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Guerlain’s Got the Flava, and It’s Way Two Spicy: The New Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo in Two Spicy

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Guerlain Two Spicy

That’s Two Spicy… (Guerlain Two Spicy, that is)

Was it a shout-out to ’90s pop music girl bands (SIDE NOTE: I like to think of myself as a hybrid, half Sporty, half Posh) or a reaction to a habañero pepper?

Was it a love poem hidden between bottles of paprika and nutmeg in the back of a medieval pantry, perhaps?

The world may never know…

Truth is, we may never know how Guerlain’s new Two Spicy Ecrin 2 Couleurs duo acquired its name, but you know what?

Who cares? :)

Guerlain Two Spicy

The Ecrin 2 Couleurs duo in 08 Two Spicy

I’m just glad somebody cooked it up, because I kid you not, I’m tired of bland. All I’ve had to eat this week are tuna fish sandwiches on sourdough bread (well, mostly), and the only thing spicing up my life right now is this eyeshadow duo, one of eight new permanent shades in Guerlain’s Violette de Madame fall collection.

Guerlain Two Spicy

Observe the slim, elegant packaging…

Guerlain Two Spicy pouch

And it comes with a tiny sleeping bag!

Inside each of these luxurious, trim treats (the gold packaging’s killer!) live two powder shadows — one, an intense matte, and the other, either a metallic or glitter. Wear them separately, or layer them on top of one another for a more intense look.

Guerlain Two Spicy pan closeup

A closeup of the pan, live and in 3D! The matte shade’s on the left, and the glitter’s on the right.

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Guerlain Aced Black Jack Eye Pencil

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Guerlain Black Jack Eye Pencil

The new Guerlain Black Jack Eye Pencil ($30)

You know I’ll always be your wing-woman, right? When you need a second opinion on that pair of bedazzled purple pumps (THE ANSWER IS YES!), or if you’re just in the mood to shoot the sh*t online from a Starbucks?

There’s just one thing: gambling. If you’re looking for a partner to play anything involving cards or dice, I’mma have to peace-the-eff-out, because I’m absolutely, positively the worst gambling buddy ever.

I was at a Blackjack table in Vegas a few years ago with my friend Jen when I noticed Jen’s cards, which she was holding secretly, and blurted out, “OOooh! That’s a really good hand, right?! YAY!!!”

I don’t even know if that was a faux pas or not, but everyone at the table suddenly stopped and glared at me. :)

Now, whenever we go to a casino together and Jen wants to play a card game, she parks me in front of Kitty Glitter and says me she’ll be back in half an hour…

So, cards aren’t my thing, but I’m glad I still took a chance on Guerlain’s Black Jack retractable Eye Pencil.

Guerlain Black Jack Eye Pencil


Because it’s all that and a bag of (Trader Joe’s Baked Potato) chips! Granted, it’s $30…but man! — it’s a contender for Best Eye Pencil of the Year. Like, you might unintentionally let out a pervy, “Oooooh!” when you see the deep, dark black swatch on the back of your hand.

Guerlain Black Jack Swatch

Black Jack is one of five new retractable Eye Pencils in the new 21-piece Guerlain Voilette de Madame fall collection, which introduces new eyeshadow duos and eyeliners to the permanent line, along with new limited edition lip, cheek and nail products.

The formula is water-resistant and lasts for hours (from 8-10), even on my water lines, and it glides across my skin as if its sole purpose in life is to refrain from skipping.

I can’t handle liners that tug, and Black Jack doesn’t. It’s just so, so smooth…

Guerlain Black Jack Eye Pencil

Wearing Black Jack on my water lines

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These Meteors Shower Skin With Iridescent Pink and Gold: Guerlain’s Météorites Perles Les Ors Primer

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Guerlain Meteorites Perles Les Ors Primer Review

The new limited edition Guerlain Météorites Perles Les Ors Primer ($71)

Snow globes.

You know snow globes?

That’s what Guerlain’s new $71 Météorites Perles Les Ors Primer reminds me of — a snow globe. And meteoric pearls.

Guerlain Météorites Perles Les Ors Primer from the Terra Ora collection for summer 2013

Sometimes I just tip the bottle up and down, back and forth, to watch the shimmery pink, white and gold highlighting beads slink through the clear gel…


Guerlain’s good about sumptuous details and design, aren’t they? I think it’s just neat, like makeup eye candy. Amazingly to me, the fragile little beads don’t break down in the gel. I guess they’re just waiting to be love loved.

