21 Ways to Store Your Makeup

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21 ways to store your makeup

Please tell me you’re not one of those gals guilty of keeping your cosmetics in a grungy old zipper pouch that you may or may not have had since high school. If you are … I won’t tell. 🙂


Guilty or not, here are 21 more ways to store your makeup.

  1. Keep ‘Em Dry: Here are a few ideas to keep your cosmetics dry, and moisture kills makeup. Take these precautions, and ensure a long life for your collection.
  2. serious-skin-care-mineral-makeup-2

  3. Hide Your Makeup from Light and Heat: Here, Makeup Diva talks about ways to keep your makeup safe from light and heat, both of which can cause some serious damage.
  4. makeup1

  5. How to Store Makeup Palettes: I love the details this post provides on ways to store makeup palettes and accessories.
  6. countertop

  7. How to Store Makeup Brushes: No one likes their brushes getting smashed or worn — not if they’re shooting for flawless application. Learn to help your brushes be their best with these how-to tips.
  8. makeup

  9. How to Make a Makeup Brush Holder: Go that extra mile with this weekend project, and your makeup brushes will love you for it.
  10. brushes

  11. How to Make a Roll Up Mat for Your Makeup Brushes: This is again for the creative gal — a unique way to make a roll up mat to store and protect your brushes while keeping them organized. What more can you ask for?
  12. makeuprollup

  13. Basic Makeup Organization: Here’s a great guide with first steps you should take to organize a messy collection.
  14. organize

  15. How to Make Your Own Makeup Case: This is a great idea for makeup storage built to travel.
  16. case

  17. Even More Makeup Storage Ideas: An informative video with ideas for putting everything in its place.
  18. storage

  19. Basic Makeup Storage: Here’s a selection of basic tips to simplify your beauty stash. Simplify your setup.
  20. storage2

  21. Makeup Collection and Storage: Here’s a video from a self-proclaimed makeup storage guru. Not a bad idea at all.
  22. guru

  23. Organizing an Out-of-Control Collection: You know who you are! If your collection is out of control, get things under control with these ideas.
  24. obsession

  25. Makeup Organization Courtesy of IKEA: I’m a fan of IKEA if I don’t have to put the furniture together, LOL! Check out this video for ideas on how IKEA can help compartmentalize your makeup collection.
  26. ikea

  27. More Makeup Organization Ideas: This video will show you not only how to store your makeup, but also how to sharpen a jumbo NYC makeup pencil!
  28. pencil

  29. Makeup Storage: The Little Pink Box: You know I love all things pink, and this post has great pictures of a gorgeous little pink box used for makeup storage.
  30. pinkbox

  31. Makeup Storage Ideas Courtesy of Target: Have some of these ideas in mind on your next trip to Target, pronounced Tar-ghay.
  32. target

  33. Mom’s Makeup Storage Ideas: This clever mom has lots of great makeup storage ideas, like using a toothbrush holder to hold makeup brushes. Now, why didn’t I think of that?
  34. toothbrush

  35. Mineral Makeup Organization 101: This post has some sharp pictures and ideas for ways to organize a massive mineral makeup collection.
  36. mineral

  37. Craft Store Makeup Storage Ideas: Be crafty! Here are some great ideas for makeup storage using supplies available at your local craft store.
  38. craft

  39. Lipstick Makeup Storage: Show of hands from all the ladies who have too many lipsticks to count? I thought so… Here’s a little help!
  40. lippie

  41. A Gem of an Idea: Corral those little makeup odds and ends before they get lost in your purse forever!
  42. tray

These were just a few storage ideas to help get those creative juices flowing… If you have any makeup storage or organization ideas you’re particularly proud of, please share ’em in the comments. 🙂


I am SO STINKY from my run, so I need to remedy the sitch ASAP. Time for a quick shower before 30 Rock.

What are you up to tonight?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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  1. Paris B says:

    Great tips Karen! I love my magnetic board storage for makeup brushes best though I’m not sure if everyone agrees 🙂 For everything else I’m using Ikea Glis boxes.

    Paris B´s last blog post..Upcoming: Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Face Cream and L’oreal White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening Essence

  2. Sarah says:

    great ideas! ive been “trying” to organize my loads of makeup! good timing 😛
    i actually recently bought a glass container (kinda like a cup) and some marbles. I stuck my brushes in the marbles and they hold up pretty well (just like how Sephora displays their brushes & tweezers ..) 🙂 Just sharing an idea! Have a good night

  3. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for this post. It was really helpful!

    Kim´s last blog post..Crazy lips

  4. Vera says:

    Perfect timing! The last couple of weks I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize my makeup. My vanity looks like a tornado hit it because I haven’t put everything back like I had it. Plus I bought more stuff so I don’t think it will all fit like it used to. So hopefully I’ll get some ideas this weekend.

