How to Look Great During Childbirth

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This post was written by Kate
Is it possible to birth a baby and still look cute? Kate thinks so, and she shares how in today’s guest post.

How to Look Great During Childbirth

When I found out that my due date was May 1st, my first thoughts weren’t of baby blankets and onesies. All I could think about was, how am I going to avoid looking like a wet dish towel in one of those post delivery photos? — the ones that someone always manages to snap at the exact moment when you’re the most sweaty, the most tired, and the least ready to have a remotely flattering picture taken. I’m talking about that moment when after 12 hours of intense labor, the cameras start clicking like crazy!


I never really thought of myself as a particularly vain person, and I know that when the time comes, it’s supposed to be all about the baby, but I was determined to hang on to some shred of my former makeup loving self, and come out of the whole experience glowing, despite the stretch marks and imminent hemorrhoids.

About a month before my due date, I became the lone pregnant lady haunting the aisles of my local Sephora. I rarely took a friend on these occasions, mainly because I could not have any distractions from what I saw as my personal mission. I was determined to put together a look that could withstand whatever curveball Mother Nature decided to throw my way, be it C-section or 24 hours of labor. Whatever happened to be going on below my neck, I was hellbent on keeping what was above it well controlled and looking its best. I needed the makeup equivalent of an Earthquake Prevention Kit.

I decided that my best course of action was to treat my baby’s delivery like a really long and painful spinning class. I knew to expect a lot of huffing and puffing, and most of all, a lot of sweat. That meant that I needed a face that was waterproof and sweatproof. I wanted to strike a balance between no makeup and being a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. To me, that meant glowy and flushed, not sculpted and painted. Even if I spent whole days in oatmeal splattered pajama pants and my husband’s wife beater remembering the days when I could count on a morning shower, I would feel secure in the knowledge that I didn’t go down without a fight.

To start, I attacked the problem of shine that seemed inevitable after childbirth. Now, I’m not saying that I wanted to look completely matte circa 1980, but neither did I want to look like I had a layer of Crisco on my face. For this, I found something with a little more staying power than my usual mineral powder foundation. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light Foundation ($34) applied just to my cheeks and nose with my fingertips would keep the shine under control without the streaky mask effect that sweat and a full face of foundation often produce.

I skipped applying any to my forehead because I had read someplace that foundation applied on the forehead can make one appear older. I stopped after that and never looked back. The Double Wear Light set to a matte finish, so I didn’t even need powder. Plus, with its 12-hour wear, I figured that I had the most strenuous part of labor covered…at least from an even skin tone standpoint. The rest…oh, well.

How to Look Great During ChildbirthEyebrows are critical in my book. They frame the eyes, and for labor, I found Benefit’s Brow Zings ($30). It has a waxy filler that I knew would be relatively waterproof.

To help my eye makeup stay put, I remembered the three P’s: Primer Primer Primer! Urban Decay’s Primer Potion ($18) in the original nude had yet to let me down. It’s the best primer I’ve ever used and always kept my eye makeup from straying during my late night club days. For extra fade insurance, I swiped a thin layer of Paula Dorf’s Eye Primer ($25) over the Primer Potion.


I’m pretty fair, so I took it down under my eyes as well for a concealer that wouldn’t budge. Now that my eyes were primed for battle, I layered on MAC’s Paint Pots in Painterly and Groundwork ($16.50 each). Finally, I dotted Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner ($21) in Sepia Ink between my lashes. I had no desire to look like Cleopatra giving birth, so I skipped the cat’s eye for something more subtle. Because I have those sparse Asian lashes, I finished with two coats of my go-to mascara, Dior’s Diorshow Waterproof ($24.50) mascara in Black. Now that my eyes were taken care of, I knew that I was in the home stretch. Even if all my lip color faded, whether from screaming or eating those infamous ice chips, my eyes would carry my look across the finish line.

Now, because looking fabulous while sweaty and tired relies so heavily on the dewy flushed cheeks of a cherub, I broke out my Benetint, by Benefit ($28). Like I had been doing since high school, I drew on cat whiskers across each cheekbone, and blended quickly before it dried. Sweatproof and waterproof, it was the perfect choice. This tint would go the distance.

