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Current Foundation Love: Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation [VIDEO]

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Gurl, I can’t even… This foundation!? It is SO good that I haven’t even touched my previous holy grail, Laura Mercier Flawless Fluide in Chai, in weeks.

And before finding this, I was all about that Chai. I’m talking months of Karen + Chai. We were inseparable.

Aww! Now I’m actually starting to feel a little bad about it. Poor Chai, all neglected and lonely, abandoned like an old toy. :(

LOL! But I do kind of feel like we’ve broken up, and that I should do the things that broken up couples do, like go to over to Chai’s house to get my CDs, clothes and pizza pie pans.

We’re just on a break though. I still ❤ Chai.


Dior. Foundation. Amazing-ness. I go into it more in this video, but here are the main points: finish, formula and pores. Nude Air has a velvety finish and medium coverage, but you can build it up to just shy of full. It’s not a flat matte, and I’m loving that about it, because these days my primary objective is obtaining natural-looking, radiant skin.

Available in eight shades (I wear the one called Honey Beige)

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation Shades
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Fill Your Prescription for Pretty Lips With the New Marvelously Moisturizing Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colours

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Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour in Victoire (left) and Darling (right)

The new Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colours in Victoire (left) and Darling (right), $35 each

Dr. Dior doctor is in, and she’s ready to dispense the right dosage of your next new (possibly) favorite moisturizing lip gloss.

Yes, that’s right! The new Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colours, of which there are 12, may look and feel like run-of-the-mill lip glosses, but they’re filed under the “Lip Balm” category.

They’re formulated with a blend of oils and vitamin E to quench parched pouts, although quickly scanning the ingredient list, the first oil I recognize is luffa cylindric seed oil, and it’s quite a ways down, but I digress…

Beyond how moisturizing these are — and they are moisturizing — one of my favorite things about them is the design of the doe foot. It has a divot in the center that holds some of the gloss in a tiny reservoir, making it easy to apply/deliver a good dose.

Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour

I’m lovin’ orangey coral Victoire and hot pink Darling. Both douse my dry lips with unflavored, unscented moisture and last 2-3 hours. If you like the medium-weight, non-sticky formula of the Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Glosses, you’ll probably also like these. They’re very similar.

Now THIS is the kind of medicine I don’t mind! :) All 12 shades ($35 each) are available now online and at Dior counters in Neiman Marcus stores.

Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour in Darling

Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour in Darling

Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour in Victoire

Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour in Victoire

Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour in Darling (left) and Victoire (right)

Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour in Darling (left) and Victoire (right)

Dior’s 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Trafalgar: Your Seasonal Summer-to-Fall Chaperone

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Dior Trafalgar

Wearing the Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Trafalgar

Oh, gawd! That red in the center of Dior’s new 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Trafalgar ($60) is utterly terrifying…and yet so tantalizingly tempting at the same time.

I have to be careful… If I stare at it too long, I can’t look away. Kind of like watching The Hills (which I’ve been doing A LOT lately).

Dior Trafalgar

Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Trafalgar

When I haven’t been pondering the sanctity of girl code and how it was broken in the infamous Brody/Lauren/Jen Bunney love triangle, I’ve been looking for makeup to take me from summer into fall.

Trafalgar has two gorgeous shades that’ll make the seasonal transition easier — a shimmery plummy bronze and a shimmery gold.

Dior's 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Trafalgar

Bridging the gap from summer to fall

Both of them have warm, rich tones that look lovely on an end-of-summer tan. I’ve been wear them lately with purple and bronze liners on my lash and water lines, and pairing them with nude cheeks and lips to keep the overall look light and summery.

The plummy bronze and gold also happen to work well with richer cheek and lip colors, like berries, browns and plums, so when fall rolls around, all I’ll have to do is swap out the nude cheeks and lips for something like the dusty rose blush and berry lipstick I’m wearing in these pics…

Dior Trafalgar

Wearing Trafalgar on my eyes

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Nails Are Barred From Being Boring With Dior Fall 2014 Vernis Nail Lacquer in Bar

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I wish there was a nail polish equivalent for Spanx.

