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Face the Day the Kate Somerville Way With Epically Hydrating KateCeuticals Moisture Milk Cleanser

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Things that cross my mind 30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean…

  1. If the zombie apocalypse went down and all air travel ceased, the only way I’d be able to visit Hawaii would be by boat … and that would pretty much suck.
  2. Man, my skin is sooo dry.
  3. Did I really just pay $7 for a fruit-and-cheese plate filled with tired apple slices, cracked crackers and sketchy cheese?
  4. Man, my skin is sooo dry.
  5. I have to “drop the kids off at school,” but the captain just said we’re in for some turbulence… I think I should wait.
  6. Man, my skin is sooo dry.

The climate control on airplanes sucks! Literally. Whenever I’m on a plane, I can practically hear the moisture being vacuumed out of my face. Mfsuuuuuuuup! By the end of the five-hour flight back from Kauai, my combo dry/oily skin felt like an old leather wallet.

First thing I did when I got home — well, the second thing, after biscuits with Tabs, of course — was wash my face with Kate Somerville’s KateCeuticals Moisture Milk Cleanser ($58), and I swear I heard my cheeks sighing with relief.

“Ever wanted to meet a superstar? Well, you can—with this superstar cleanser! This rich, creamy blend of antioxidants and fruit extracts is designed to clean, hydrate, and brighten the look of the complexion. KateCeuticalsâ„¢ Moisture Milk Cleanser delivers comfort to skin with a soothing blend of powerful Vitamins, Orange Blossom, and Orange Peel Extracts that leave skin feeling moisturized and fresh. This sulfate-free cleanser is so gentle that it can be rinsed or simply tissued off.”

Designed to cleanse, quench, brighten and firm dry skin, Moisture Milk is loaded with kukui nut, macadamia and coconut oils to satiate even the thirstiest faces, and after rinsing, I can feel a moisturizing layer of product protecting my skin.

Now, a lot of cream cleansers will do that, but I think Kate’s goes above and beyond. The layer it leaves behind feels thicker and much more hydrating than other cream cleansers I’ve tried. It really seems to lock in moisture and keep the flakes at bay much longer than most.

kate somerville moisture milk cleanser

kate somerville moisture milk cleanser
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