Finally, I lined and filled in my lips with Wet ‘n Wild’s lip pencil in 666 ($1.49). The cheapest and most reliable workhorse in my makeup arsenal, I knew the natural stain it would leave on my lips wouldn’t be as drying as just using my Benetint. To moisturize and set my 666, I used cherry flavored Chapstick. It had the moisture I needed with the hint of color that would amp up the staying power of the 666 with the added bonus of keeping the flakies away.

When my big day came, I knew that I was ready to have my baby and look good doing it. Sure, you might say that this was a lot of trouble to go through in order to look good for one picture. Some even said that when the time came, the last thing on my mind would be whether or not I had makeup on. But, I can tell you that it felt great to be told by every nurse in the maternity ward, I can’t believe that you just had a baby! You look great!”

Take it while you can girls, because I can honestly say that once I got my baby home and had to deal with the aches and pains that come with recovery, makeup really was the last thing on my mind. There wasn’t a concealer in the world that could erase the signs of waking up every three hours around the clock. Enjoy it while you can. This will be the last time it will be all about you for a while. Although I look back on my makeup maven days with a sigh in my heart, my baby Kim makes it all worthwhile. Now, I know why all my friends, cousins, and aunts weren’t embarrassed to show everyone those unflattering pictures of themselves. They see beyond the sweat, frizzy hair, and eye bags and remember the moment when they brought something small and fragile into their world and life changed forever.

This post was written by Kate
Is it possible to birth a baby and still look cute? Kate thinks so, and she shares how in today’s guest post.


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  1. Nina says:

    what an adorable mommy and baby! 🙂

  2. Victoria says:

    This was great! I don’t have children, but can definitely relate to your concern. Just because you’re having a baby doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your (outward) beauty. Well done.

  3. Liz! says:

    I loved this- such an original, humorous and heart warming post. And great advice to boot! I’m a while away from starting a family, but it never hurts to be prepared ahead of time right?!? Thanks Kate!

  4. Jen says:

    You both look amazing!

  5. Ana says:

    This is such a great post! I will not be starting a family any time soon, but this is great advice for stay-put make up in general! Thanks!

  6. Solangel says:

    Although I’m only mother to a month-old kitten, I’ve always wondered how I would tackle the a birth with a passable face…this post is really quirky and informative, I like it 😀

  7. monluch says:

    I want to save this post for when I have kids in the very distant future! Every time a I see a post-birth picture, I always think of ways to look fresh regardless of that day’s events. You look GORGEOUS in your photo, congrats on motherhood!

  8. Hana K. says:

    Wow you look amazing! I’m not sure how much I’ll care about makeup once I realize I’m in labor but it would be nice to feel put together and be ready for those pictures that last forever!
    Hana K. recently posted … Munchies

  9. Karen says:

    This is perfect and timely! Will definitely take note and use these tips when it’s my turn next month! 🙂
    Karen recently posted … More falling snow

  10. Whitney says:

    Great post Kate!

  11. Rads says:

    Loved loved loved this post – and both of you look very very cute 🙂
    Rads recently posted … Review- The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define and No Frizz Cream

  12. Lindsay says:

    Perfect timing for this post! I’ll definitely file away this info when I have my baby in May 🙂
    Lindsay recently posted … MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick- Spring 2011

  13. AnieJ says:

    This was utterly charming and heartwarming! Best wishes to both mommy and baby, but i would also love to hear more soon since that beauty hunt went so well.

  14. Blovetbeauty says:

    Omg I loved this article so much. I had a difficult pregnant myself and I usually always make sure that I am presentable looking no matter the circumstances but i let it slide and looked horrible in my c section pictures. I looked so very sweaty and oily, much to
    the extent that I don’t even want to looks my birthing pictures at all. I wish I had read his article poor to my c section- u look so good!

