Like Fairies, Nixies, Pixies and Sprites, the New Chanel Holiday 2012 Collection Is a Spellbinding Creature

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chanel eclats du soir de chanel holiday 2012 makeup collection

The new Chanel Eclats du Soir de Chanel Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection

What gilded sorcery is this that seduces my senses with quilted eyeshadows in gold, bronze, violet and pink? — that piques my interest and enchants my cheeks, face, lips and nails with deep reds, pinks and beige?

It is Chanel, you say? A conjurer named Coco? And her spell is called Eclats du Soir?


This spell you speak of and its 10 pieces of prettifying power, they hath possessed me! I am now at the mercy of the new Chanel Eclats du Soir de Chanel Collection for Holiday 2012!

BEWARE! For soon, when the spell spreads to Chanel counters and next month, you might be, too… 🙂

Here’s a look at six of the 10 upcoming pieces from the release (reviews coming soon)

the chanel eclats du soir de chanel holiday 2012 makeup collection

Clockwise from the gloss at the lower left: Glossimer in Mystery, Quadra Eye Shadow in Harmonie du Soir, Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Apparence, Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Impatiente, Le Vernis Nail Colour in Malice and Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Star Dust

chanel harmonie du soir quad

Harmonie du Soir Quadra Eye Shadow ($65)

chanel harmonie du soir quad closeup

Harmonie Du Soir eyeshadows in Violet-Plum and Pink

chanel harmonie du soir quad closeup

Harmonie Du Soir eyeshadow in Bronze Gold

chanel harmonie du soir quad closeup

Harmonie Du Soir eyeshadow in Taupe

chanel star dust blush

Joues Contraste in Star Dust ($43)

chanel apparence illusion dombre

Illusion D’Ombre in Apparence ($36)

chanel l'impatiente rouge allure

Rouge Allure in L’Impatiente

chanel mystery 357 glossimer

Glossimer in Mystery

chanel malice

Le Vernis in Malice ($26)

chanel harmonie du soir quad swatch

Harmonie du Soir Quad eyeshadow swatches from the left: Bronze Gold, Taupe, Voilet-Plum and Pink

chanel holiday 2012 eclats du soir de chanel swatches

Swatches from the left: Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Star Dust, Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Apparence, Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Impatiente and Glossimer in Mystery

chanel malice swatch

Le Vernis Nail Colour in Malice

The entire Chanel Eclats du Soir de Chanel Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection includes…

  • Regard Signe de Chanel Quad Quadra Eye Shadow in Harmonie du Soir ($65) — With a bronzed gold, a taupe, a violet-plum and a pink (limited edition)
  • Ombre Contraste Duo Eyeshadow Duo in Nuit Claire ($42) — With a rosy beige and a deep black (limited edition)
  • Illusiono D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow ($36) — A golden bronze (limited edition)
  • Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Star Dust ($43) — A shimmering soft pink (limited edition)
  • Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder in Reverie ($52) — A rosy golden beige (limited edition)
  • Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Allegorie ($29.50) — A sheer, shimmering pink (limited edition)
  • Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Mystery ($29.50) — A fresh rosewood
  • Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Intrigue ($29.50) — A reddish brown
  • Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in L’Impatiente ($32.50) — A deep reddish black (limited edition)
  • Nails Le Vernis Nail Colour in Malice ($26) — Also a deep reddish black

Feeling bewitched by any of these items? I am. 🙂 Which ones have got you under their spell?


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. It’s been a long one, friend, and I didn’t get nearly as much done today as I wanted to, but oh, well. Whatcha gonna do, right? I’m not gonna beat myself up over it because it just doesn’t do any good.

I hope you had a good day today, but if not, maybe this pic of Tabs snuggling a pan of blush can help. 🙂


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  1. Chelsea says:

    I’m saving to hit up the Chanel counter soon! The counter manager (a former coworker, who was always one of my favorites) was raving about a sample of their new mascara, saying she’d never gotten so many compliments on her lashes – I love Inimitable Intense, so I’m excited! Not sure what exactly else I’ll get, but their blushes always look so gorgeous. That eyeshadow quad is something else though!

    • Karen says:

      It pained me to swatch it! I wish I could preserve the quilt design…I could stare at it all day.

      BTW, I was actually at the Chanel counter this weekend. I’m giving their loose powder a go. Have you tried it?

  2. Abbi P. says:

    I want the quad and lipstick soooo bad but I just can’t see getting that much use out of those colors where it hardly ever gets cold and I wear “summer” clothes year round, I guess I’m saving money but I love love it!!

  3. Heidi says:

    Ooh, that nail color is stunning!

  4. Ashley says:

    What lens are you using for these picture?! I need it.

  5. That lipstick looks amazing! And so does the polish! And I don’t even like red polishes haha!
    Tracy@Beauty Reflections recently posted … This Lipstick Bandit Is NOT a Never-Nude!

