The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick by The Estée Edit Is Certainly Edgier Than Most

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estee edit edgiest eye kohl

Wearing The Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks in Iced and Grounded from The Estée Edit ($22 each)

I don’t know if I’d call these “The Edgiest,” because I don’t see Khal Drogo or Robert Smith, who are in my mind two of the edgiest makeup-wearing peeps around, rolling up to a Sephora and making a beeline for The Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks from The Estée Edit (I see them more as NARS guys), but I’d certainly call them “Edgier Than Most,” or “Somewhat Reasonably Edgy…”



I mean, they aren’t so edgy that I feel tempted to use them to color in my adult coloring books, which, doesn’t that sound funny? As if you’d open a coloring book and see, like, “adult” (airquotes) things in there? Haha, nasty…

FUN FACT: Adult color books are actually just regular coloring books, except they’re for adults, and they’re currently very trendy. And yes, sometimes I’m tempted to color mine in with makeup.

But I digress…

So, these aren’t your standard-issue chunky-monkey shadowsticks, because you can use them on your lids like an eyeshadow or along your water lines and lash lines like a liner (except for the purple shade, which says that it’s only for lids and lash lines), so they’re two-for-one products for $22.

estee edit eye kohl grounded violet taboo iced

I’m hooked on three of the nine shades — Violet Taboo (a glittery, shimmery violet), Grounded (a pearly brown with a hint of grey) and Iced (a stark white).

All of them feel smooth against my skin, kinda like when you leave ice cream out on the counter for a while and it gets all soft and runny… Thank goodness they’re not like those hard kohl pencils that feel like I’m poking my eyes out with a rough piece of plastic, because those are never fun.

estee edit eye kohl grounded violet taboo iced

I’ve been getting back into my makeup groove lately, but most days I still only have time and energy to spend about 15 minutes on my looks, so these have been up in mah mix. Because there’s an eyeliner and a shadow in each stick, they save me from having to dig through my makeup bag.

I wore them the other day when I was rushing to get ready to go to the dentist (pumped the boobs, slapped on some makeup and ran out the door!). I grabbed Grounded and applied it in a half moon shape on my lids, then buffed out the edges before it set (these take about three minutes to dry). Then I ran it along on my upper lash and water lines.

Then, I took Iced and dragged it along my lower water lines, and I was done with my eye makeup in less time than it takes to say, “Draymond Green’s Game 5 suspension reeks of conspiracy. GO WARRIORS!”

Anyway…the Edgiest Eye Kohls are also supposed to be super long-lasting with a wear time of — say wha?! — 24 hours.

I’m not so sure about that, because I have to reapply them about every four hours on my water lines and every 10 hours when I use them as eyeshadow.


Now, since these are chubbier than most skinny-minnie eyeliner pencils, I probably won’t use them for fine, detailed lines, but you could, since there’s a hidden sharpener tucked in the bottom of the pencil. It’s just that I think the real beauty in these is in how messy you can be with your lines and smudging. It’s fast, fun, easy makeup.

estee edit edgiest eye kohl

Grounded on my lids and Iced on my lower water line

Of the three I like, my favorite is Iced, because it’s really, really hard to find a white kohl that you can just pop on your water line and get a stark, opaque white liner look with just one layer. I plan to wear it on the daily.

You can find Iced and the other colors now for $22 each at Sephora.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Chelsea says:

    Grounded and Violet ate do pretty!

    I don’t know if it’s my skincare products or what, but cream or stick eyeshadows just do not last on me at all, I’ve ttried so many.

  2. Vero says:

    Your skin looks amazing and glowy!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Vero,

      Aww, thanks! It was quick and easy to do, which I loooove. I used BECCA Backlight and Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer as my primer, then I applied NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint with a Beautyblender. I dusted a little bit of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural on top to set. 🙂

  3. Iced looks great! Really brightens up the whole look.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Make-up look | MAC x Chris Chang Royal Woo Eye Shadow + Vermillion Vee Matte Lipstick

  4. I have never thought about it, but now that you mention it, Khal Drogo really seems to be more of a NARS guy. Or maybe Urban Decay?
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Inspired by Tom Ford Soleil Color Summer 2016

    • Karen says:

      LOL! Maybe he was into Urban Decay in his younger days, when he first started getting into makeup. He transitioned to NARS when he got more into the editorial makeup look.

  5. kwmechelle says:

    CONSPIRACY, I tell you! Fun fact: one of the Warriors’ bench players is the son of friends of mine here. I don’t know him but his mom, especially, is really nice. He’s played in each of the last two games. Hopefully tonight the Warriors can wrap up this series & bring home the bacon- re: trophy. B-ball, behind makeup, is my second love. P.S. you still look mah-ve-lous. Having you back behind the key board is kinda sweet. You bring the flava 😎

    • Karen says:

      Hey Kwmechelle!

      I’m happy to be back at the keyboard. 🙂 These last three months have flown by!

      I don’t know a ton about the intricacies of basketball but I can follow a game. Having El Hub around helps because he’s been a fan decades and he knows a ton about it, so he explains all the rules and intricacies very patiently which makes it more interesting for me! I asked him about the bench players and he guessed Brandon Rush or James Michael McAdoo.

      How has your week been? OH, and did you ever get your tattoo?