  15. Silva says:

    Lol, spinning class XD You look amazing, and your baby is so sweet 🙂
    Silva recently posted … Pieces Turquoise Crystal

  16. Roxanne says:

    I’m destined to be a cat mom but I loved this post. Back in the day when I wanted to have a baby I cringed at the thought of post-birth photos and took a vow to ban cameras. Obviously I’m not worrying about it now but I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one that had makeup and birth in the same train of thought.

  17. DonnaN says:

    With birth impending for my little one, this is the EXACT post I needed, just at the right time!!!


  18. Tiffany says:

    You do look amazing in your photo! Great post – I’ll need these tips in about 2 months or so!

  19. Shauna says:

    Love this post. I don’t have children…yet 🙂 adn I will remember this article lol

    Congrats on your little one <3

  20. What a great post! When I am ready to start a family I will definitely remember this.
    Kajal Couture recently posted … Im Back!!!

  21. Kim says:

    You do actually look beautiful in that photo! I must say that I did a triple take on the headline, though, and then laughed. Of course, the easiest way to maintain your great look during childbirth is to have a c-section but that’s not always an option. I’ll have to look back on my post-baby photos now; I’m sure I’ll cringe since my main concern after my water broke in the middle of the night was calling my doctor to see if I had time to take a shower before coming in. I’m ashamed to say that makeup was not a concern at that point – I’m sure that’s evident in the pics. 🙂

  22. Alex says:

    OMG love this! I always comment on how terrible women look post-childbirth and it’s while it’s totally understandable, I definitely plan to wear some makeup! And now I know which products! Thank you!

  23. Anna says:

    Awww, love this post. With the baby madness, you still manage to remember its about you too and you deserve to look and feel like yourself too in the post delivery pics too xxx

  24. Anna says:

    Loved your post! People told me that when the time came, I would not care because of the pain, because I’d be overwhelmed by emotion, because I’d realize my appearance was the least of my priorities, etc. Everyone is different. Wanting to look your best in pictures that last a lifetime is perfectly reasonable. I packed a small makeup bag for if my water broke unexpectedly. Then I not only planned my makeup for when visitors came, I made sure I was wearing something that wouldn’t accidentally open and flash everyone. LOL

  25. Alyona says:

    wonderful post! Kate and her baby beauty! Appearance is a very important psychological factor, I’m glad it helped Kate to feel confident.

  26. Jen says:

    I really really loved this post… I too have worried about that post-birth photo in my future years! At least I know it is possible, it was a great read. ^__^ Your baby is gorgeous… and so are you!

  27. Beth says:

    Oh this is great and hits so close to home. As I had to learn the hard way. When I had my first child, 15 years ago, it NEVER OCCURRED to me to consider what I might look like after a 24+ hour labor. And that lots of pics would be taken. I was just too worried about the pain. THE PAIN. Well, as a result, in my video, in all the pics, on the way home (same day, mind you, thank you managed care) I looked horrible. Dirty, sweaty, tired, homeless, defeated, you name it. I had never looked so bad in my life, and it was on video! My sister made it her mission to prevent anything like that from ever happening again and did my makeup and hair when I had my twins, 5 years later. I looked like a Beverly Hills housewife, that’s for sure. But I felt so much better!

  28. yvette says:

    Beth, don’t worry, I’m sure most people don’t think about what they’re going to look like, nor should they. I really hope Kate was exaggerating how much thought she put into it in the time leading up to birth – wouldn’t you be better off thinking instead of how much this life changing event will mean to you, your partner and your child rather than whether you’re shiny or not!?

    • katie says:

      Why is it wrong to think about how you look while giving birth? I’m sure she does think about how much of a life changing event it is and her top concern is obviously her newborn, but it’s alright to want those photos to look good. I mean, with all of my family and friends who’ve had babies – those photos are posted all over social networking sites. She has 9 months to think about this being a life changing experience, let her write one post about birthing makeup.
      katie recently posted … Essie French Affair Spring 2011

    • Kat says:

      Well said, katie! No matter what, be beautiful!

