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Twilight Movie Makeup, Part 2

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It’s bubblegum/popcorn movie time, girls! Twilight opened in US theaters yesterday, and I *cannot* wait to plop my behind in a cushy movie chair with my $10 bag of popcorn for two hours of preternatural fun! Sometimes, I just need a little film fluff in my life, ya know?

The rockstars over at MAC did the makeup for the movie. Jeanne Van Phue, makeup department head for Twilight, must have had a blast turning all those hot actors into undead heartthrobs!

The Cullens…

Jeanne Van Phue, Makeup Department Head for Twilight

Q: How does the makeup for the “bad” vampires (James, Victoria and Laurent) differ from the Cullens?
A: The looks of the two didn’t differ that much. The pale skin was a constant. The differences were more apparent in their actions and facial expressions as opposed to makeup.

Q: Can you walk me through the looks of a few female members of the supporting vampire cast? What was the inspiration behind the looks for Rosalie, Alice and Esme; and what MAC products did you use to achieve their looks?
A: When designing the looks for the characters, you have to take into account the description of each in the book. Both Rosalie and Alice had a very similar look. Eyeliner was important to create depth to the eyes, as the skin was so pale. No blush or contouring was used. MAC products used were Blanc Type and Wedge Eyeshadows.

Q: Can you tell me about the makeup you used on the La Push werewolf characters (Jacob Black, Embry, etc.)?
A: Jacob doesn’t start exhibiting the werewolf characteristics until he hits manhood… The idea was to have him look like an average teenager [in the first film].

Q: Have you read any books in the TWILIGHT series? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
A: I read the first book for this film, to become familiar with the story and the characters. I haven’t read any of the others yet, as I didn’t want to confuse the stories, while working on the first film. I hope to read the second book over the holidays. We didn’t work too much with Jacob on this film. I had the character of Edward in my chair everyday and fell in love with the character….so I guess I am Team Edward.

I wanted to catch a midnight showing on Thursday night but couldn’t swing it. I might have to wait until we get back from Florida. If you get to see it before me, don’t forget the popcorn! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Don’t forget to enter the $300 Vera Wang LOOK Perfume Giveaway by 11PM PST tonight!

New RapidLash Claims 4 Weeks to Longer Lashes and Thicker Brows

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Prostaglandins — they’ve been doing the info-mercial circuit lately, getting in their 15 minutes of lash blasting fame, and RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum ($50) is the product du jour!

RapidLash makes some very bold claims…

Potent Polypeptides help amplify the length, thickness and volume! Powerful Polypeptides provide effective protection against breakage and naturally support longer, stronger more voluminous lashes.

Vital proteins and vitamins help replenish and fortify! Panthenol and rich minerals join forces to help replenish and rejuvenate lashes with essential proteins and vitamins that provide strength, shine and enhance lashes.

Moisturizing and rejuvenating agents help add shine and flexibility! Unique moisturizing agents provide extreme hydration to lashes by locking in moisture while improving elasticity and durability.

The product contains bioengineered octa/copper/oligo peptides, an “effective combination of amino acids,” according to CEO Robert Trow, to help “amplify volume by strengthening and rejuvenating” lashes and brows, and isopropyl cloprostenate, a fatty acid (LOL!) derivative, to help “promote cell regeneration.”
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Korres Natural Products Sugar & Spice Showergels Make Good Scents

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WARNING: Korres Sugar & Spice Showergel Trios ($12) will test your will. If you get these intending to stuff them in stockings or to give them away as gifts, be warned — they smell great, and you might want to keep them for yourself.

It’s weird because these don’t look like much from the packaging — not like holiday or food-scented products. The nondescript packaging doesn’t convey the holidays or rich, authentic foody fragrances. You look at ’em and think, “Meh,” but that only adds to the effect.

These are far more authentic and less synthetic fragrances than the typical sugary sweet pumpkin-spice-gingerbread scented concoctions you’ll find from other holiday lines.

