Benefit to Release Rare Beauty, a New Makeup Set Inspired by Snow White & the Huntsman

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Benefit Cosmetics Snow White & The Huntsman
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Benefit CosmeticsExciting news, Benefit babes (and fairy tale lovers)! This spring, Benefit and Universal Films partner up on a limited edition makeup set inspired by the upcoming movie.


Rare Beauty ($45), meet Snow White & the Huntsman. 🙂

The film, which hits theaters June 1 and stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as evil Queen Ravenna, looks like Grimm for grownups to me, and I like the spooky new look.

Benefit products also appear on the actors in the film, as they are the movie’s exclusive beauty partner.

More details (and product pics) coming soon, but from what I’m gathering through the grapevine, the set will include makeup to recreate Snow White’s super black lashes, flushed cheeks and milky skin.

Rare Beauty, a set inspired by Kristen’s look in the film, arrives in stores, boutiques and counters this May, but die-hard Bene-babes don’t have to wait that long. It will officially launch online on April 17 at


I saw the movie trailer in the theater before The Hunger Games last week, and it looks pretty darn great! It even got El Hub’s attention.

Poor guy will indubitably have to put up with me whispering random Benefit makeup tidbits through the movie when we see it, like, “I think they used High Beam on Kristen’s upper cheek bones in that shot…” and, “I bet Charlize is rocking Hoola right there.” LOL!

Benefit will also be hosting a contest where winners will be able attend a private screening of Snow White & the Huntsman in their hometown (with 50 of their closest friends!). If you win, um… I’m just sayin’. You found out about it here. 🙂

I’ll have more info on Rare Beauty over the next few days. Stay tuned.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiffany says:

    Ahhh! Ohhh my god 😀

  2. Marina says:

    Not sure about the film but I am excited about the set. And isn’t that ‘Thor’ in there, too? 😀
    Marina recently posted … Nails Of The Day: Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Nomad

  3. Oooo I’m definitely staying tuned! I’m not sure if I should be excited about the movies (looks a little scary), but a movie-inspired collection is always cool!

  4. Maddy says:

    I would just die if they had a lip plumper in this line called, “Kristen’s bite.” I swear, that’s all she does in every movie… bite her lip. Perhaps we need an eyeshadow called “One expression,” too :3
    I won’t be buying from this- saves me money for my trek to Sephora NYC in April 😀

    • tee says:

      no need to be nasty.

    • Nina says:

      Couldn’t agree more 😀

    • Lindz says:

      Well, Julianne Moore, Roger Ebert, and David Fincher would certainly disagree with you on that.

      • Maddy says:

        That’s absolutely fine. I just stated my opinion. 🙂 Sorry if you found it distasteful- I’m just sixteen and I’m sure my humor needs refining!

      • Nina says:

        This doesn’t change the fact that the girl can’t act for dear life itself. Even Meryl Streep, Alan Rickman and Sir Anthony Hopkins’ disagreements can’t change that. To me, this girl is expressionless and one of the most valuable things of an actress/actor is his/her expressions. But aside from that fact, it’s a matter of taste for us viewers, so no need to get offended.

  5. Laura S. says:

    Don’t worry, Karen. I’d bring you to the premiere! (But, um, you might be required to bring your kitteh, too.) Ha! 😉
    Laura S. recently posted … Red, Red Wine

  6. Shannon says:

    SHIVERS! I can’t wait for the set OR the movie. Man. When kick-ass retellings and my favorite beauty brands team up, apparently I’m a goner!

  7. thepaigest says:

    Awesome Karen!! Happy to see your involvement with this! Can’t wait to see this movi and buy this makeup set!! This makes up for me not seeing you at at the table for the new UD product launch… I was sad and set for boycott lol

    • thepaigest says:

      PS he is hot I agree but it runs in the family for sure! He’s brother as Gale in the Hunger Games is also not bad to look at 🙂

  8. Katrina says:

    I don’t like Kristin Stewart…but if the dude who plays Thor is in this I miiiight have to see it

  9. breyerchic04 says:

    I’m wondering if it’ll be new products or if it’ll be like badgal and benetint with some highligher or something.

  10. thepaigest says:

    Really? I love Kristen. I think she is a quiet beauty. I think every movie she does her acting gets better. I think she has grown for sure!

  11. Louise says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to see this set!! I’m a total die-hard benebabe:) Their products not only look adorable but also work so well!

  12. Melinda says:

    Oh Karen these lines cracked me up!

    “Poor guy will indubitably have to put up with me whispering random Benefit makeup tidbits through the movie when we see it, like, “I think they used High Beam on Kristen’s upper cheek bones in that shot…” and, “I bet Charlize is rocking Hoola right there.” LOL!”

  13. Advah says:

    I am VERY excited about this. If they used the products on Kristen Stewart in the film, they’ll most likely be for cool-toned ladies, and hello! Too many of Benefit’s products look way nicer on warmer skintones imo.

  14. Nina says:

    When we saw The Hunger Games, they screened the trailer for this movie, and I am intrigued. The cinematography (albeit CGI) was amazing and Charlize Theron was so creepy as Ravenna (dang even her name is creepy) …. I want to watch it even if I dislike KSTew so very much LOL. 🙂 And yep, now that I read about this, ill be watching their makeup pretty closely!

    Side note, did you see The Avengers trailer? They showed the storefront of one of our favorite brands being decimated in battle. 😀

  15. NeenaJ says:

    It’s all about Charlize Theron. As I don’t care for Kristen Stewart, it will be fun rooting for the wicked queen!

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