I mean, I wouldn’t want it for making my nails look less muffin-toppy, because yeah, that would be kind of dumb. :) More for smoothing everything out, so colors like Dior’s new Vernis Nail Lacquer in Bar ($25) wouldn’t have so many lumps and bumps.

While totally fierce, Bar, a jet-black with hints of blue and secret shimmer, emphasizes every imperfection on my nails, be they ridges, chipped tips or application mistakes. It’s just so, so dark.

Not dark as in a depressing Cure song, but dark in an elegant way, like something a modern Holly Golightly might wear while drinking Starbucks and gnawing on a chocolate croissant in front of the Tiffany’s windows one day.

Dior Nail Vernis in Bar

Two coats of Bar

I bet that Holly G. would dig Bar. Maybe she’d even want to stop by the Dior counter to check it out, along with the rest of the 5 Couleurs Fall 2014 collection.

Dior Nail Vernis in Bar

You can see the secret shimmer at the tip…

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For a Chic Twist on a Neutral Look, Try Pairing Dark Blue Eyeshadow With Dark Blue Nails, and Use the Shadow as a Liner

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Blue liner and nails with NARS Giove and Chanel Orage

Here I’m doing a Vulcan mind meld on myself… Kidding. I’m wearing Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove as a liner on my lash lines and Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Orage on my claws.

QUESTION: Why use a blue eyeshadow instead of a blue liner?

ANSWER: Why not?

Picture it: dark blue liner coupled with super deep, dark, almost black nails, only, instead of using a pencil, gel or liquid liner, you use a powder eyeshadow.

NARS Giove and Chanel Orage

Incidentally, that’s Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick in Petal on my lips.

Do you ever just get stuck in a rut and feel like you’re wearing nothing but brown and beige? Feel like trying something different but don’t want to go over the top?

I’m always looking for ways to keep things interesting for myself, especially when it comes to wearable makeup looks — ideally chic and wearable, but not totally snooze-worthy, if you catch my drift.

One day I decided to pair dark blue liner with dark blue claws, and the first thing I thought when I finished was, “Why haven’t I done this before?”

Seriously, though, why use a blue eyeshadow as a liner instead of an actual blue liner?

NARS Duo-Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove

Ciao, NARS Giove!

Using a dark blue eyeshadow as a liner, instead of a dark blue pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner, creates a more diffused edge, so the overall effect looks softer.

I’ve done it with lots of different liner styles, too, like spicy cat eye looks, and even soft washes of color, where the liner is smudged along my upper and lower lash lines.

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a blurred edge (and the accompanying less attention to detail).

Just for fun: add dark blue nails

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Orage, $27

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Orage, $27

I like seeing the flash of dark blue on my fingers whenever I tuck my bangs behind my ears or push my (nerdy Gamma Ray computer glasses) up.

And it think it sort of reinforces the blue liner, too. You know, more blue.

I also like how the softer liner contrasts with the harder edge of the dark blue nails, so you also have that contrasty thing going.

I call this liner look the Tabby T-1000 (after the liquid metal Terminator from T2)

NARS Giove and Chanel Orage

I’m wearing a blend of two Chanel Joues Contraste blushes — Innocence and Malice — on my cheeks, coupled with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun used as a bronzer, and Hourglass Ambient Powder in Luminous Light used as a highlighter

For this cat liner look, I applied metallic dark blue NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove ($29) with an angled brush.

First, I applied it dry to create the shape of the cat eye and get that softer edge. Then I wet the brush head, dipped it back into the pan, and applied the shadow on my lash line close to the lashes, to sort of intensify the metallic finish and crete a subtle gradient.

You could definitely keep it simpler by picking one — just wet or just dry — but ya know. I’m just saying.

NARS Duo-Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove

NARS Duo-Intensity Eyeshadow in Giove, $29

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