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A Grape Escape for Dry Hands: The Fragrant Caudalie Hand Cream Trio Gets a Big Hand From Grapes

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Caudalie Hand Cream Trio

The new limited edition Caudalie Hand Cream Trio ($25)

If there is such a thing as a Caudalie Hand Cream intervention, I WILL NOT HAVE ANY PART OF IT.

Caudalie Hand Cream

Rollin’ deep

I’ve been unknowingly toting around not one, but two full-size tubes of the original version in my Poverty Flats purse for the past couple of months and only realized it last weekend. But you know what? Instead of taking out one of the tubes, I left them both in there, because you just never know when Z-Day will go down, and it would be such a travesty to not have a really, really great hand cream available. :)

Caudalie Hand Cream Trio Box

Please note: the $25 sticker in the upper right on the box is a big ol’ pain to remove!

Those two tubes in my purse may be joined shortly by Caudalie’s new trio of holiday Hand Creams, because I can’t get enough of the three wine grape-themed scents (each one comes in a 1-ounce travel-sized mini tube) in this limited edition set.

Caudalie Hand Cream Trio

The three scents: Feuille de Cassis, Pamplemosse Rose and Miel de Vigne

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My Dry Claws Crave Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream

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Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream Review

Last weekend I did the unthinkable… I encouraged a friend to forgo a caramel cupcake in favor of trying a beauty product.

I know! My sweet tooth was so ashamed, but ever since I picked up Caudalie’s $19 Hand and Nail Cream from Sephora, I’ve felt compelled to push it on all my friends.

“Dude,” I said to her, inches away from the tantalizing treat, “put down that cupcake, because you need to try this hand cream I just got at Sephora.”

Normally, I’d never dream of denying someone the chance to get their sugar on, but that’s how moved I was/am by Caudalie’s cream.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream Review
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