  5. jojoba says:

    funny you should post this! i am running a poll on makeup organization on my blog now. but nothing as constructive as your post, of course! 🙂 personally, i bought a tool trolly for makeup so i can push it around and LOCK everything in. yup, i am one of those paranoid people who don’t like people touch my makeup! 🙂

    LOVE this post. thanks girl.

    jojoba´s last blog post..Review/FOTD: Clarins Powder Blush 80 Raspberry, Natural Temptation Collection, Spring 2009

  6. tali says:

    Love the tips.. am off to find myself some storage devices today!!
    The weekend is almost here…..woooo!!!

    tali´s last blog post..E.l.f cosmetics

  7. Faye says:

    It’s funny because I just asked for lippie storage idea earlier in the week on MUA. I was re-organizing my stash and counted 180 lipsticks and 202 lipglosses (don’t judge me!). They’re organized by color in ziploc bags in my Sterilite carts, but I wanted a way to store them so the tubes would be upright.

    Someone suggested a fantastic idea — boxes that are used to store rifle ammunition shells. I found a site online that sells them in different sizes (you can buy ones that hold anywhere from 5 to 100), so I’m going to order a bunch and see how they work.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Faye,

      No judgement! I bet your collection is amazing. I didn’t think to separate by color — right now I do it by brand (and within that by collection) but it’s not the most effective way.

      Please let me know how the rifle ammo storage goes (and if it’s cute!).

  8. Nicole15 says:

    Faye –

    I saw that lippie storage idea online too. It looked like the perfect trick for storing lipsticks & glosses cause like you said, then you can see the color names right when you open it. Just funny to say, “And here are my gorgeous lipsticks & glosses stored in a beautiful camo shotgun shell case.” Sounds hystercial but such an awesome idea. Let us know how it works out.

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Faye and Nicole15,

    I never realized how many Makeup Alley girls we had up in here!

    I love that website… I could literally spend all day cruising the product reviews section!

  10. Nicole15 says:

    Right now i am in the midst of my makeup organization project. I bought a large Sterilite roll-away for my more bulky makeup items like palettes & so forth. Has lots of drawers that are not too oversized. Then i got smaller ones that i can set on top of it to store my liners & lipsticks since those drawers are a lot narrower. Hope it works out. I am so sick of flip flopping from train case to train case, drawer to drawer to find things. Makes me crazy!

  11. tanya says:

    This is genius! Thanks for scouring all these sites for us, Karen 🙂 I do the whole Sephora thing with my brushes (getting a glass container, adding those flower fill beads and sticking the brushes in them). It works out pretty well. I need to organize the rest of my stuff though and these links are perfect!

    tanya´s last blog post..lonely without you

  12. Ayana says:

    Love the post, really need to step my game up in organizing my make up :-(. Gotta hit up a store any get some more storage this weekend! LOL

    Ayana´s last blog post..For The Fella’s: Say NO To Bar Soap

  13. Mikele says:

    Thanks for this awesome post Karen!! 🙂 Right now my stuff stays in travel bags because I travel down from Sac to Oakland EVERY weekend… Maybe I should just leave my stuff in Oakland since I only wear makeup on the weekends! lol Wearing some tonight to see Mos Def!! Yippee!! 😀

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mikele,

      How fun! Where’s he playing?

      I used to work in Sac (went to school at UC Davis). One thing I miss about living up there is spring — it’s the best time of the year. Not too hot, not too cold!

  14. Lauren says:

    For Christmas I bought myself a Sephora Makeup Case… It was expensive ($100, yikes!!) but it holds all of my makeup and brushes (I don’t have an enormous collection really… so I even have a little bit of extra space in it right now) and it’s beautiful (I got the cream crocodile covered one) so it looks good just sitting out.

    Its one of my favorite possessions, ever. I love opening it and knowing that I’ll be able to find whatever I want without digging!

  15. Sarah says:

    I use an old wire silver ware holder (it stands up, does not lay down flat like the plastic drawer holders do) to keep my makeup brushes in. It works wonderfully and saves a ton of space. My makeup is separated by brand into these cute wicker lined baskets that I bought at Target last year. My overflow makeup (certain colors I use more around the holidays, etc) goes in Sterilite drawered tubs for storage. I love the ideas you’ve posted here so I think I’ll have to incorporate them into mine.

    Sarah´s last blog post..This is what carnies eat for breakfast

  16. Faye says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’m ordering from a place called ammoboxes.com — they’re not pretty, but not ugly either — in sheer red, blue, and beige. And the boxes close and will let me store my lippies upright while still maintaining my separation-by-color scheme, so I’m happy,

    LOL, Nicole! I hope my husband brings in the box when it arrives so I can see the look on his face when I tell him I ordered something from “ammoboxes.com” for my makeup!

  17. Ahhh ive been trying to find new ways to store my makeup so thanks sooo much for this!

  18. Daniela says:

    KAaren, thanks so much for the tips and links! I’m moving soon & am getting a new vanity & need to figure out how I’m going to store all my makeup. Thanks again!

  19. Sara says:

    This helped so much! And good timing too, i was just so busy with school and modeling ahhh! LOL! Ive been trying to find new ways to store my huge collection and this helped ALOT! Thank you so much!!

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