      • Kate & Zena says:

        I’m with Yvette actually. The last thing my mom thought about was makeup with either of her children (my brother and me). I was a difficult pregnancy in fact. She was on bedrest the last three months. Where I was born, you would have been seen as incredibly vain and selfish had you been thinking about how you looked and that was passed down to me. One should be thankful that your child is healthy. This was especially important considering where I was born–West Germany. A healthy baby and a healthy mom are infinitely more important than how you look, no matter what because pregnancy is the most dangerous thing a woman will ever do in her life. My mom is very proud of those sweaty I-just-gave-birth photos!

        • Stephanie says:

          Well I live in Germany and I promise you I’ll be working hard to make sure I look good before I give birth. I could care less what people at the hospital say! 😀 It’s more selfish to me to see babies and toddlers riding in the front seat of a car.

          • Lady Di. says:

            Oh geez! I wish I had read this before I had both of my kids. I dont care if it sounds vain, I would have loved to looked that great after having my kids! I remember my face being red and puffy from all that pushing and sweating and then having a gazillion people come right after to see us in the hospital…not a pretty sight. Of COURSE kate thought of her baby first, how silly to think otherwise…the point is that you go through so many emotions after having a baby feeling good about how your face looks…when the rest of your body feels like a huge blob…isn’t such a bad idea! Great story, thanks so much for sharing!

  29. Nadia says:

    This was a great article to read. I can totally relate because I was wearing a full face of makeup when I gave birth to my son almost two years ago and to my daughter seven weeks ago.

    I don’t think that wanting to look great while giving birth is vain. I look at having makeup on as helping me feel more confident, be in a better mood, and making me feel more energized.

  30. mkdallas says:

    Great post and you (and the baby) look really beautiful!

  31. katie says:

    This was a great post. I was actually talking about this yesterday with my friends. One day when I chose to become pregnant, i don’t want to look horrid in my photos. I don’t have to look fantastic but some pictures I’ve seen have been really really bad. I do have to say, your photo is the best post-pregnancy photo I’ve ever seen – hands down!

  32. Baba says:

    You know to your little one, you will always be Mama, the one who loves her more than anything. In her eyes you will be No. 1 best person in the world, her “go to” person.

    She will cry for no one but you and Daddy!

    Your specialness just increased 4,000% — you’re a Mama!!

  33. Anna says:

    No one really cares what you look like right after having a baby. If it makes you feel good, awesome, but no one is going to be disgusted if you’re sweaty or crying.

  34. Alexis says:

    I really enjoyed this post :). I’m 27 weeks pregnant right now (due May 6th) and have put a lot of thought into what is going into my hospital make-up bag. I don’t expect to look flawless, but I feel better when I’m more put-together. And as some have said, yes, I should be thinking more about how my life is changing and how amazing it will be to have this baby in the world, but I’ll be thinking/worrying about that the entire 9+ months… There’s nothing wrong about putting a little bit of thought into your makeup too. There’s enough to worry about in pregnancy so it never hurts to think about pampering :).

  35. lexi says:

    This was great because I thought the same thing when I gave birth to my daughter 2 1/2 years ago. I made sure of these three things:

    1. Shave my legs
    2. Get a pedicure
    3. Get my brows waxed

    I was induced on my last visit so I was so happy that my makeup lasted the entire day. All I wanted really was to make sure my eyebrows were still intact after 12+ hours of screaming induced labor.

    And yes, my MAC #266 brush and espresso eyeshadow (brow filler) came through me again.

    Great article!!
    lexi recently posted … Sade Lovers Rock

  36. Rachel says:

    I love this! I haven’t had children yet, but as a beauty junkie I’ve often thought of precisely this issue over the years. I want to look good in those photos dammit!! Congratulations and you look great!

  37. Jasmine says:

    I am glad I’m not the only one that wore makeup while giving birth.Oh,and my baby is exactly one month younger than yours!June 1st.

  38. Shannon says:

    What a funny and TRUE post!
    When I had my daughter 3 years ago and made sure to shave, get a pedicure (they’d be near my toes!) and wear lots of mascara and blush to get that flushed look. Even though I was exhausted after the labor, the pictures looked pretty darn good!

  39. Leslie says:

    Wow! She looks amazing, even after giving birth to her adorable baby…Now that is something to brag about! I agree about the eyebrows…that, and even skin.

