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New From L’Oreal: Endless Sea Infallible Eye Shadow

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L’Oreal’s new Infallible Eye Shadow 24HR in Endless Sea ($7.95), one of six new shades for fall. Available in July!

These New L’Oreal Spring Nail Colors Make It Hip to Be Riche

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loreal nail color riche swatches

Sometimes, nothin’ beats playing with nail polish, especially when you’re having a less-than-idilic day.

You know how it goes… Some days are just better than others, and today was not one of my better days. Couldn’t write to save my life, but things did start looking up when I started seeing L’Oreal’s Nail Color Riche line on my nails ($5.99 each, available now in dozens of shades).

You know what they say — when all else fails, swatch. :)

Here are pics of a baker’s dozen of them, a sampling of 13 of the new spring shades in the Color Riche line. Of these, Safari Chic is probably my fave (I’m wearing it on my toes right now), but dark blue After Hours, metallic teal VIP Status and He Red My Mind are serious contenders.

I’m wearing three coats here, which seems to be the sweet spot, at least for me. A few of the lighter colors apply a little streaky.

Other than that, I like the formula. It’s a little thick, and still very smooth, and after almost two weeks on my toes (with a base and top coat), Safari Chic looks as good as new.

loreal after hours swatch
After Hours

loreal grecian goddess swatch 560
Grecian Goddess

loreal safari chic swatch 520
Safari Chic

loreal haute couture red 470
Haute Couture Red

loreal he red my mind 430
He Red My Mind
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L’Oreal Infallible 8 HR Le Glosses Make One Heck of a Claim

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L’Oreal Infallible 8 HR Le Gloss in Glistening Berry

Now, when a gloss makes a Herculean claim and says that it lasts eight hours, that’s gonna attract some attention, and the first question many people are probably going to have is, “Does it actually last eight hours?”

Let’s find out. :) The new L’Oreal Infallible 8 HR Le Glosses (about $10 each) are so confident in their stamina that they advertise it right on the tube.

Overlooking the possibility for a moment, however remote, that L’Oreal had something other than wear time in mind when they emblazoned these tubes (like eight home runs, eight happy remoras, or eight hungry rabbits), I tried two of the 20 shades available now at drugstores.

The first thing I noticed about Glistening Berry and Pink Topaz was how the texture changed on my lips over time. Both glosses started out feeling thin and smooth but thickened within the first few minutes into a thick, sticky film.

I took that as a positive sign, since sticky glosses tend to last longer for me than glosses with thin textures and consistencies.

And texture wasn’t the only change I noticed. These glosses also start out with a lot of pigment and high shine, but they settle down to a soft, sheer sheen over the first 15 minutes. Long term, I think it makes them more wearable and less intimidating, which I like.

As for the way I think they taste and smell, it’s a little strange… Like minty grape juice — or a magic, wear-time enhancing potion, perhaps? — but it dissipates after about 10 minutes.

Then there’s the million-dollar question: how long do these actually last on lips?

Glistening Berry on the left and Pink Topaz on the right
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I’m Hungry for More From L’Oreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Blush

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Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Blush

Depending on how ravenous I am at any given moment, I’m enjoying this trend of makeup that looks good enough to eat. Like the new L’Oreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Blushes ($12.99 each). If I didn’t know better…I’d think they were dessert!

Available in four potted shades that look like mousse (the kind you order after dinner) in their serving platters/pots, they feel firm and dense when I tap them with a finger, and yet feel smooth, dry and something like silicone when I get them on my cheeks.

I’ve been wearing two of the four shades this week — Celestial, a cool matte pink, and Angelic, a light matte peach — and both produce a faint flush of very natural-looking cheek color, especially in pics.

loreal magic smooth souffle blush (1)
Celestial (left) and Angelic (right)

loreal magic smooth souffle blush (2)
Swatches of Angelic (left) and Celestial (right)
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My Dry Lips Love Moisture Rich L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm SPF 15

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Sheer lippies are sure having a moment right now, aren’t they? Drugstores have been downright brimming with ‘em lately. Especially moisturizing ones like the Maybelline Baby Lips and Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters. I must spot a new sheer lipstick, gloss or balm at the drugstore every time I visit.

L’Oreal is even getting in on the game with a new line of unflavored, unscented, super sheer hydrating balms with SPF.

Available in eight non-sticky, barely there colors for $7.99 each, the new Colour Riche Balms deliver luminous lips with a tinge of tint and SPF 15.

And they are loaded with moisture. I mean gallons of it! According to L’Oreal, they’re supposed to keep lips quenched for a full eight hours.

Now, I don’t know about eight hours…but after switching back and forth between Caring Coral and Pink Satin both days last weekend, my lips feel great. They haven’t been this smooth and soft since the beginning of winter.

The Colour Riche Balms remind me of the Revlon Lip Butters, which I think pack a little more pigment, but I prefer the texture of these. They seem — I don’t know — more elegant? And slightly slicker and smoother, almost like Dior’s $28 Addict Lipsticks.

Caring Coral on the left and Pink Satin on the right
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