efficient but it’s my favorite brow pencil right now. His glosses are still part of my top 3 favorite!
        Right now I’ve been using KS, Quench Oil serum, deep tissue repair moisturizer (night), daily deflector (day) moisturizer and sometimes I’ll add Mega C dual serum on top of Quench. I’ve been using her products over 2 years and I’ve noticed that my eczema comes back but it could be due to a new primer I’m testing out or new foundation. Thanks going to check out Sunday Riley’s products – what else do you use from her line?
        I was ready to deliver when I reached the 7th month. Ugh, JUST COME OUT ALREADY!! hahahaaha

  3. This is the best description of an eyeshadow palette or eyeshadow ever. Great post 🙂

  4. It is the prettiest of the quads, and the colors are right up my street, but the price? It would have to at least do the laundry as well to justify that.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Long, healthy hair – Discover what you really need

  5. Joyce says:

    oOoOo..this quad is screaming my name. Love burgundy and purple-y shades, especially in my crease.
    Joyce recently posted … Swatches + Comparisons – Chanel Foundations + Concealers

  6. Indya says:

    THIS is beautiful!

  7. Ame says:

    I have been trying in vain to buy this from Nordstrom for weeks. It keeps saying “on backorder” and then never lets me check out.


  8. QuichaJ says:

    It looks lovely in the pan, and swatches on your arm aRe grear too. Hiwever, I couldn’t get a good sense see of it on your eyes. Can you post another picture?

  9. Tatiana says:

    Of all the new Tom Ford eye quads this is the one I jumped on. The sales girl at my local Neiman’s said they were all out, but I noticed one open in the display case. So I got the last one they had. I wish all the Tom Ford quads were released in this wet/dry formula, I like it so much more than the regular quads with a a glitter color. This formula really is much kinder to my fine lines.
    I hope BG isn’t making you too, too tired. Sending you positive energy vibes. The last couple of weeks are the hardest. Thinking of you and BG and wishing you the best.

  10. Rachel R. says:

    This is such a gorgeous quad!

  11. Kwmechelle says:

    Currently thinking about refinancing student loans & selling my birthright for this quad. It’s just so, so pretty. This is my fave of the 4 he released. At least, I think he just released 4 quads. Anywho, I’ll join you in doing the snake right after my yoga class. First time in class in 2 weeks. Bring on the zen 🙂

  12. Erin says:

    Even though this quad is super warm I’ve been considering it. If I had a counter near me I’d go in and try it!
    Erin recently posted … Derma E Purifying 2 in 1 Charcoal Mask

  13. Jill says:

    They restocked Honeymoon on TF website, so I grabbed it and a new Infamy gloss and platinum cream shadow! It set me back a good chunk of change, but I love all 3 products! While not all of TF products are amazing, These are worth saving up for!
    It appears as though TF will be re releasing the duo cream shadows (golden peach and naked bronze ) in April. Those are fabulous as well!

  14. Chelsea says:

    This is so gorgeous! Looks like a little piece of heaven!

  15. Lupe says:

    These shadows look gorgeous! I want to splurge on it, but not sure.
    Lupe recently posted … Valentine’s Day 2016 Makeup Look #2

  16. Anna says:

    Oh my! I could seriously die for these, they are SO gorgeous!! I don’t know if I can fathom spending that much for 4 shadows though.. I will dream for now I guess! 🙂

  17. Chris25 says:

    This quad is so warm and beautiful, but you’re right about that price- it might as well be a billion dollars!
    Chris25 recently posted … Current Favorites: Beauty and Life Vol. 19

  18. Heather L says:

    The honeymoon is over when the credit card bill comes in! In seriousness, though, these shades are a bit neutral for my taste. A couple of his other new quads though…

  19. Christine says:

    ok, ok, I submit, these are beautiful colors (not at all drug store-ish like I said in an earlier comment).

    BUT for $80 TF (and tf?!) should not add insult to pocketbook injury with those APPLICATORS. O__o

  20. jaz says:

    I can’t wait. I will be splurging on this. It was supposed to be for my birthday but I will wait until I can get my hands on it comfortably – ie my budget and mint won’t kill me.

  21. Rebecca says:

    What drove me nuts about this quad is so many sales associates were misinformed that it was limited edition. I wanted to tell all of them that TF corporate says it’s permanent, but I had no time and was on the hunt. I have never had to track down a makeup product like this one. I had an awful experience with a Nordstrom backorder being cancelled, but I finally found it in the TF Las Vegas boutique. The $15 shipping charge was worth it.

  22. Kelly B. says:

    Quads like this really make me wish I had the skintone to pull this off! I have a super old Nars duo that has two shades really similar to these but it’s just too warm for my pale eyes! I do love the look of TF quads though, so luxurious!
    Kelly B. recently posted … ipsy February 2016 Bag – $117 Value?!

  23. Lauren says:

    I have yet to try TF makeup!! Beautiful, versatile pallette!

  24. Sooooo beautiful. And soooooo expensive… But also sooooo beautiful. UGH! 🙂
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Two Dashes of Glam | Animal-inspired make-up

  25. Eesha says:

    I love Tom Ford eye shadows. Both Honeymoon and Disco Dust are out of stock everywhere.. but, glad that these are permanent, otherwise I would have gone mad by now! 😀 😀

  26. Julia Harper says:

    OMG–this is probably the funniest cosmetics post I have ever read, and I’ve probably read “billions”, ha ha. I have this on backorder from Neiman’s, supposed to ship 3/20….can’t wait. Excellent swatches also, BTW

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