Korres Lip Butter Glaze Made My Lips Look and Feel Better Today

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karen from makeup and beauty blog reviews korres lip butter glaze
Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Pomegranate

Blue skies may have been smiling at me yesterday, but my face of the day left me with lips like the Sahara. My kisser needed TLC today, and Korres Lip Butter Glaze ($14; available in five shades) came to my rescue.


The mad moisturizing, non-sticky formula is surprisingly thin and lightweight, but Korres still found room inside it for a subtle vanilla fragrance, which I like (it is unflavored, though). I put Pomegranate (a pinkish coral) on this morning, and by mid-day my lips already felt and looked a lot better.

Both of the colors I’ve tried, Pomegranate and bright red Wild Rose, could almost pass for Jello from afar (peach and fruit punch, respectively!). They create a semi-transparent, shiny layer of goodness on my lips, ahh… πŸ™‚

Korres Lip Butter Glaze review pictures photos
Pomegranate (top) and Wild Rose (bottom)

Korres Lip Butter Glaze review box

Korres Lip Butter Glaze review ingredients
Pomegranate ingredients (left) and Wild Rose ingredients (right)

Korres Lip Butter Glaze review swatches
Swatches of Pomegranate (left) and Wild Rose (right)

Korres Lip Butter Glaze review swatch of pomegranate on lips

Korres Lip Butter Glaze review swatch of wild rose on lips
Wild Rose

One thing these aren’t is long wearing, so best brace yourself for frequent reapplication — about every two hours or so. I don’t mind, though, because they feel so blasted good, and the tube makes quick touchups easy.

PRICE: $14
AVAILABILITY: Available in five shades (Quince, Pomegranate, Wild Rose, Jasmine and Raspberry) at Sephora stores and online

Speaking of Vanilla…

I wonder… Should I be ashamed to admit that I danced to Ice, Ice Baby in my living room today? Part of me thinks, “Yes, Karen, you should.” πŸ™‚ But I’m not.


Yo, VIP. Let’s kick it.

I rapped along to it, too. Weird. If I can remember the lyrics to bad 20-year-old songs, why can’t I remember to take out the trash on Thursday nights? WHY!?

Anywho, what did you do tonight? I just got back from a little window shopping at the mall. Doing anything fun?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Traci says:

    Hi Karen! These look great! Are they the same as the lip butters in the tubs, just in tube form now? If so that is awesome, because I love the lip butters, but these would be more convenient. Thanks for your reviews!

  2. They put them in tube form!! I love Korres even more now πŸ™‚
    Wild Rose is my favorite of the two, I love berry lipcolors like that
    makeup morsels recently posted … EOTD: Pretty Pink

  3. Anna says:

    Mmm, pomegranate looks yummy. I’m still loving that Rock for Ever smoky eye you’ve got on, I’ve got some MAC eyeshadows that are similar to those and I’m dying to try that silvery smoky eye.

    A bit of an aside though, your undereye circles are virtually invisible! what concealer have you been favoring these days?

  4. Heidi says:

    Those glazes look really nice. I’ve tried quite a bit of Korres skincare, but not much of their makeup.

    As for the Ice Ice Baby, I’ll admit that it has only in recent years become a guilty (very guilty) pleasure. 20 years ago I was quite the rock purist, and was appalled, appalled I tell you, that this could be done to the classic Queen/Bowie tune!

    • Karen says:

      I could see how this could make you originally feel very cranky. Pressure is one of my favorite songs… it’s just one of the perfect tunes where everything about it is right.

  5. Advah says:

    Psychic! I was just thinking over the weekend of the Korres lip balm (plum!) and checked your previous review yesterday!
    Hmm these sound even more exciting.. Now I can’t decide if I should wait until I get rid of at least one of the 15 lipglosses in my handbag, or get it straightaway.. I love that wild rose!

    • Karen says:

      These ARE more exciting. Plus the tube packaging = AWESOME. No need to stick ya finger inside that annoying jar.

      If it’s cold out your way just get it already! You need to keep your lips moisturized, right?

  6. the wild rose is gorgeous, and i tried the ones in tubs once… i guess im alone in always wanting a tub (for the cuteness factor πŸ˜‰ ) but the tubes actually look much easier to use!!
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  7. mill says:

    OOH! i love the potted lip butters but these are cuter, more hygenic and sound like they have a better scent! when my guava lip butter runs out, i’ll definitely pick up one of these πŸ™‚ also, dont worry, i know all the words to “bust a move”. true story.