  • Hot Spiced Chocolate Like you’re waiting in line at a Starbucks and someone walks by with a grande dark chocolate and cinnamon latte. I WANT!
  • Sugar Glazed Clementine Reminds me of fresh cut orange slices and brown sugar.
  • Honey Spice Like warm honey cookies and roasted pecans. Mmm…

Each moisturizing gel creates lots of big, frothy bubbles and gets the job done in the shower, but the yummy fragrances are what really set them apart. The scents quickly fade and don’t really linger on the skin, so I’ll still use them with other scents or perfumes.

Scent is highly tied to memory, yo, and showering with one of these takes wash time to a whole new level.

Korres Natural Products Sugar & Spice Showergel Trio

Price: $12
Use: Fantastic scented bath gels to get into the holiday spirit
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+

TIP: Be careful when you pour from the bottles because the mouth is wide and pours like a gusher. It’s not hard to empty half a bottle in a couple seconds.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF! It’s a little after 8:30am out here in Florida. Do you know where your gators are?


Bienvenidos a Florida!

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Hola, ladies! I just got into town (Boca Raton, to be exact) and wanted to say a quick hello. Surprisingly, I am still functional enough to type (LOL!) because travel always wears me out.

Guess who almost missed her flight this morning. I’ll give you one guess… 🙂

Note to file: running through airport terminals to catch a flight is SO NOT COOL!

But we’re here now, at the hotel in Boca. Jen’s wedding is the day after tomorrow.

Don’t let the view from the hotel room balcony deceive you; it’s friggin’ freezing up in here, Mr. Bigglesworth! Well, not exactly freezing, but it sho’ ain’t 85 and balmy.

For the record, hotel bathroom lighting isn’t conducive to good photography or to the proper application of concealer.

My first order of business is to find a place to get my nails done for the wedding. Hmm…

I’m bringing my bottle of NARS Bohemia Nail Polish (a shimmery pink with green pearl) with me.

I want to thank you guys for being so nice and supportive about my mother in law’s illness. She goes in for her second surgery tomorrow (to have another mastectomy, the other side).

El Hub ended up coming out here to Florida with me, although I know he really wanted to be in Hawaii to help. He’d only been back from Hawaii for three days when we learned that Mom had to go in for another operation.

We spoke with her today on the phone, though, and it was good to hear her voice. It’s hard going to something fun like a wedding knowing what she’s going through, but our hearts and minds are with her.

Anywho, I don’t mean to dampen your day or to bum you out. Just wanted to say thanks. Here’s to hoping you’re having a great Thursday! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Are You Cool Enough for the Laura Mercier Black Tie Collection?

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Laura Mercier wants you all smoked out for your black tie events, ladies, and to help us look the part she’s released the Black Tie Collection, a small offering of six eye, lip and nail products for the holidays.

You may not have known this about me … but I’m obsessed with makeup (LOL!). I go through phases, like my current obsession with blue eyeshadow.

Beyond my minor makeup infatuations, though, are my more serious addictions, i.e. the cravings that last longer than a few weeks. Smokey eyes fall into this category. I am totally obsessed with smokey eyes!

How do you feel about the Tuxedo Eye Colour Eye Colour Quad ($38) and the Gala and Soiree Lip Glace lipglosses ($22 each)?

Tuxedo Eye Colour Quad ($38)

This quad comes with four soft, finely milled eyeshadows (think Shu Uemura in terms of texture) in shades of black and white. I love the texture, but I’m not sold on the colors. The two lighter shades didn’t really sing for me (the lighter shades looked almost chalky on my skin tone), but I bet they’d work better on girls with cool-toned, lighter skin.

  • Shimmery grey-black
  • Matte cool black
  • Shimmery silver white
  • Matte white

The darker shades, on the other hand, totally worked for me. I’m going to get so much use out of both the shimmery black and matte black shadows. I can’t wait to layer them on top of a creamy black kohl pencil with different shades of blue and green shadows, oy!
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