  40. Kate Williamson says:

    KateThank you so much for your wonderful comments and words of encouragement. They are such a soothing balm on the soul of an overtired and stressed out Mom. I am so happy to see that most of you enjoyed reading my post and I truly hope that it gave you the occasional chuckle. I know I loved writing it for you. It was really the first time that I was able to revisit two things that I love but don’t have as much time for now….makeup and writing! Writing this post was a gentle reminder to myself that it’s OK, even for a busy mother, to have an interest outside of her children, and that it doesn’t make you a selfish or less effective parent. Mothers are the touchstone of a family, and when Mommy is happy, kids are happy!
    I hope that I was able to bring a light hearted note to the expectant mothers out there who can sometimes feel overwhelmed after 10 months of pregnancy. There is so much out of our control during birth. We really are at the mercy of Mother Nature. I felt that the one thing I could control was my makeup. It gave me something to think about outside of all the things that can go wrong and the fact that I had no idea what to do once I had the baby! Note to self: What to Expect When You’re Expecting is SCARY! Pregnancy is long and grueling, but oh so worth it.
    I know for me, I always feel ready to tackle anything when I feel more put together. It can be so empowering to do something, however small, that makes you feel good about yourself. I don’t believe that a mother have to choose between taking care of herself or taking care of her children. We are strong modern women. We can do it all!
    Of course, every mother-to-be focuses on having a healthy baby and how life as she knows it will never be the same. That is a given. However, as a beauty junkie and product hound, I took a little time during my pregnancy to think about me for a little while. Believe me, I appreciate it so much more these days when I usually only have time for a shower and some sunscreen. I keep hoping that once Kim starts sleeping through the night, I’ll have more energy for more involved upkeep! My solution for not having had a pedicure in two years is not to wear open-toed shoes! Babies are the easiest when you can keep track of them inside of you. It’s when they come out that the real work begins. Good luck to all of you and just remember…A little lipgloss never hurt anybody! 🙂

  41. Sexy Sadie says:

    If you only had to worry about cossmetics when you were in labour, consider yourself lucky.
    Sexy Sadie recently posted … Innflyttningsfest

  42. Kat says:

    She did not say that while in labor, her only worry was “cossmetics.” And from the photos, it looks as if mother and baby are happy and healthy. This is a make-up blog. I think I reflect the overwhelming response of positive reviews for Kate’s post. It was a thoughtful, well-researched article that contained information that many of us may choose to use in the future, written in a humorous, light-hearted, and self-deprecating manner. Make-up is FUN, and if it makes you feel good, then use it. Thanks for the article, Kate, I really enjoyed it. Congratulations and best wishes!

  43. Sarah says:

    I loved the article Kate. I have thought about this alot as well and am still a little ways off from pregnancy. Glad to know someone else worries about it too. I agree that I feel better when I think I look better. And I don’t want to dread having pictures taken.

    Did you do any research on what beauty products not to use during pregnancy? I read on a review or blog that a product was “pregnancy safe”. Which made me wonder what beauty products aren’t safe to use while pregnant. I haven’t researched it yet, but wondered if there were a few treatments or ingredients to avoid.

    Your picture is amazing by the way.

    • Kate Williamson says:

      Hi, Sarah!

