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Smashbox Muse Collection Spring 2009: Why I Love Foundation Primer

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Dear Smashbox Hybrid 2-in-1 Luminizing Primer,

I heart you so. When I wear you beneath tinted moisturizer, I feel like I’m glowing. You make my skin dewy and fresh. With you by my side, I feel even better than I do when El Hub cleans the house without me having to ask him to.

Yours Always,


Do you ever wonder if you *really* need a foundation primer?

Experts say it creates a smoother canvas upon which to work, filling in pores and fine lines so that foundation and powder appear smoother and last longer.

Sounds good, right? Thing is, sometimes I’m too lazy for the extra step. I mean, I’ll bust out my tube of Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer for big events like weddings, but I’ve never really thought of foundation primer as a daily essential until I tried Smashbox’s Hybrid 2-in-1 Luminizing Primer in Bare Canvas.

Released as part of the Smashbox Muse Spring 2009 Collection, Hybrid 2-in-1 is an unscented liquid primer designed to function as either a makeup primer or a shimmery gold highlighter (hence the 2-in-1).

Smashbox suggests a couple ways to use it: 1) Worn beneath foundation where it smooths the skin and imparts a subtle glow, and 2) Applied on top of foundation to the cheeks, nose, brows or lips for a brighter glow.

I tried both ways, and when I used it as a primer beneath Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and MAC Blot powder, I thought my skin looked effing AMAZING!

For context, without Hybrid 2-in-1, my skin’s like strip mall runway show with me wearing a burlap bag and Tevas. But WITH Hybrid 2-in-1, my skin’s like Gisele Bundchen in a blinged-out VS bra and angel wings! ๐Ÿ™‚

First off, I think it makes my skin significantly smoother. I can really see the difference where I have some fine lines on my forehead. A thin layer of Hybrid 2-in-1 applied sparingly before my other face products gives the skin on my forehead an almost porcelain glow.

The glow takes 2-in-1 to the next level for me. It’s not like the matte, dimensionless look I get sometimes with foundation and powder alone — that mannequin look? No, Hybrid 2-in-1 has more depth than that, more radiant and luminous. This might be wishful thinking, but I feel like I look a little younger, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

The glowy goodness doesn’t stop there, as Hybrid 2-in-1 looks good in photos, too. Some shimmery products will reflect photography flash on my forehead and chin and make me look like I’m wearing an oil slick in pictures, but that didn’t seem to happen with Hybrid 2-in-1.

I’m using it in this face of the day from last week…
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Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Jan. 26

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  1. Mood:
  2. Energized! The sun’s out and that always lifts my spirit.

  3. Accessories:
  4. Kelly green headband, silver necklace from the Smashbox Enchantress Beauty Kit and silver hoops

  5. Outfit:
  6. Stretchy jeans and a flowy white top with lace trim and spaghetti straps over a grey tank, grey zip-up hoodie and a dark grey scarf

  7. Eyes:
  8. It’s a Lancome kinda day! I did a simple eye with two products from the Pink Irreverence Collection. It involved a swipe of Lancome Le Stylo Kohl in Confidence Noir and a wash of color over the entire lid using Color Design Pro Illuminator in High Expectations. Then, I gave my lashes two coats of Virtuose mascara, winked at myself in the mirror and said, “holla!”

  9. Perfume:
  10. I’m almost embarrassed to admit this because it illustrates my obsessiveness, but sometimes I try to match the brand of perfume I’m wearing with the makeup I’ve got on. Since it’s a Lancome day I’m wearing Miracle Forever.

  11. Best bra, evah?
  12. For day-to-day wear I like bras by DKNY because they fit me well and aren’t overly frilly or lacy. If I’m wearing a strapless dress, I’ll bust out my trusty Le Mystere strapless bra, which is the only strapless bra I’ve ever worn that doesn’t fall down to my bellybutton after five minutes.

  13. Breakfast:
  14. Coffee and crumpets

  15. First person I talked to today and what I said:
  16. Hmm… does Tabs count? He jumped on the bed first thing this morning and started meowing up a storm. I told him, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll get you your gravy, my liege!” I don’t believe he understands sarcasm.

  17. Have you thought about Valentines Day yet?
  18. Yup. I walked into See’s Candy this weekend and saw one section of the store covered in heart-shaped boxes of chocolate candy.

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Read the paper, get all of my schoolwork and freelance stuff done by 6:00 PM so I can work out at night, do *hella* sit-ups in my workouts (I’m freaking out because I saw a picture of a fitness ad with before-and-after shots and my stomach looked eerily like the BEFORE pic)

Just copy the empty list, and paste it with your answers in the comments.

Le list

Best bra, evah?
First person I talked to today and what I said:
Have you thought about Valentines Day yet?
Weekly goals:

Ready, girls? Let’s do this! ๐Ÿ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Getting to Know You

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1. Tell me about yourself and why you love makeup

My name is Karen. I was born in the Philippines but moved to the US with my family as a baby.

I’m 33 now and still a bit of a baby. ๐Ÿ™‚ My addiction to makeup began at 14. I remember the day my mom took me to my first makeup counter. It was Clinique, and we picked up my first blush, eyeshadow, foundation and powder. That was it! I was hooked.

