4 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Makeup

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Written by Sam

Freelance makeup artist and blogger Sam shares four tips to get the most you can from your makeup in today’s guest post.

4 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Makeup

Lipstick — Have you ever noticed how your lips sometimes look blotchy halfway through the day? If you’re ending up with more pigment on some parts of your lips than others, apply your lipstick of choice with a brush. You’ll be able to achieve more precise placement and even distribution of color to minimize fading throughout the day. After applying with a brush, blot lightly with a tissue. Separate the tissue, and, using a large fluffy brush or a powder puff, tap some translucent setting powder over your lips through the single-ply tissue. This creates a near permanent stain as a base. Reapply the same lipstick (or a different one, for some creative effects), again using a brush, and blot again. Want even more staying power? Fill your entire lips in with a neutral lipliner or one that matches your lipstick before application.


Eyeshadow — In addition to using a primer, it really helps to layer. Place a cream shadow over your entire lid (either a neutral or the same shade as the powder you will be using), tapping powder shadow on top of this to set and prevent fading for all-day wear. Can’t be bothered with creams? Dust some setting powder over your bare lid before applying your shadow. Then, pat your shadow on, instead of sweeping it over your lid. That way you get a more concentrated application that should take a longer time to fade.

Blush — Try using two shades of powder blush: a “neutral” and a “pop”. Place the neutral shade (which can include pale pinks, apricots, or roses; choose one depending on what color your cheeks turn naturally when you flush, then step down an intensity level) all along the top of your cheekbone and blend well. Then, place your “pop” shade just on the top of the apple of your cheek and blend outwards and up. This concentrates the color where it would appear most when you would naturally blush, and when your blush begins to fade, you’re left with a more natural, rosy glow, as opposed to a pallid or blotchy cheek.

Powder — Ever wonder why most makeup artists use powder puffs? It’s not just for show. Puffs press the powder into the skin, bonding it to the foundation rather than just layering it on top. If you have a puff, shake some loose powder onto it, and “mush” it between your fingers, distributing the powder into the fibers of the puff. Then, place your index and middle fingers in the center of the back of the puff, and make a sort of “taco” shape. Roll this across your skin in small back and forth motions to really set the powder. Don’t have a puff? Take a large fluffy brush, pat some powder into the side of it, and place your fingers on the other side. Use the same motion to roll the powder onto your skin.


Written by Sam

Sam is a 17-year-old, oddly tall guy whose love of all things skincare, makeup, and fashion started when he entered the modeling world at 14. Since then, he’s established himself as a freelance makeup artist in the theatre and fashion worlds, and started his own blog to preach the wonders of orange eyeshadow, Asian skincare, and designer fragrances to the masses.


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  1. Anina says:

    hey cool! i appreciate that there was no mention of primers, i have still to find one that works great and doesn’t break the bank.
    Anina recently posted … My Bon bons from La Petite Confiserie

  2. great tips! i especially love #3 & #4 🙂
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Holiday 2010 Collection – H&ampM

  3. Sherri says:

    great tips thanks Sam 🙂
    Sherri recently posted … Sephora VIB Haul

  4. Sandra says:

    I really like the blush tip! how clever!

  5. Vonvon says:

    Great tips! thanks. Will definitely try out the blush tip. 🙂
    Vonvon recently posted … Photos From My Photo Shoot – Before &amp After

  6. Savannah says:

    3 and 4 will definitely be making their way into my daily routine!
    Savannah recently posted … These Shoes Might Be Made for Walking but

  7. vonnie says:

    awesome tips, particularly the lipstick one
    vonnie recently posted … Beauty Blogger Question of the Day- 22-30

  8. Ronda says:

    Sam you are chock full of tips and sassy goodness. Keep up the great blogging!

  9. Jackie says:

    Such great tips! Definitely going to try the blush tip. I usually just contour and then add blush but this sounds like a much softer look while still adding a bit of color.
    Jackie recently posted … Nail of the Day OPI Bubble Bath

  10. Thanks for the tips, Sam! The lip ones are especially helpful. Gonna try them 🙂
    Connie De Alwis recently posted … Is the Cellnique Body Plush Emulsion Wash More more than just a shower cream

  11. Karen B says:

    Thank you for the tips Sam. Some of them I already knew about but you seem to add small but significant details. Keep up the great guest posts and blogging 🙂

  12. Agnes says:

    great tips! 😀 i am definitely going to use that powder one to keep my foundation on haha i always just lightly dusted it on top =/ but since i dont have a powder puff, i’ll use your tip with the brush! thanks!! 😀

  13. Winnie says:

    Great tips Sam! I will be coming back for more for sure!

  14. Marina says:

    I don’t know. Being advised on make-up by a 17-year-old boy is weird, to say the least.

  15. great tips- especially the lipstick and blush 🙂
    aquamarine565 recently posted … Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Review

  16. Faith says:

    I’ve been using a sponge to apply my powder. (I’m pretty sure Kevyn Aucoin told me to!) Would that process still work with the sponge, do you think?

    • Sam says:

      Definitely! You just need to be a lot more careful, as this method *can* lead to really cakey application, and to you applying way too much powder. I’d only advise using this method under the eyes and around the nose, but if you’re very careful, go for it!

  17. Nicole says:

    Does it matter who advises you as long as the advice is good? ( Which it is in this case…).
    Great tips Sam, and great writing – thanks!

  18. SaraJane says:

    I have a makeup artist friend who uses Visene as an eye primer. Weird, I know, but she swears by it.

  19. Audrey says:

    Great tips, Sam! And I love the fact that you are so knowledgeable at such a young age – good for you! 🙂

  20. HanaBerlin says:

    Awesome tips!

  21. Nina says:

    another great post! 🙂

  22. shusheshe says:

    Usually what I do is gently pat in the setting powder with my powder puff but when I tried tip #4 this morning, it actually made the translucent setting powder look blotchy on me in combination with my foundation.

    • Sam says:

      Was your foundation mostly dry yet? This effect can occur if either the foundation is too wet (which can be remedied by blotting it with a tissue or stippling over it for a bit) or if you’ve applied too much (which sometimes cannot be helped if you have some problem areas). Otherwise, your method is the next best thing! The rolling and pressing really adheres the powder to the foundation and should produce a nearly porcelain-like effect, while patting in it may give more of a satin finish; either way is much better than just using a brush. If you do roll it on, make sure not to press too hard, or you could disturb the foundation, causing it to become blotchy. And it’s not so much of a “rolling” movement as a rocking back and forth using that “taco” shape. It’s rather hard to describe. Perhaps I’ll do a video on it soon…
      Anyway, the fact that you’re using a puff over a brush already shows some great technique, so do whatever works for you! 🙂

  23. Ru says:

    Neat tips! I can’t wait to try them all.

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