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The New Zoya Tickled Summer 2014 Collection, and a Quick Fashion Tip

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Zoya Tickled Collection, Summer 2014

Wearing the new Zoya Tickled summer 2014 collection with my favorite scarf…

Giddy-up, little darlin’! We’re living in the Wild West of the nail polish frontier, where anything goes when it comes to tips and toes.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, when the lacquer landscape was tamer territory, most gals stuck to one shade of polish at a time, and if you felt like pushing the envelope, maybe you’d get a French manicure or a small dangly charm for your pinky.

These days, we’re way more adventurous than that! Whether it’s nail art in your team’s colors, Skittles manis, accent nails, glitter gradients, bumpy textures or ombre effects, anything it goes.

You can even match your nails to your accessories, which is what I’m doing now with the new Zoya Tickled collection ($9 per bottle).

With the six-piece summer release of creamy shades, it kind of seem like Zoya’s channeling Essie (in a very good way). Here my multicolored mani matches my favorite scarf, which I picked up on sale at Anthropologie last summer. :)

Zoya Tickled Collection on my nails clockwise from my thumb: Rooney, Tilda, Ling, Rocha and Wendy; nail polish bottles clockwise from the blue bottle: Ling, Rooney and Wendy

On my nails clockwise from my thumb: Rooney, Tilda, Ling, Rocha and Wendy; nail polish bottles clockwise from the blue bottle: Ling, Rooney and Wendy

Zoya Tickled Collection, on my nails clockwise from my pinky: Kitridge, Tilda, Rooney, Wendy and Link

On my nails clockwise from my pinky: Kitridge, Tilda, Rooney, Wendy and Ling (two coats each); bottles clockwise from the green shade: Tilda, Rocha and Kitridge

I’m wearing two coats of each creamy, pigmented shade with Guerlain Le Gel topcoat (two words: shiny, sturdy) on top.

The smooth colors are packed with pigment (no streaks, BTW, not even with Kitridge, the pale pink polish), but a word of caution…

I’m just wearing them with a topcoat here (lazy girl says what now?), but you may want to go all out with these and also wear a base coat.

Then, in addition to that, you’ll probably also want Siri to remind you to reapply your top coat every other day.

Since I skipped the base coat this time around, I started seeing small chips around the edges of four fingernails by the end of the second day…

Wearing a multicolored mani with a matching scarf is one of the quickest fashion tips/conversation starters I know, and an easy way to gussy up a basic outfit like jeans and a tee, or a simple black dress (I do it all the time).

With multicolored manis, I get out of glancing down at my nails as I’m typing. Highly recommended if you spend a lot of time at a computer. :)
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Step Out This Spring in a Pair of Wedges

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This post is sponsored by Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, and it’s all about spring wedges! For information about my posting policy, please see my Disclaimer.

After a blustery winter spent burrito’d in cat lady socks and knee-high boots, my feet are ready for warm weather. Woo-hoo, sandal season! Here we come!

Winter footwear is fun and all, but I’m partial to spring and summer because 1) I get to show off my pedicures (#priorities) and 2) I can finally wear wedges. :)

Yeah, I’m a bit of a shoe hoarder… Wedges, preferably platforms with a good cork heel (I’m only 5’1″, so I like the height), are some of my favorite shoes this time of year.

For high heels, they’re surprisingly comfy. Like, I know that I could spend a day walking around San Francisco in wedges, no problem, but I couldn’t imagine doing it in stilettos.

Plus, if/when it starts drizzling or a heavy fog rolls in (summers in SF can be COLD!) and I’m wearing cork wedges, they’re naturally waterproof.

In spring and summer, you’ll pretty much find me in a pair of wedges every single day. No matter what I have lined up, it’s not hard to find a pair that works with whatever outfit I’m wearing.

When I have a work meeting in the city, I’ll often don a colorful dress and cardigan, and slip a tan pair like these Franco Sarto Sherry wedges ($59.99) on my feet.

Being neutral, I don’t think they aren’t too flashy for a business meeting, but the detailing, in this case the crossed straps, dresses them up a little while giving them some personality.

On weekends, that’s when my fun wedges come out to play. I might put on that same colorful dress, but make a few little changes to the ensemble to take it from work to play.

Or Sunday brunch, which is one of my favorite things!

