Smile! It’s the Whiter Than White Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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Chloe on the Whiter Than White Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Written by Chloe

You know what they say; the world always looks brighter from behind a smile. 🙂 Chloe shares why she’s been all smiles lately in today’s guest post.

Whiter Than White Home Teeth Whitening Kit

I fear opening that dreaded email from Facebook declaring someone’s tagged me in a photo, a hideous one I’m sure, yet last time this happened I was pleasantly surprised. There I was looking super happy with a big cheesy grin, but my close-lipped smile seems to have disappeared since I brought home the Whiter Than White Teeth Whitening Kit (£99 plus shipping; international shipping available).


The kit came with custom made trays, which meant I had to take an impression of my teeth myself, which I found slightly alarming due to never having done anything like it before. I watched the instructional DVD and then felt a lot more confident to give it a go without my dentist.

I mixed the putty as per instructions, put it on the plastic tray, and then attempted to get my whole mouth over it and bite down quickly before the putty hardened. You get about three minutes before its too late, and I’ve never been great with time management. My first thought was, “Hmmm, did I bite down hard enough?” and then, “Arrrgh, am I going to get this thing out of my mouth?”

The suction caused by the process was a little distressing, but with a bit of patience I managed to pry it out along with the excess dribble. Unfortunately, only a mere dent of my teeth appeared on the putty. I phoned the free phone number and was told that another set of putty would be on its way. Great!

Is the Whiter Than White tooth whitening service the same service I would get from my dentist?

According to the company, yes, the Whiter Than White two-step tooth whitening service is exactly the same service you would get from your dentist, using the same carbamide peroxide gel.

The only difference is that your dentist is not present when you do the impression of your teeth, hence the price difference. Your dentist will charge you between £200 to £400 ($320 to $640) or more, but the company doesn’t have the same expenses as the dentist.

Next day, sure enough the putty arrived, so I had another go at it, working much quicker this time, and success! My teeth perfectly formed in the yellow putty.

Three days after sending the impression back in the freepost envelope, my custom molded whitening trays and gel arrived. I found the trays surprisingly comfortable and started my two-week journey to a dazzling smile. I found avoiding coffee and red wine a couple of hours before and after each hour session of wearing the trays the most difficult part. I was warned my teeth might become a little more sensitive, but I managed to deal with this by using some toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

After the first week, I really noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth, and after two weeks was very impressed. My teeth weren’t shockingly white afterwards, but that’s not the look I was going for. The yellowish tint is gone, and my teeth are now more of a natural shade of white. It’s really noticeable in photos, and overall it’s a product I’d definitely recommend, particularly as they offer your money back if you make a successful recommendation. If I persuade 10 friends to buy a kit, I’ll get all my money back! Bargain!

Chloe on the Whiter Than White Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Written by Chloe

Guest blogger Chloe is 29, British, and has been travelling on and off for the last three years throughout Southeast Asia, Europe and Central America, funded by teaching English and designing websites. She plans to settle in the UK shortly and start a few companies inspired by her travels.


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  1. Amber says:

    I recently did the same type of system through my dentist and I was very pleased with the results, although sleeping in them for two weeks was fairly miserable. The nice thing is that once you have the custom trays, you can just buy more whitening solution for touch-ups.
    Amber recently posted … Santa Fe birthday- part I

  2. furkie says:

    Seems like a win-win. I’ve been looking for a good teeth whitening kit, guess I’ll try this one! (:
    Great post.

  3. Sarahc says:

    Thanks, Chloe. I’ve been thinking about trying peroxide and baking soda on my own at home. Has anyone given that a try? I’ve heard that it works pretty well, but I’m worried that the whitening will be uneven and I’ll wind up with white blotches on my teeth.

  4. Thanks for this Chloe! I’m getting married next year and I would love to smile with my teeth instead of just my mouth for the photos. This seems like a less expensive way of getting my not so pearly whites sorted without a trip to a private or NHS dentist.

  5. if you don’t fancy or like the whitening tray option then you can also consider the strips. Crest 3 D Whitestrips come in 6 different levels depending on your current tooth shade, natural shade, what has caused the discolouration or stains and of course strength
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  6. Kristy says:

    Whitening your teeth at home has made it so easy to to have the great looking smile you deserve! I whiten my teeth about twice a year now, from the comfort of my own home. I also wanted to mention a product for those who are missing a tooth, and who can’t afford traditional dentistry for awhile or needs an urgent fix.You can whiten all you want, but you first have to have a full smile for the ultimate smile!A dental implant is certainly the long term solution to missing a tooth. It is called Temptooth. It is a temporary tooth replacement solution, that allows a person to make a realistic temporary tooth to fit their smile in the comfort of their own home all for an amazing low cost. The website,, shows a ton of before and after photos, and real life testimonials and rave reviews about people who have had great success and regained their confidence for a fraction of the price. So if you or anyone you know if missing a tooth and could benefit from this, please check out the site. Also, I know the owners of Temptooth have had a lot of success in the USA, and are looking to expand in the UK and internationally. If your business would be interested in offering this to your clients feel free to contact and inquire at I have personally benefited from this product, and believe there are many others who could use this as a temporary solution until professional dentistry is sought. Many blessings, and lots of smiles!

  7. I have been searching for a good teeth whitening kit/product but nothing seems to satisfy me. But this sounds good. During holidays I see to it that I am picture perfect for our yearly family portrait. This will help me have that perfect look!
    sunshine – skin care recently posted … How to Get 150 At-Home Facial Recipes

  8. Kate says:

    I haven’t tried this product but I’ve used Stella white whitening strips for almost 1 year now and I get compliments on my teeth all the time! It´s great! I even asked my dentist if his whitening treatment worked any better and he told me it worked the same but his treatment was almost 4 times as much!

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