With the LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighters, the Light Source Will Be Cheekbones

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Wearing a mixture of LORAC Starlight and Twilight

Wearing a mixture of the LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighters in Starlight and Twilight ($22 each)

I don’t know about you, but I think that when we look back at the “teens”  (2010-2019), we’re going to remember this era as an era with some very distinct makeup trends, like contouring (duh), strong brows, probably lip plumping and, of course, lots and LOTS of highlighter.

I’m talkin’ more highlighter than J. Lo wore in the early 2000s.


What was once a product that I didn’t think much about has now become one of my favorite products. I have many of them, but I never seem to have enough.

“Why yes, I do need seven champagne-toned highlighters. Thank you for asking.”

Nothing excites me more blingy “in your face” glow products like LORAC’s Summer 2016 Light Source Illuminating Highlighters.

Like the Hourglass Ambient Powders, they’re highly shiny, finely milled powders based around various lighting conditions to give you a gorgeous, radiant glow, and they come in four $22 shades — Starlight, a white opal; Daylight, a soft gold; Twilight, a light bronze; and Moonlight, a pinky pearl.

LORAC also infused the silky powders with anti-aging antioxidants!

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighter

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighters (L-R): Twilight, Starlight

Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highlighter swatches

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighters (L-R): Twilight, Starlight

These are all about light, and that’s the exciting part. When it hits them just right, that’s when their differences really stand out.

Twilight is the light golden bronze one, and Starlight is the reflective white opal, but if you angle them toward a light source? My goodness, these beauties are so reflective and illuminating that they catch all the light, and you can hardly tell the difference between them in the pan!

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighter

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Twilight

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighter

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Starlight

These highlighters are not for the faint of heart, too, when it comes to glow. If you favor more subtle illumination, I would even go so far as to gently hint that these are perhaps not for you.

But, surprisingly, all of this reflective power has perks. I’ve been wearing Starlight quite a bit lately, and the intense shine actually seems to minimize my pores in a an counterintuitive light-diffusing way.

Have a look for yourself. The picture of me below is unretouched (save a few stray hairs, because a girl’s gotta look out for her brows).


If you’re like me and can’t get enough glow, then pile these puppies on, and be sure to copy my “wow, highlighter!” pose. Just be careful not to bring them too close to your under-eye area to avoid enhancing any fine lines.

And these aren’t just fabulous highlighters. They’re also lovely eye shadows. Starlight, for instance, creates a beautiful halo shadow effect when popped on the center of the lids with deeper matte browns on either side.

LORAC Light Source Illuminating Highlighter

What I would call my official “highlight on fleek” pose

I’m quite impressed with these Light Source Illuminating Highlighters. I also checked out the other two shades at the LORAC counter, and they’re just as smooth, illuminating and light-diffusing. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

So ladies, what’s your favorite glow-rious product?

Jessica Revitte

Jessica is a Project Manager by day and a mommy, soon to be wife, avid reader and makeup lover in the in between times that really count. You may remember her from her former beauty blog, Getting Cheeky. Jessica is stepping out of beauty blogging “retirement” as a creative outlet and is eager to write about makeup, once again bringing her signature cultural, literary and historical twist to the table. See what she’s been up to these days, with and without makeup, on Instagram.


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  1. Becky says:

    Ooh gosh, these look great. LORAC is a brand that’s so difficult to get this side of the pond! It’s such a shame, I’ve had my eye on a PRO palette for a long time, and these look exceptional!

    Beekeyper – Latest post – 6 steps to swoon-worthy skin

  2. Jen Clark says:

    Ooooh! Shiny! These look amazing on your! Have you tried the Becca highlighters? If you have, how do they compare? 🙂
    Jen Clark recently posted … An In Depth Guide To Contouring

  3. Rachel R. says:

    Whoa! Those look great on you! I’m impressed.

  4. Nivedita says:

    I think both Twilight and Starlight would for me. I love my Colorbar Highlighter pen which is the best one I have ever used. Apart from that Revlon’s highlighter palettes really work good for me.
    Nivedita recently posted … My April beauty declutter: The very delayed post.

  5. Lauren says:

    These are beautiful!! I’m horrible at highlighting though. My faves are Becca. The Ambient trio pallette is what I’m playing with at the moment.

  6. I have yet to get into highlighting. I guess I have struggled with oily skin way too long to get into this.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … ahuhu Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo – Comfort scents

  7. Your skin really does look luminous! Lit from within, almost!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | MAC Tribe Vibe Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in Delphic

  8. Erin says:

    I think it’s going to be #contourallthethings! That looks like Becca on Steroids.
    Erin recently posted … Play! By Sephora May 2016

  9. Karen says:

    Your high is like WHOA. Very pretty, Jessica! I love the idea of a super shiny highlight but find it’s not always easy with my pores, so I’m more of a subtle highlight kind of girl. My favorites are the Ambient Powders by Hourglass.

  10. hanna says:

    YES I’ve been looking for a good highlighter
    hanna recently posted … Is Course Hero Worth Using?

  11. Courtney Tubbs says:

    I love these highlights..I was wearing starlight fur a while, but just bought moonlight recently…I held off buying it because I didn’t think I would like it, and I like more champagne tones…OMG I’m so glad I did…I like it more than starlight…these highlighters are so pigmented, and worth every penny! If you haven’t tried moonlight, I promise you won’t be disappointed…

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