    • Karen says:

      Er, so do I!

      This here’s a jam for all the fellas
      Trying to do what ladies tell us
      Get shot down ’cause you’re over zealous
      Play hard to get — females get jealous

  8. Nina says:

    korres never ever disappoints! πŸ™‚ i think i want these and will check `em out when i go to the mall tomorrow to pick up my tartan tale stuff.

    so pretty! πŸ™‚

  9. reesa says:

    These are looking like they want to join my ever-growing lip product collection! LOL! Thanks for the very enticing swatches, Karen. πŸ˜‰

  10. Ruchita says:

    Pretty colors! It is getting really dry with the colder weather, so moisturizing is a good thing. I rememer dancing to Vanilla Ice back in the day. It was a big hit at our school dances in middle school along with MC Hammer, The Bangles, etc. πŸ™‚

  11. Linnea says:

    What are these?? I have the Korres lip butters.. they are a pain to reapply and do not moisturize at all.

    I should have waited for these because I love the pomagranate color..

  12. Kim says:

    Those do look lovely and HECK NO, you should not be ashamed of your Vanilla Ice dancing. OK, you should be, but that means I should be too when I hear it… and I refuse to feel shame! πŸ™‚ On a side note, the Hubs referred to my shuffling iPod the other day as “just a long list of bad 80s music”. Though not actually true, it was still funny.

  13. Trisha says:

    You look beautiful today, as usual. πŸ™‚
    Trisha recently posted … Nails of the Day: Tapping Nails

  14. Alison says:

    I really like the lip butters and I have al of them (I think), with Wild Rose and Jasmine being my faves. These look nice but I am a little disappointed that they don’t last long as I find Wild Rose in the lip butter to have pretty good wear for a balm. more like a stain really. I love the fact that these new ones are in a tube but if they don’t wear too long then I may just stick to the originals.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alison,

      Yea, these disappear pretty quickly. But if the jar isn’t a big deal for you maybe you should just stick to them… they also have the added bonus of being cheaper!

  15. lesley says:

    LOVE this! My germ-o-phobe self always secretly despises tub style balms… gotta see if these have been released yet here in Norway xD

  16. JaNelle says:

    These look like something I should try. I’d been using Philosophy Kiss Me. Have you tried those? Is the consistency similar?

  17. steph b says:

    Count me as another person who loved the butters but hated the packaging. I just picked up the 3-pack from Sephora (3 for the price of 2). I like this scent much better than some of the jars – those scents were a mixed bag of yummy and horrific. I don’t mind reapplying.

  18. Instant Karma (formerly L) says:

    Ooh, pretty! I love Wild Rose in particular.

    I feel you on the song lyrics (and I know the words to “Ice, Ice Baby” as well, lol). I’m super absent minded, but I know about every lyric to every classic rock or mid 90s R&B song (on top of a million others, including opera, musical theater, 90s rock, more recent hip hop and indie rock, etc. etc.). I swear, if I could use the brain power I’ve devoted to song lyrics for something else, I could singlehandedly solve global warming or something. Instead, though, I know all the words to All-4-One’s “I Can Love You Like That.” Clearly, it’s almost as useful.

  19. Rhiannon says:

    I went to Sephora to test out the extended wear mascara from Clinique today. It’s an older product but so far it’s performing wonderfully.

  20. Valentine says:

    Oooh, yay! I’ve been waiting for these. Korres launched lip butter gloss sticks internationally over the summer, and I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to get to the States. I guess we get a tube gloss instead? Cool with me! Can’t wait to try the pomegranate, although I love the mango shade in the lip butters best.

  21. Andreea says:

    Curious on Korres, now a lot of ladies told me about it. They produce also organic products.
    Lip butter gloss sticks sounds even better, though!

  22. Quince says:

    Hi! My research of Korres lip butter and MAC lip conditioner both took me to your blog so I must ask you! Having tried both products, which one would you recommend? My lips’ been very dry and flaky recently and none of the Vaseline, burts bee, and Kiehl’s live up to their reputation! I am drawn to the “all natural” and cheaper Korres lip butter but the review of MAC’s on the internet is generally better. What do you say?

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