      I am so glad that you liked my article. I hope that it was a fun read for you. I actually did do some research when I was pregnant on skincare and beauty ingredients to avoid during pregnancy. Wow! There was so much out there that I didn’t know where to start. It seemed like everything on my bathroom counter was a potential landmine of harmful ingredients. I am kind of a Type A personality, and I always like to feel like I have a handle on things. Since having kids, I have learned that that is not always possible. Of course, you always want to do your best to take the right precautions when you are pregnant, but there is only so much you can do. If I would have tried to eliminate every single thing that was a potential hazard, I would have had to stop using soap and shampoo altogether! There is a great website called They have a really extensive list of things to avoid. Most acne stuff is out, like salicylic acid, benzoyle peroxide, and Accutane. But, a lot of women (myself included) enjoy pretty good skin during pregnancy. I stopped using my regular night cream because it had Retinol A in it. Also, you should avoid dying your hair, although my hairdresser claims that she dyed her hair through both her pregnancies without any adverse effects. I wouldn’t risk it though. Also, you should avoid pedicures. If you do get them, skip the foot massage. There are certain pressure points on the foot that can trigger uterine contractions. I did get a few pedicures, minus the foot massage, and had the nail tech use nail polish without any phathalates or toulene. Two good ones are OPI and Zoya. I also switched from a chemical sunscreen to a physical block one. Shiseido ones tend to look really white on, but Skinceuticals makes them with micronized zinc, so it’s transparent on. Their sunscreens are my personal fave, and living in Hawaii, I need good ones! There’s also small amounts of lead in most lipsticks, but I’m a gloss girl anyway. I know this may seem like a lot of info, but if you check out that website, it lays it out in a much more organized way. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, I would definitely start taking prenatal vitamins right now. You’ll want that buildup of important vitamins and folic acid before you even get pregnant. Besides, they are awesome because they have everything that a woman needs. I noticed that I had really strong hair and nails when I was taking them. Like I said before, there seems to be an overwhelming list of things to avoid. But, I figured that as long as I avoided the really big stuff, I was OK. I did stop wearing perfume and using toner because of the alcohol, but I could not give up my deoderant! Some people say that you should not use anything with sodium lauryl sulphate in it, but that’s anything that lathers, like shampoo. There are some shampoos and soaps out there without it though. Whew! I hope this helps, Sarah. Good job on even thinking this far ahead. When I got pregnant, I didn’t think about these kinds of things until later. Just remember not to get too bogged down or scared by what you find on the Internet. Healthy babies are born every day, so we women must be doing all the right things instinctually. Thanks a mil for responding to my article and take care.

  44. crystal says:

    OOOO my goodness. I just about died laughing as soon as I read this headline. Because I was asking myself the same freaking question like a week ago. Im due on march 2nd and this is my 2nd child. I remeber this one picture that looked like is was looking at a dead version of myself ( creepy I know). but I was extremely pale, sleepy, did NOT LOOK LIKE ME. It actually scared me when I saw the photos. So I told my husband babe make sure this time I have shaved legs and make up. So that I still look pretty when Im pushing. He of corse just rolled his eyes. hahahaha. I am so excited Im not a selfish witch for being concerened about this. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

    and your baby is adorable 🙂

  45. Alexandra says:

    I didnt wear any makeup when in labour with my son. And after 15 hours 15 minutes of labour and him coming out with the cord around his neck and being grey.
    I think i looked shell shocked on my pictures.
    Having said that i wasnt as makeup obbessed back then as i am now.
    And if i ever am lucky enough to have another child. I would probably wear makeup this time.
    I hate having my photo taken anyway :s

  46. layla says:

    i’m due next month and i hope i look as cute and adorable as u do! but i dont think i’ll have a clear mind to worry about what i look like.. this is my first, so i think i’ll be too panicky.. haha.. but still.. thanks! awesome article

  47. dmj says:

    although i didn’t intend to look great with make up and all, i DID give birth to my second son with my face full of make up. as my contractions started when i was at the office, i finished up the report i’m working on, clock out and drove home. crazy? i know. thank god for traffic light LOL!

    the pics did turn up better than the one during the birth of my first son. i looked pale and sick despite only going through a short labour.

    oh and during confinement period, i applied a little make up every day just because i can hahaha.. (it’s not encourage to beautify oneself according to my race’s belief – more importance is put on the recovery process)

  48. Hend says:

    Oh, what a lovely tutorial !
    I don’t have kids , but one of my concerns is
    how to still look good in such situations ,
    🙂 you have a lovely kid

  49. WOW! I want to look as awesome as you did during childbirth! I don’t know how to put it so that it doesn’t sound weird, but you seemed to enjoy the process coz of those flushed cheeks, nicely drawn brows and evenly toned complexion. =)

  50. Payzlee says:

    These are such great tips! This is one thing I couldn’t believe was not in any of the mommy magazines I read before I had my son 5 months ago! I did my makeup every night before going to bed because I was sure I would go into labor in the middle of the night and I was RIGHT! A mother knows, lol! Also another tip, I went to the spa and got vajazzled (they wax you and put a sparkly design with little gems – I got a star because I knew my little boy was going to be a shining star in my life!) before I had my baby Kayden! He is a real blessing and all the bling “down there” just really helped me not be shy when I was in the hospital and I knew everyone was going to be up in my business! It stayed on for a while too! My DH loved it LOL!