      • kwmechelle says:

        Your hubbie is a keeper bc he guessed correctly. James Michael McAdoo. We’re all big fans of his here & hope he grows into a key player. As far as tattoos, dude, I’ve spent $1300 in the last 2 months on car repairs 😡 When I do get a tat, it’ll prolly be a picture of tears, lol, cause the repair costs have been relentless. Beyond that, I’ve been well. I got Aunt Flo problems this week, so keeping a cutie-pa-tootie golden doodle has been a real pick me up. She’s soooo love-able & sweet. My dad & I usually watch the game together, even though he’s in GA & I’m in VA. He was a really good player back in the day. He taught all 7 of his brothers + 3 sisters. I come from a basketball family. It’s in my blood. I’m no good at it, mind you, but I talk enough trash to at least look like I know how to play. And I look good while doing it, obvs 🙂

        • Karen says:

          Yeah, he’s pretty cool as far as husbands go. 🙂 I think I’ll keep him around, LOL!

          I’m totally having a six degrees of Draymond moment right now, by the way!

          Ugh, car repairs are bummer, dude (we’re having some issues with our Toyota at the moment and it’s getting to the point where repairs no longer make sense, so we’ll have to either donate it or send it to the junk heap…Such a PIA). Sometimes I wish I understood cars like I understood makeup. Just think of all the money you could save if you could work an engine like you could work a smokey eye.

          I didn’t know you were such a huge basketball fan! Of all the sports I wish I could play basketball is at the top. That’s super cool that you understand all the intricacies of the game. Do you have a favorite team?

          P.S. I was chillin’ with Aunt Flo last week, and her visit was my excuse for eating practically all of my ice cream cake in two days!

          • kwmechelle says:

            PIA is correct. And other useful acronyms that I won’t mention here since this is s family friendly site 😉 I’d prolly be a millionaire if I knew as much about cars as I know about makeup. Not that I’m a makeup queen or anything, but it seems like any amount of car knowledge is useful. I’ve honestly learned so much through my own car ordeal that I could write a small leaflet & sell it online with eyeshadow quads & turn a quick profit; including how to flip a car for profit. Just satin’. There’s so much that I don’t know about basketball but I always listen to the commentators, the half time report, the post game show/analysis, & then I read ESPN to gain more knowledge. I kinda follow the stats of my fave teams/players. My fave teams are the Warriors, OKC (total nail biter when these two teams played), Atl Hawks, Clippers (mostly). From there, I like certain players like Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Memphis Grizzlies, etc. Literally, I have no idea what to do with myself when basketball season ends, lol. I’m that crazy chick who tries to watch 82 games during the 82 game season. Of course that doesn’t happen. But it doesn’t stop me from trying. And btw, Aunt Flo is the reason why I treated myself to an overnight stay at a fancy-schmancy boutique hotel last week. It didn’t make her go away (darn it!) but it made me feel better. Hoping the Warriors turn the tide on this game….geesh….later gator 😊

  6. jessica says:

    Khal Drogo!!!!!!!!! yums
    jessica recently posted … Micro-Mini

  7. chris25 says:

    Haha. Great post. Iced on you looks so perfect. And I might have to try using makeup on coloring books…
    chris25 recently posted … Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel Swatches

  8. Erin says:

    Hmmm, I haven’t seen these in person yet. I kinda like the brown one. It’s almost like a cooler version of cult Mac and UD brown pencils.
    Erin recently posted … Ponzi Vineyards 2014 Pinot Gris

  9. Lulle says:

    I’ve actually seen and adult coloring book with “adult” pictures in a store in my neighborhood. It was pretty hilarious although I’m not sure I’d really want to color that!
    Lulle recently posted … What’s in my makeup bag: products I took with me to NYC

    • Karen says:

      LOL, I’m not sure if I’d want to color that either because I’d be laughing too much! I bet they’d be a good gag gift though. Perhaps for a bachelorette party?

      By the way, I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, can you? This week as gone by so fast.

  10. Kim says:

    You look like a snow princess, in the best possible way! I believe it’s the white top and the white liner, but I love your braid, too. 🙂

    I knew adult coloring books were a thing but haven’t taken any for a test drive. I can see how it would be relaxing.

    PS I’m sure you knew this, but Khal Drogo is going to be Aquaman. Hopefully that fierce eye makeup is waterproof!

    • Karen says:

      Waterproof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof… I hope that he’s going for all these things, haha! I want to introduce him to Urban Decay Cannonball, since he’ll need a waterproof mascara as well.

      • Kim says:

        I’m glad you ended up finding one that you liked! (waterproof mascara). I’m sort of keeping my eyes open since summer is upon us. I have really been liking the TCFS Dinplatz because of its easy removal. I think waterproof mascara would be a trial for me. HAHA!

  11. Em says:

    The violet is so pretty, but I use liners for my lower water line. Why can’t it be used for that? Do you know?


    PS glad you are back 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Aww, thanks Em! I’m glad to be back at it again. The last three months have flown by so fast!

      So for the liner, I’m not sure why they said that particular shade wasn’t waterline safe, but I think it might have to do with the glitter. Oftentimes glittery pencils like these are designed strictly for the lash line since glitter can irritate eyes.

  12. Cherie says:

    I love these pics of you! Absolutely stunning. I’m still trying to work in some braids in the routine.

    Also, what did you use on your cheeks and lips? Cheers!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Cherie! I’m all about messy Dutch braids these day. Takes five minutes and it’s totally fine if they get messier as the day goes on! 🙂

      As for what I’m wearing on my cheeks and lips, the blush is The Estee Edit Barest Blush in Coy Coral and the gloss is NARS Chihuahua. Let me know if you have any questions about ’em.

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