Guerlain Météorites Perles Les Ors Primer from the Terra Ora collection for summer 2013

The limited edition face primer bursts through Earth’s atmosphere with the Terra Ora collection next month. They’re designed to extend the wear time of face makeup when worn underneath it (handy in hot weather!), or to be worn alone on bare skin to impart a pinkish golden iridescence while making pores appear to softly fade away into the background…

The bottle comes with a pump. Pressing it magically mixes the pearls with the clear base, and out comes an oil-controlling shimmery pinkish golden gel.

Guerlain Météorites Perles Les Ors Primer from the Terra Ora collection for summer 2013

I think it works okay as a primer — maybe as a “diet primer” or “primer light.” It feels nice and light on my skin, which I like, but it is awfully expensive.

You can definitely find other primers that soften the appearance of your pores and control oil more effectively for less, and I feel like it’s almost a shame to cover its iridescent pink and gold with foundation…

I prefer to use Météorites Perles Les Ors more to spotlight bare skin. The primer smooths and softens my pores and fine lines just enough — just shy of mannequin skin — and the pink and golden tones look breathtaking with just the faintest bit of bronzer dusted on top.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Les Ors Primer Swatch

Guerlain Meteorites Perles Les Ors Primer unblended on the left and blended on the right (see the luminous hint of pink, yellow and gold?)

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Well, Khol Me Kajal! It’s Smooth Sailing When It Comes to Guerlain’s Latest Luxury Liner

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Guerlain Khol Me Kajal

Guerlain’s Khol Me Kajal

“May your hair reach the highest of heights, may your heart be filled with love and laughter, and may your eyes remain richly rimmed with black liner, forever and eternity.”

I’m seriously thinking about making that my new standard goodbye…like a makeup nerd’s version of “live long and prosper.”

Way better than a boring old “see ya!” or “peace out,” right? :)

Speaking for myself, I’d love to get a greeting like that. I mean, black liner well wishes? I’ll take that.

Black liner’s one of those things that I hope never goes out of style. If it’s good enough for cats and Cleopatra, then hell! — it’s good enough for me. And it deserves a spot in my makeup bag.

Guerlain Khol Me Kajal Packaging

The pretty packaging

These days, Guerlain’s new deep, rich matte black $37 Khol Me Kajal pencil in Noir Volcanique (“Black Volcano”), from the brand’s Terra Ora summer collection, has been keeping me company, both as a liner and an eye shadow (it doubles as both).

The crayon-shaped tip is fixed — doesn’t twist up or down — so you just use it down to a nub.

You probably could try sharpening the tip, but I wouldn’t recommend it (I actually tried and mangled the tip).

The pencil formula itself feels hard to me, and yet, surprisingly, the liner glides along my skin, almost like a gel.

Guerlain Khol Me Kajal Swatch

Guerlain Khol Me Kajal Swatch

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Guerlain’s New Terra Nerolia Face and Body Bronzer Stuns with Striking Design and Tantalizing Tiare Flower Scent

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Guerlain Terra Nerolia

It’s a bronzed, bronzed world with the new Guerlain Terra Nerolia bronzer

And the ref counts, “…seven…eight…nine…10!” Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!

That’s it, folks. It’s over. The new $69 Guerlain Terra Nerolia is a knockout!

Guerlain Terra Nerolia

But seriously, in what world is $69 reasonable for a bronzer? My accountant mother certainly wouldn’t approve. She likes to walk places because of the stray coins she finds along the way (love you, Mom!).

Of course, she isn’t obsessed with bronzer, either, so there’s also that…

To even consider Guerlain’s new Terra Nerolia, you should probably love bronzer (like, you wear it every single day and feel naked without it) and have a debilitating weakness for luxe brands.

Because sh*t’s really, really expensive…so you’re going to want to love it on every single level.

And that’s exactly what Guerlain wants.

They started with the presentation and Terra Nerolia’s sunburst pattern. The first time I opened the over-sized 0.67-ounce pan and saw that gold, peach and bronze, I thought two words: Ancient Mayans.

Guerlain Terra Nerolia swatch

Guerlain Terra Nerolia from the left: both shades blended and applied with a blush brush, the tan powder, and then the peach powder on the right

Then I caught a whiff of the tiare flower scent and thought, “Hawaiian vacation.” :)

Guerlain Terra Nerolia

Guerlain’s Terra Nerolia on my cheeks, below my cheekbones and around the edges of my face

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