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Honey, These Bees Like To Party: Burt’s Bees’ Two New Massively Moisturizing Party Lips Gloss Sets in Neutral and Pink

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Burt's Bees Party Lips Set

Wearing Burt’s Bees Spring Splendor Lip Gloss from the new Pink Party Lips set

Two sets. Four lip glosses. One big reason to get buzzed!

Hey now, it’s not that kind of party. You won’t have to worry about the sting of a hangover (says the lightweight who can’t handle more than two glasses of wine in an evening), because this holiday pretty party’s themes are moisture and shine. :)

Burt's Bees Party Lips in Neutral on the left and Pink on the right, $14.99 each

Party Lips in Neutral on the left and Pink on the right ($14.99 each)

Honey, I’m buzzin’ over Burt’s new Party Lips lip gloss sets ($14.99 each). Both two-piece duos/sets — one called Neutral and the other called Pink — come with two full-sized tubes of Burt’s 100% Natural Lip Glosses (BTW, they have doe-foot applicators).

Burt’s benevolent bees loaded these with hydrating ingredients like sunflower and olive oil, and my lips are lovin’ the moisture. It’s been dropping into the low 30s this week, and between the chill in the air and the heater kicking on throughout the day, my lips have been dry, dry, dry!

Burt's Bees Party Lips in Neutral on the left and Pink on the right, $14.99 each

Neutral glosses on the left (Autumn Haze and Sweet Sunset) and Pink glosses on the right (Spring Splendor and Ocean Sunrise)

I really like the way these feel. The texture’s a lot like the texture of MAC’s Lipglasses — thick and kinda sticky — and they last from 3-4 hours on me.

Now, these may not be ideal if your cat (and/or pooch) jumps in your lap and gets all up in your grill. Just an FYI, as your fabulous friend’s fur will stick to yo’ pout.

Both limited edition kits contain never-before-seen colors created for the sets. Pick the Pink set if you like wearing glosses with a fair amount of color (but not too much), or grab Neutral if you want more of a nude lip look. Either way, brace yourself for some seriously shiny, sheer, natural-looking color and gallons of moisture.

Burts Bees Party Lips Set Swatches

From the left: the Neutral set glosses in Autumn Haze and Sweet Sunset; and the Pink set glosses in Ocean Sunrise and Spring Splendor

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Today I Was Gud and Grumpy With a Side of Cherries: Gud From Burt’s Bees Floral Cherrynova

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Life is just a bowl of these…

Hey, friend. Typing right at‘cha from the trenches of my living room couch. I just finished a slow, arduous 5-mile run — arduous because I really wasn’t feelin’ it, but I’m glad I did it anyway — and now, in my freshly showered state, I’m basking in a post-workout high, babbling in print and breathing in the scent of Gud From Burt’s Bees Cherrynova Body Wash on my skin.

But more on that in two seconds. :)

I’m also half watching Avatar on TV, eating a big bowl of cherries and trying, so far unsuccessfully, to deter Tabs from scratching my Pier 1 chair.

You know the old saying, “Life is just a bowl of cherries”? Well, I’m feeling that way now thanks to Cherrynova, but earlier today? — MAN! I was grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.

grumpy tabs in the closet
Grumpy with a side of grumps!

I dunno… I’m just really stressing over what to do with the rest of my life. After five years as the executive assistant to an international plus-size kitty supermodel, I’m starting to wonder, “Where is this job taking me?”

Stir in my natural tendency to worry, add a dash of insomnia, and you’ve got yourself a woman on the brink of FREAKING OUT!

But then I took a few deep breaths, talked to El Hub on the phone, pet Tabs, checked the blog, read through some comments, and slowly calmed down enough to hop on the treadmill.

Running usually takes the edge off…

So here I am, fresh out of the shower and eating a bowl of cherries. And kinda smelling like a bowl of cherries, too, courtesy of Floral Cherrynova.

gud body wash
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Brushes and Bodies Are Buzzing Over Burt’s Bees $5 Mango & Orange Energizing Bar

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Burts Bees Energizing Body Bar

Initially, I brought home this $5 Burt’s Bees Mango & Orange Energizing Body Bar from Target 1) because I can always use a little extra energy, and 2) because I thought it kinda looked like food, ha!

Burts Bees Energizing Body BarI ended up liking the invigorating citrusy scent so much that I started using it to clean more than mah bod.

When I used up the last little slivers of my bar of Becca Brush Soap, I grabbed Burt’s Mango & Orange bar on a whim, using it to clean a couple of skunk brushes that I’d used with a bright blush and a MAC 239 brush crusted over with concealer.

As luck would have it, Burt’s invigorating body bar worked wonders on the brushes, removing all of the funk from their stinky ferules and the gunk from the handles and brush heads themselves.

I’d like to shake the little hand of the bee who developed this bar and thank him/her for doing such a great job. Not only do I think it’s one heck of an energizing, moisturizing body bar, it’s also one of the better brush cleansers I’ve used in a while.

And fast, too. It cuts through hard-to-remove products like dried foundation just as quickly as Becca’s Brush Soap does and rinses without putting up a fight. After air drying, my brush bristles feel soft, clean and malleable, not crunchy or stiff.
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