Still Mourning the Loss of a Chanel Aqualumiere? Many of Them Have Equivalent Colors Among the New Rouge Coco Shines

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While I was at my favorite Chanel counter the other day, I happened to mention to Scott, one of the makeup artists there, that as much as I love the new Rouge Coco Shines, I’m still going to miss the Aqualumiere line that the Rouge Coco Shines were released to replace.


Scott tried to console me (thank you, Scott). 🙂 He said that most of the new Aqualumieres have sisters or cousins among the new Rouge Coco Shines and pulled out a chart indicating their color equivalents.

chanel rouge coco shine swatches

If you have one or more holy grail shades in the outgoing Aqualumiere line, all is not (necessarily) lost. Hopefully its equivalent Rouge Coco color looks just as great.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine / Aqualumiere Color Equivalent Chart

  • Aqualumiere in Waikiki 31 = Rouge Coco Shine in Boy 54
  • Aqualumiere in Galapagos 101 = No replacement 🙁
  • Aqualumiere in Java 49 = Rouge Coco Shine in Unique 51
  • Aqualumiere in Santa Barbara 62 = Rouge Coco Shine in Cavaliere 65
  • Aqualumiere in Montego 70 = Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure 57
  • Aqualumiere in Palma 72 = Rouge Coco Shine in Sari D’Eau 44
  • Aqualumiere in Como 74 = Rouge Coco Shine in Biarritz 42
  • Aqualumiere in Samoa 75 = Rouge Coco Shine in Unique 51
  • Aqualumiere in Malta 90 = Rouge Coco Shine in Deauville 67
  • Aqualumiere in Positano 91= Rouge Coco Shine in Biarritz 42
  • Aqualumiere in Monte-Carlo 92 = No replacement 🙁
  • Aqualumiere in Ischia 96 = Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur 61
  • Aqualumiere in Grenada 98 = Rouge Coco Shine in Monte-Carlo 62
  • Aqualumiere in Tasmania 99 = Rouge Coco Shine in Fetiche 52
  • Aqualumiere in Majorca 79 = No replacement 🙁
  • Aqualumiere in Antigua 32 = Rouge Coco Shine in Elise 59
  • Aqualumiere in Yucatan 36 = No replacement 🙁
  • Aqualumiere in Ipanema 37 = Rouge Coco Shine in Canotier 41
  • Aqualumiere in Phiphi 55 = Rouge Coco in Organdi Rose 09
  • Aqualumiere in Formentera 87 = Rouge Coco Shine in Canotier 41
  • Aqualumiere in Papeete 88 = Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur 61

For more on the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines (including swatches and reviews), check out This Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick Has Been a Very Good Boy, Make It Your Time to Shine with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick: Available Now and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick: Chanel’s Newest Lipstick Formulation to Launch in March.


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Thank goodness for beauty bribery. Today was shaping up to be a big ol’ waste of time, but I told myself that I could have popcorn at the movies today (Priest or Water for Elephants) if I finished all of my chores by 3. I just finished the vacuuming, so it’s working so far.

Hmm… The only problem I’m just now realizing is that my reward involves hundreds of calories that I’m probably not going to burn doing housework. Yeah, I probably should have thought this through a little better, LOL!


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  1. Most of the old ones have equivalents! That’s almost a little boring=(..
    Antonia at Swedish Love Affair recently posted … To relax and do nothing

  2. Erin says:

    I have to say, I bought Boy after seeing your post and it is my favorite lipstick of all time. It just looks amazing on me! I’m going to buy a back-up and I NEVER back- up lipstick! So, I’m not really missing the Aqualumieres!

    • Karen says:

      I’m so glad you love it, Erin. I really like it too and reach for it all the time. Do you wear it by itself, or do you line your lips first with something?

  3. Vijaya says:

    This post is going to be so helpful to a friend of mine. She’s a Chanel fiend!
    Vijaya recently posted … Linnaeus Cosmetics Swatch Assault

  4. Gina says:

    Tabs looks crazy adorable with that Chanel ribbon!

  5. Meta says:

    I’m glad Waikiki is a dupe of Boy! I’m sure I have it somewhere in my stash! *starts rummaging*

    • Karen says:

      Waikiki is a really good color — especially great for those days when you don’t want to think to hard, you know? I hope you find it!

  6. Nina says:

    Tabs in Chanel = pure awesomeness!

  7. Beatrice says:

    Everyone needs a little incentive sometimes, don’t worry Karen lol and I just have to say, Tabs is looking particularly adorable in that Chanel bow :3
    Beatrice recently posted … LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer-Base Grips And Doesnt Let Go!

  8. KSlone says:

    Thanks for the dupe info! I have a client desperate for a replacement for #40 Tahiti. Any suggestions?

  9. Alison says:

    I aren’t missing the Aqualumieres. While I did love the colour of Waikiki, I found the formula dreid out my lips. While I don’t think Boy is a dupe (Waikiki was much more rosey) I love the colour of Boy and even more importantly love the formula! I am planning on getting more of them so the dupe list is a great help since I also really liked Ipanema Aqualumiere.

    Thanks Karen!

  10. Aparnaa says:

    This post did it – I’ve been waffling about getting this lipstick for months now, but today I dragged my frizzy clammy-skinned self to Henri Bendel and bought Bonheur. It makes me feel SO PRETTY. Thank you!

  11. I love Boy! I love the formula, especially that you can build up for more color!
    productdoctor recently posted … Giorgio Armani Summer 2011 Eye Quatuor Mediterranean Palette- Swatches and Review!

  12. Krista says:

    Waikiki was my favorite lipstick of all time… just realized that Chanel isn’t making it any longer. I will definitely check out Boy! Thank you 🙂

  13. Paula says:

    Thank you so much. I am soooo pickt about my lipstick. I loved the feel of the aqualumiere – I had Yucatan. I was also very upset that I couldnt get them anymore. BOOO! Thanks for the chart – I’ll try that line. Much appreciation.

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