  51. Maria Chew says:

    I love this post! I’m now 16.5 weeks pregnant and guess what? Make up is also on my mind. But I’m not sure if my gynae will be a [EDIT] about it. I had thought of banning any photo taking of me immediately after childbirth, and photos only allow after I’ve my makeup on. But after I saw an episode of “One Born Every Minute” which showed a preggie lady with makeup on for delivery, and reading your post, I’ve decided to go all out with a lasting makeup to face the battle of childbirth. Will definitely consider your suggestions. Thanks!

  52. Annie Mardee says:

    This is brillant! You were/are gorgeous and a genius. With baby no. 2 I’ll be prepared (baby no. 1 I had no idea what to expect, plus there were complications in the end so I’m just happy to have a beautiful baby boy!!).

  53. Natalie says:

    Hm, I had left a comment before, but it’s not heeeeeere. Anyway, I keep being drawn to this post because of the social issues it raises. While obviously part of the matter is that looking nice helps one feel in control, aka less freaked out during birth, which is cool – another thing is about the photos and, well, the pressure. Although many of us say that no one really cares how we look, and it’s more about our own desire to look good… I don’t know, I feel it’s a bit cruel, actually, for the pics to be taken straight away. Yes, yes, having a baby makes you proud, you want to capture the moment in time blah blah – but at the same time you are so vulnerable.
    I don’t know, to me it was a private moment, right after delivery, I did not want to be photographed, regardless of how I looked. It was just me and her, kind of a no-paparazzi-please sort of thing. Maybe because in my culture the traditional belief is not to show the baby to anyone outside family until they are 1 month old, some kindof superstition. But though I don’t believe in that, I hadn’t posted any pics of her online until she was about 3 months, I think…
    And the first pic taken of us was not until 3 hour after delivery, when I had eaten, and washed my face, and RESTED a bit, and she had slept – so I had that natural flushed look, slightly fatigued but healthy and glowing, and she was smooth and pink and all. And I feel doing it this way puts so much less stress on everyone.

  54. Kate Hillier says:

    I am devastated. Don’t you think childbirth is beautiful enough?

  55. Emily says:

    OMG! After just about 2 and half years since it was written…best blog ever!! I agree with Kate…I am not a vain person, but feeling good about yourself is so important! You see so many people look just frightfull after they first deliver…who wouldn’t after what they’ve been through and the great miracle they’d just performed! I’m 32 weeks, and looking for long wear makeup has been on my mind (Mostly my eye makeup)…I’m not looking to get decked out for a night on the town, but I want to look like I have the perfect “I just gave birth and look great” glow 🙂 I’m sure during and after labor my make up isn’t going to be on my mind, so its important to get the water/sweatproof thing going on before…so I don’t have to worry about it later.
    Kate– I hope you are getting a little bit of rest these days, and thanks so much for the blog, and the encouraging words! I love the fact that I am not the only one who thinks about this kind of stuff!

  56. Megha says:

    Hi Kate! Nice to know that I am not the only one thinking about looking good at such times. Ur article just affirmed that looking good is one of the feel good factors that’ll help me during labour and after. It’ll surely boost my confidence. I am not one of those lucky women who have a pregnancy glow, so i’ll need some makeup to make me look all glowing.

  57. CC says:

    Oh gosh. I know it’s been a while since you last wrote…But I love this post! I’m 14 weeks pregnant and “make up during delivery” has been on my mind – or if make up is allowed in the first place. I’ve seen countless mothers looking their absolute worst when on any other day they are all dolled up. And that’s for your “first” family picture?! Why on earth would you ever allow that? I’ll keep all your tips in mind. Thanks so much for sharing! And you did look great!!!!!!!!

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