Beauty comes from within, but makeup cheers me up when I’m down, helping me feel my best at important moments in life. When I look at a tube of MAC Paramount lipstick, I see something much more than a bullet of wax. I see the big moments that Paramount has seen me through — crossing the stage to get my college diploma, that crazy night with my girlfriends on my 24th birthday, my first big job interview.

I wonder what lipstick I’ll be wearing when I find out I’m pregnant, and what eyeshadow will I wear to my little brother’s wedding?

Seasons change like color collections. I can’t wait to see what makeup has in store for me next!

2. What do you do for a living?

Until a few weeks ago, I worked as an assistant to a book agent, taking care of the office, reading manuscripts and dealing with writers and publishers over the phone. I left the job to go back to school for journalism and to be able to spend more time blogging and freelance writing for magazines.

If you know of anyone looking for an “idea” person, give me a call, LOL! I like being creative, and in my dream job, all I’d have to do is sit in a room and think up weird stuff all day long.

3. Tell me about your family

I’m the oldest of two. My parents were waaaaay strict with me when I was growing up, but my little brother got away with *everything*, go figure.

After many years spent kissing frogs, I met El Hub in front of a bookstore in 2002. It was our first date. Instead of flowers, he brought me a book (Stephen King’s On Writing), and it was the first book a boy had ever given me on a first date.

Last year our family got a little bigger when Tabs decided to adopt us. He totally treats me like his secretary/assistant/servant, but I don’t mind.

4. What are a couple things you like to do in your spare time?

I like to dance, especially hip hop. I’ll never qualify for America’s Best Dance Crew or anything, but I can still drop it like it’s hot when it has to be dropped.

I also like to surf but only when I go to Hawaii to visit El Hub’s family. I live near the ocean by San Francisco, but I’m not cut out for surfing these frigid Nor Cal waters wearing wetsuits that make me feel like a sausage, bluh.

5. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I’d like to learn how to play the accordion.
I really love carbs.
I used to be terrified of the ocean.
My friends say I’m goofy.

I got this idea for a meme from an e-mail I received the other day and thought it was interesting and fun. There are some of you I know a lot about but others I’m still getting to know.

If you’d like to share, copy the following questions, and pop them with your answers in the comments.

1. Tell me about yourself and why you love makeup.
2. What do you do for a living?
3. Tell me about your family.
4. What are a couple things you like to do in your spare time?
5. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

The sun just made an appearance after a couple days of rain, so I’m off for a walk around the neighborhood with my camera. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m so not ready for it to be over…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Sundays with Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Jan. 25

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Tabs and I love Allure (and their fantastic beauty blog). I was thrilled to find out he got the cover. OMG! It’s such a huge honor. You know you’ve made it BIG TIME when you get the cover of Allure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great Sunday, girls.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


11 Winter Beauty Tips

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1. Try a creamy facial cleanser

Cleansers strip away moisture as part of the job of removing makeup, and dry winter air tends to magnify the problem. Gel cleansers can be very drying, but creamy ones like Dove deep moisture creamy facial cleanser and Neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser should help.

2. Mask the problem

Use a moisturizing facial mask to replenish moisture lost throughout the day.

3. Look for a humidifier

If your skin feels dry and tight even when you’re inside your home, there may not be enough moisture in the air for you. Scan the sale pages for a portable humidifier. Make a note to yourself to clean the filter regularly (if they get yucky they breed bacteria).

4. Turn down the heater

It’s a beauty catch 22, but overheating a cold home will worsen dry skin problems, so experiment with different settings on your heater to find the right temperature for both you and your skin.

5. Any device that heats your environment will also steal your moisture

Even electric blankets. If dry skin is driving you crazy, throw another comforter on the bed, and see how you feel after you’ve left the electric blanket unplugged for a couple nights.

6. Moisturize in the shower

Moisturize throughout the day, but try using body lotion even before you’ve left the shower, right after rinsing soap or body wash. It will help lock in some extra moisture. Rinse off and pat dry.

7. Watch the shower temp

Hot showers feel great in winter, but they wreak havoc on dry skin. Try a lukewarm shower instead, then pat your skin dry with a towel. Apply moisturizer (again) as soon as you step out of the shower.

8. Use alcohol responsibly

Avoid skin products and hairstyling products high in alcohol. When alcohol evaporates it feels cool and refreshing, but it’s also stripping away moisture, so look for alcohol-free products when the air is already dry.

9. Don’t blow it

If you’re already dealing with dry, brittle hair, resist the urge to reach for the hair dryer. It’ll only make things worse. Dry and style your hair with a towel, and if you still use a dryer, time yourself and try to use it a little less.

10. Moisturize meh!

Moisturize throughout the day and don’t forget to drink extra water when it’s cold and windy. Your hands, feet, knees and elbows may need a little more help, too. I like rich products containing shea butter, petrolatum, mineral oil, tea tree oil, linoleic acid or glycerin. For intense relief, moisturize hands and feet at night, and then slip on gloves or socks to lock in moisture.

11. Pucker up

Chapped lips can be a big problem in winter. The air dries out my lips, which makes me lick them, which makes them chap even worse! Use a lip balm with at least SPF 15 and preferably one with antiseptic agents to aid in healing. Some lip balm products are made with tea tree oil, which helps heal painful cracks. I also like lip balms with phenol, beeswax, aloe, vitamin E and essential oils. ๐Ÿ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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