  6. Teri says:

    Really loving the nail polish and the lipstick, I’m so curious how it looks on you Karen!
    Teri recently posted … Rich Sultry Reds On The Nails: OPI German-Icure and Every Month Is Oktoberfest Nailpolish

  7. gio says:

    The nail polish looks very pretty!
    gio recently posted … Product Review: Essence Marble Mania Lipgloss in Coral Whirl

  8. Oh wow–that quad is SO pretty! I don’t own any of the Chanel Quads yet, so I may need to make this one my first. Who doesn’t love a good taupe? And I am in love with the Violet-Plum shade! The Star Dust Joues Contraste is gorgeous also, but I’m not sure how well it will show up on my skin tone. It’s so pretty I’m def willing to try though. Oh, and don’t even get me started on that lovely Mystery Glossimer!!! 😀
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … The Sample: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in 54 Boy Review & Swatches

  9. Beautiful photos, Karen! I love how bright these are — it really sets off the winter hues of this collection 🙂
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … The Lipstick Bandits: Nudes You Need | Have a Lovely Day! with MAC’s Casual Colour collection

  10. Dawn says:

    Is it my imagination, or does it look like the Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadow has dried up a bit and pulled away from the sides of the jar?

    Loving the pinks and golds in this collection

  11. Marina says:

    I really love the dark lipstick and the nail polish, of course 🙂

  12. Isolde says:

    That eyeshadow palette looks amazing! I’ve got a gold and bronze one from a limited release either last year or the year before that is a similiar style. Still can’t bring myself to properly use it. Love the little C’s and quiltwork… oh yes, and of course the shades are gorgeous. I’ll have to ask Santa for this! Thanks for sharing with us! x
    Isolde recently posted … Lunasol Petal Pure Eyes Review: Sweet Peach

  13. Oh. my. God. That lipstick!!! I die!!! Apparence is so pretty too! And Tabs, Tabs!!!
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny recently posted … What Can Make Dior Vernis Better? Seeing Three of Them Together! Charnelle, Trench, & Bengale

  14. Jennifer says:

    That stardust, the nail polish and the glossimer… outragous!!! CANNOT WAIT for that!!! So beautiful! Chanel never fails to disappoint do they?
    Jennifer recently posted … Bonjour Ma Belle! The secrets of French Beauty

  15. Nina says:

    The quad is soooo pretty!

  16. Kim says:

    I just want to share my reaction to this post.

    Sees Harmonie du Soir Quadra Eye Shadow: Screams inside, “OMG! I DON’T NEED YOU!” (quickly scrolls).
    Sees swatch of Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Impatiente: Screams louder “OR YOU! I WON’T EVEN WEAR YOU!!!” (scrolls faster)
    Sees Le Vernis Nail Colour in Malice on your nails: Gives thanks that there is not a Chanel counter near me because I’ve lost all the will to resist.

    True story. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      LOL! I totally believe you! This collection is very, VERY exciting. Probably the most exciting Chanel launch I’ve seen in a while. I’m wearing the Glossimer right now (with sweats, of course). I’m going to give a quad a go in a few minutes, even though digging into the quilted pattern is killing me. Le SIGH.

      Oh — saw your question about the switch from Aqua Brow to MAC Concrete a few posts back. No reason, really. I still like Aqua Brow. Concrete’s just been the closest thing at hand lately.

  17. Michelle says:

    Yes to the quad, blush, and glossimers!! So beautiful!

  18. Lucia says:

    That blush is GORGEOUS, omg. I’m imagining wearing it on a cold, clear winter’s day *cues cheesy music* yes I think that deeply about makeup 🙂

    can’t wait to see it in an FOTD, karen!

  19. I already gave a list to my Chanel counter lady, but after seeing your pictures I might have to add a few more things.

    I hope the quad looks just a pretty on! I can’t wait for your post.

  20. Omgggg, the lipstick! I love it so much!
    OrangeLipstickBlog recently posted … My Futurama dream collection!

  21. parnia says:

    Thank you for the swatches Karen, are the e/s smooth like the topkapi quad?

  22. Alison says:

    Loving it all! I really need that blush, the gloss and the polish (I’m almost up to 100 Chanel polishes – just 3 more and I’m there).

    I saw further up that you’ve just got the loose powder, I’ve used it for years and love it – Chanel perfection! Oh and it lasts ages too.

    I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t visisted the blog in a while, ut I wanted to say I’m loving the new look!

  23. Katrina says:

    !!!! Be still my beating heart! I want all of these so badly! I know what is going on my Xmas list already!

  24. Elle says:

    Love this!!!!

    I really appreciate what you share and how much of your creative spirit shines in all of your posts. Thank you Karen.

    Thanks also for sharing Mr. Tabs. He is like a ray of sunshine to any day.

    Gilded Sorcery indeed.

  25. Beng says:

    Do you think that eyeshadow quad is worth the money? The colors look amazing but I really wanna know if the formula is buttery! Seems like it’ll be my first Chanel quad, ever 🙂

  26. I want the whole collection. So pretty!

  27. I saw your pic of these shadows and followed it back, only to find your lovely site! Now, I’m not just pining for the shadows, but the nailcolor, too, in Malice!

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