I’ll just swap out the cardigan for a vintage denim jacket, the bib necklace for a pair of dangly earrings, and the nude wedges for something spunkier, like these navy blue Yvonne wedges by Jellypop ($39.99).

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Time for a Walk With Stylish Cats in the Vans x ASPCA Authentic Kitty Cat Skate Shoes

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Vans Cat Shoes

Allow me to get a little cat lady philosophical on ya…

I think that if you’re going to wear something with a cat print on it, be it a dress or a pair of shoes like these Vans ASPCA tennies, for it to really work, the print, from far away, shouldn’t necessarily scream, “KITTIES!”

And then all of the cat ladies out there freak out, LOL!

Wait — hear me out. Before you start throwing Temptations Cat Treats at me, I think that when it comes to cat prints, there’s a fine line between adorably quirky and full-on crazy cat lady, and it’s a line that’s very easy to cross.

Granted, if you do want to go full-on crazy cat lady and rock kittehs

But get up really close, and you see all the cats! Awww!

Yeah, these shoes are super cool. ‘Course, you may appreciate them more if you’re a cat lover, but even if you’re just tolerant of cats, they’re really quite practical for spring and summer.

Starting with the colors, since the cats on the print are in neutral shades, you can wear these shoes with a slew of different outfits. So far, I’ve worn them with dark skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, bright yellow shorts and a loose-fitting heather gray tank top, and even a fitted basic black James Perse jersey dress.

They pretty much go with any of the basics in my closet.

VANS Cat Shoes

And the shoes themselves are also fairly comfortable. Typical Vans. I did have to break them in a little. The canvas was a little stiff at first but loosened up a bit after a couple of walks.

If you plan to wear them without socks, it might help to have a couple Band-Aids around the first few times you wear them. I do that sometimes when I’m breaking in new shoes. I put Band-Aids on the back of my ankles where the stiff canvas touches my skin. That helps a lot.

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Strapping Gladiators and Sandals: The Quest for Spring Footwear Continues at DSW!

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DSW Spring Shoes

The quest for spring sandals…

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Uh…no, I’m not referring to “dropping the kids off at school.” (Hehe! I love that phrase.)

I’m talking about shoe shopping, ma! :)

You know how when you get the sudden urge to drop everything and just go look at shoes? Happens to me all the time, and there’s no rhyme or reason to it at all. I could be eating a grapefruit on the couch and watching The Walking Dead, and then BAM! — I gotta go look at platforms.

I swear, if we could figure out the science behind it, we could rule the world!

Anywho, I had some boring errands to attend to today (drop something off at the UPS Store, get a loaf of bread, do some filing, pay a few bills) and a to-do list longer than my arm. I really should’ve spent the afternoon with my butt glued to my chair, but instead I looked at shoes.

Yup. Spring sandals at DSW. And from what I saw on the shelves, there are going to be a lot of weird tan lines on feet and calves this spring and summer. Strappy gladiators and sandals with intricate cutouts were all over the place!

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Spring Fever Fashion: Anthropologie Dresses and Sandals From Nordstrom

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Spring fever, I haz it!

Spring fever, I haz it!

Would you feel my forehead please? I think I’m running a fever…a spring fever. :)

It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow and, yeah, I’m happy about it because we need the water, but the sunny, warm weather we’ve been having has been such a treat.

If there were a doohickey I could press or a gizmo I could use to fast forward through the rest of winter, I wouldn’t mind that at all. Nope. Is there an app for that?

So over you, winter

Dear winter: I’m so over you.

Earlier this afternoon after my hair modeling experience, I swung by the mall (and the MAC counter) in Corte Madera and walked around for a couple minutes enjoying the sun.

When it starts raining tomorrow (if it starts raining tomorrow), I have to remember that spring is right around the corner.

Perfect time to think “spring wardrobe updates.”

That’s what I told myself when I went into Anthropolgie to look at dresses and Nordstrom to see shoes!

The embroidered flowers on this Gathered Vines Tunic by Tiny at Anthro totally reminded me of the spring blossoms I hope to start seeing soon.

I liked this dress. A lot. It was comfy…but I felt a little like I was wearing a table runner from Pier One.

Speaking of comfy, not only did this HD in Paris Cabernet Dress feel as good as a broken-in t-shirt, but it was also ON SALE! Marked down to $69.95 from $118.

I didn’t get it, though. I was just window/dressing room shopping, but I leave the option open to change my mind and go back later this week.

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