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NARS Holiday 2014: The Laser Cut Eye, Cheek and Lip Palette

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NARS Laser Cut (2)

Super quick look at the new NARS Laser Cut Eye, Cheek and Lip Palette ($59), one of seven gift sets in the 2014 holiday collection, available November 1 online and at NARS boutiques, NARS counters and specialty stores.

NARS Laser Cut (3)

NARS Laser Cut (4)

Swatches from left to right of the eyeshadows, blush, bronzer and lipgloss…

NARS Laser Cut (5)

Please Wait to Be Seated…

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What if there was a restaurant staffed by cats!?

Entirely by cats. All hygienic and up to code, of course, Michelin-star rated.

They’d serve a lot of fish, lots of turkey, some cheeses… I’d go, that’s for sure. Would you want to come with me? :)


The food would all be locally sourced.



Those toes, tho…


These Ladybugs Are Studs! The Kristin Perry Ladybug Stud Earrings

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Kristin Perry Ladybug Studs

Ladybugs are good luck! I’ve believed that ever since I was a kid.

And if one lands on you, it’s extra good luck (time to buy a lottery ticket).

Even though these 18k gold-plated Kristin Perry Ladybug Studs didn’t lightly land on my arm, I still hope they bring me good luck. :)

From afar, they look like standard stud earrings, but up close you see the ladybug detailing.

That’s the kind of thing I love about Kristin’s jewelry. Her whimsy. Everything’s so fun and unique!

This pair is $34 and available now online.

Kristin Perry Ladybug Studs

Give a Makeup Memento With the MAC Keepsakes Eyes Palettes in Plum, Beige and Smoky

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MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Beige Eyes

The MAC Keepsakes Eyes palette in Beige Eyes

Just in case you’ve started looking for pretty eyeshadow palettes to stuff into stockings. :)

Every year MAC gets into the seasonal holiday collection spirit by releasing a number of limited edition eye palettes, face palettes, makeup kits and sets, usually with an overarching theme and special packaging.

This year’s theme: keepsakes.

Each of the three Keepsakes Eyes palettes — Beige, Smoky and Plum — house eight powder eyeshadows in a mix of re-promoted and brand new shades, and they’re all coming to the MAC website starting October 19, then to North American MAC stores and counters October 23 through December 18, and to all international locations sometime in November.

Isn’t the packaging pretty? I like it, but I’m a little worried about the plastic pearl fringing around the edge… It has a little wiggle to it, and I’m afraid it might break.

Awfully pretty, though.

Beige Eyes, $39.50 US/$47.50 CAD

MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Beige Eyes

The Beige Eyes palette includes…

  • HER MISTRESS, a soft pastel egg with a Matte finish
  • SWEET SOVEREIGN, a frosty gold champagne with a Lustre finish
  • QUINTESSENTIAL, a dirty olive with a Frost finish
  • MYSTERY, a muted plum brown with a Satin finish
  • OMEGA, a soft muted beige taupe with a Matte finish
  • TEMPTING, a sinfully rich coco with a Lustre finish
  • FAIRE MAIDEN, a bright coppery gold with a Lustre finish
  • NIGHT WHISPER, a rich blackened brown with a Veluxe Pearl finish

MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Beige Eyes

Smoky Eyes, $39.50 US/$47.50 CAD

MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Smoky Eyes

The Smoky Eyes palette includes…

  • FANCY DRESS, a chalky white beige with a Matte finish
  • KID, a soft beige with a Veluxe Pearl finish
  • SATIN TAUPE, a taupe with silver shimmer and a Frost finish
  • NOBLE SPIRIT, a warm blackened brown with a Satin finish
  • FORGERY, a sterling silver with a Lustre finish
  • HONEY LUST, a bronze dipped peach with a Lustre finish
  • DIVINE RULE, a frosty gray mauve with silver pearl and a Lustre finish
  • CARBON, an intense black with a Matte finish

MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Smoky Eyes

MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Smoky Eyes

Plum Eyes, $39.50 US/$47.50 CAD

MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Plum Eyes

The Plum Eyes palette includes…

  • SENSIBILITY, a pale frosty pink with a Frost finish
  • PLUM GRAND, a dirty frosty lavender with a Veluxe Pearl finish
  • TAUPELESS, an icy pink with silver sparkle and a Lustre finish
  • MAGIC MOOR, a rich blackened plum with pearl and a Veluxe Pearl finish
  • SUBTLY ELEGANT, a light grayish lilac with a Matte finish
  • FASHION BEAT, a dirty violet gray with a Lustre finish
  • NOCTURNELLE, a pinked-up chrome purple with a Frost finish
  • SHADOWY LADY, a blackened plum with a matte finish

MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Plum Eyes

MAC Keepsakes Eyes in Plum Eyes

Bahama Mama Bronzer by theBalm: A Golden Brown Without Orange Undertones

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theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer (2)

Victory is ours! Power to the scrunchie!

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer (7)

I’ve been on the hunt for a matte golden brown bronzer without any orange undertones because I like to switch up my bronzer game every once in a while, and I finally found one — Bahama Mama Bronzer by theBalm ($20, available now at theBalm counters and online. ).

The golden brown color reminds me of a big pan of MAC Soba Eyeshadow, but with a matte finish instead of a sheen. Good for contouring cheeks, or as an eyeshadow, or for adding overall warmth to the face.

Even though I feel like the gal on the packaging is throwing me shade (“Karen, really? Another golden brown smokey eye look?”), I kind of love her side eye, haha!

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer (3)
theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer (5)
theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer (6)

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