Tarina Tarantino Magic Hour Cream Shadow in Nebula from the Starchild Odyssey Collection

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Written by Bari

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the blogger, Bari, as she seeks out new makeup, like the beautiful subject of today’s guest post.

Starchild Odyssey Magic Hour Cream Shadow in Nebula

Hi guys!


Today I thought I’d share four tips for using Tarina Tarantino’s Magic Hour Cream Shadow in Nebula from the Starchild Odyssey Collection (also in the collection, a silver called Starchild and a navy called Meteor Night). It’s available at Sephora for $19, and for the money you get a pretty big pot! It’s a limited edition, but there are also some gorgeous colors (Black Diamond, Purple Velvet, Golden Shadow) in the permanent line. You can still get this one now, which I suggest you do, because all of the Magic Hour Creams are so pretty and versatile.

Starchild Odyssey Magic Hour Cream Shadow in Nebula

Starchild Odyssey Magic Hour Cream Shadow in Nebula

Nebula looks almost white in its pot when it’s first opened, but when you start to swirl your finger in it a gorgeous purple comes through. It glides on very smoothly, which is why I’m a fan of cream shadows like these. It’s also very sheer, so you can layer and build it up, which makes it perfect for daytime or night. Also, blending with your fingers is a breeze because the warmth of your fingers softens it up.

Starchild Odyssey Magic Hour Cream Shadow in Nebula

Starchild Odyssey Magic Hour Cream Shadow in Nebula

Ways You Can Wear It

  1. Use it as a liner! It looks particularly gorgeous with blue eyes, but I’m sure it would look stunning decorating just about any eye color. Also use it to line your top or bottom lashes, or both!
  2. Wear it as a shadow. One of the more obvious choices but still very pretty. The first layer is sheer, but it builds up to bold! Also, if you want longer lasting color or a bolder punch, start with a purple shadow underneath! I use Of Summer from the Romance collection, but I believe any sheer/pale lavender would look great!
  3. Use it as a cheek highlighter. Put it at the tops of your cheeks, nose, and chin for a litter glimmer. This color looks very pretty with light pinks and beiges and gives you a very dewy look.
  4. Use it as a brow highlight. Now this one is different. As stated above it looks lovely with blue eyes, so if you’re doing a purple or blue look and need a highlight, give it a try. It gives a little color without being overbearing!

Written by Bari

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  1. Heidi says:

    Ooh, I’ll have to try these. I’m crazy about the eye pencils in this line.

  2. Olga says:

    Looks like a lovely highlighter, and I love the eye makeup on the last picture! Thank you for the review, if not for P10P, I would have totally bought it! 🙂

  3. Retrofox says:

    Ladies, if you love MAC’s Vellum eyeshadow, then this is it’s cream eyeshadow twin! Just bought this last week and love it!

    • Sarahc says:

      Retrofox, was Vellum a limited edition Cream Color Base? I can’t find it on the Mac website but I’m curious. Thank you!

      • Retrofox says:

        Vellum is a MAC eyeshadow that used to be perm, but is now only available thru the Pro stores : ( if you can get your hands on it, get it cause it’s a beautiful color especially over colored bases like blackground paint pot!! This TT cream shadow has the same effect but I still prefer Vellum : ) HTH!

      • Retrofox says:

        Oh! Also it’s a regular powder eyeshadow!

  4. Vonvon says:

    Thanks for the great post. I got this on impulse when I bought that Starchild Odyssey Palette, thinking to use it as a base for the palette.

    Now I can maximize the use of this.

    I have a question, though… for no.2, when you mentioned use a purple shadow underneath, do you mean to use a purple powder shadow on the lid first, then apply Nebula on top of the purple shadow?
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    • Iliana says:

      Yes, I’m curious about that too since I’m more used to putting creamy products underneath powder products and not the other day around. 😛 Last time I tried that, it became an icky mess. 🙂 Or maybe this is a cream to powder product which makes it easier to blend with powders. 🙂

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