Ever Heard of Le Métier de Beauté?

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Today Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book tells us about some of her favorite products from the exclusive Le Métier de Beauté cosmetics line.

Le Metier de Beaute

The stunning Le Métier de Beauté cosmetics line, exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman stores and a few select Neiman Marcus, features a wide range of luxurious beauty products with gorgeous packaging, unique colors, and lovely textures.


Here’s an exclusive look at some of the fun, modern, yet classic products Le Métier de Beauté has to offer.

Kaleidoscope Kits

Kaleidoscope Kits — “blending tradition and vision, creativity and innovation,” the kits are comprised of four colors presented in a unique stacking system with a flip-top mirror. They come in varieties available for lips, eyes, and face, each retailing for $95.

I have two — the Persephone Eye Kit and the Galatea Eye Kit.

Persephone Eye Kit

The Persephone Eye Kit features four medium pigment eyeshadows with textures ranging from matte to satin to shimmer:

  • Rose Champagne: a soft shimmery pale rose-pink
  • Alexandrite: a sparkly eggplant amethyst
  • Canvas: a soft, satin, neutral fawn-cream
  • Sequoia: a matte, cool, dark chocolate brown

Galatea Eye Kit

The Galatea Eye Kit features four unnamed shadows not available individually:

  • a soft, satin pale buttercream
  • a rich, shimmery golden brown
  • a matte puppy brown
  • a complex, shimmery nutmeg

Sheer Brilliance Lip Glosses

Left to right: Marsala (gift with purchase), Cap d’Antibes, Cannes, Dubai, Ibiza, Captiva, Bondi Beach

The Sheer Brilliance Lip Glosses are my favorite products in the line — pure luxury in a tube, and I want them all!

They have a sparkly, glossy finish and a non-tacky texture that’s lightweight yet moisturizing. Colors are sheer but substantial enough to show on the lips. They retail for $32 each.

Lip Creme Lip Gloss

Left to right: Sunset Boulevard (gift with purchase), Apricot Creme, Peche Creme, Papaye Creme, Sweet Creme, Fraise Creme

Hybrid lipstick/glosses, the Lip Creme Lip Glosses ($36) are super-pigmented, with a lightweight texture, intense color and a shiny finish. A little goes a long way, and they glide on the lips.


Color Core Moisture Stain Lipstick

Top to bottom: Marrakech, San Tropez

The Color Core Moisture Stain Lipsticks ($32) have a long-lasting stain-like formula with a surprisingly creamy texture.

They do feel more like a stain than the typical lipstick, but once applied, they remain blendable while still staying put.

Where to buy

The Le Métier line is sold online and at just seven stores in the US, making it pretty hard to see in person.

NOTE:Bergdorf periodically holds what are called Beauty and Incircle events at which time they include nice gifts with purchase.

Unfortunately, swatches don’t always capture true colors. I’ve placed orders both online and in person at three of their physical locations. Once you’ve seen them in person, I highly recommend calling a counter to place your orders. The company’s product specialists are very knowledgeable and patient in describing things and making product recommendations. 🙂

In this guest post Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book tells us about some of her favorite products from the exclusive Le Métier de Beauté cosmetics line.


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  1. Vonvon says:

    Nice brand and nice products! Yea, this is definitely my first time hearing of this brand. Wouldn’t mind getting some of their kits, like the way they stack the pans in ‘swivel’….can it be called that way? 😉

    Vonvon´s last blog post..My Birthday Dinner – Part 1

  2. Ingrid says:

    I love the cream glosses I recently picked up the Papaya Cream gloss; it was well worth the price! The Neiman Marcus at King of Prussia Mall (right outside of Philadelphia) carries the full line. They also have excellent and attentive sales folks, so if you are in the area I recommend stopping by.

  3. Jenny says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but it sounds wonderful! Galatea eye kit looks beautiful! I need to hunt these babies down! Thank you for this wonderful post 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    I’m dying over Sunset Blvd., Apricot Creme <3 and possibly Sweet Creme. I so want to order Apricot Creme right now.

  5. wendy says:

    ah, they look nice!

  6. Vanessa S says:

    These colors are absolutely beautiful!!!!

  7. Julie Price says:

    Looks gorgeous! I saw these in a magazine, can’t recall, either Allure or Oprah. New lemming created!

  8. Michele says:

    i am going to Bergdorf to look this one up right away!

  9. kim says:

    I have seen the whole line – I don’t love their summer stuff but all in all most other things are fantastic. They are expensive but I am definitely a BIG FAN!!!!!
    the texture, packaging…ahhhhh….sigh…

  10. Lisa says:

    Are these glosses (either type) sticky, or non-sticky?

  11. I’ve only recently read about these products. I’m very interseted in trying the Anti-aging foundation with retinol. Its $125, even more than Le Mer’s which was good, but still just ‘ok’. I’m hoping I’ll love it!

  12. Martina says:

    Sounds interesting, and like a Wanna-Have ! But where can I find this stuff in Germany ? It is really heart-breaking ( well….) to see lots of stuff you can not get your hot and sweaty paws at…

  13. Alyx says:

    Hey all I work for Le Métier at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas and if you need help finding a product or have questions please call/text me I can send you whatever you need!
    Since this blog was created there’s been a lot more added and we have skincare now too!!!

    Alyx- 702-722-7400

    • Jane Buford says:

      Hi I bought a le métier eye shadow 2 years ago at Niemans in Houston . the color is Mulberry. Do they still make that color? I live on Long island in NY and tried to find it at Nordstroms but the women helping me didn’t know the line well and couldn’t find it. I love
      Mulberry and need a new one! Help!

  14. Alyx says:

    Yes! They do still make it! However, they are discontinuing it! So if you want it I still have some left! My number is 702-722-7400 I’m the product specialist at LMdB in Las Vegas

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