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A Green and Grey Eye with MAC Fresh Green Mix Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo

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Today I got all science fair on my MAC Fresh Green Mix Eye Shadow Duo, swirling the two shades together and working with a combination of wet and dry brushes to create this look.

Get up in Fresh Green’s Mix

For this look, I thought it would help to prime my lids with a color close to my natural skin tone. I chose MAC Paint Pot in Layin’ Low.

The final color I wanted was a combination of both shades in the Fresh Green Mix duo, so I mixed them together with Sonia Kashuk’s Large Eye Shadow Brush.

Then, I swiped the brush against the back of my hand to unload some excess shadow before using it to apply the new color to my lid area and just into the crease.


With a bottle of MAC Fix+ to make the shadow color more radiant, I wet a MAC 239 brush and swirled it around in the pan to load it with shadow. I applied the color to the area closest to my lash line. I wanted the green to look like it’s fading as it travels from the lash line up into the crease.


Next, I added MAC Alum, a shade of grey, into the crease using a MAC 217 — a soft, fluffy blending brush fabulous for both applying and blending color.


Following MAC Alum, I dusted the pink from Dior’s Earth Tones palette onto the brow bone to contrast with the grey.


I don’t always get enough sleep and didn’t last night, so I added MAC Vex in the inner corners of my eyes. It’s a good brightener. If you don’t already own it, then hustle your booty to the MAC counter ASAP. It’s a super pretty shade and seems to change colors in the light, flashing from pink to grey to green.
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Autumn in the City: Sally Hansen Fall Nail Lacquer Colors by Tracy Reese

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Fall is my favorite time of year in San Francisco. It rarely gets either cold or hot in the city, with the Bay keeping the climate pretty much the same year ’round, but the brief summer we do get usually occurs in what would normally be the fall, which means t-shirts in October and sometimes even November.

It’s when autumn colors drench the city — grey buildings contrast against streets carpeted with maroon autumn leaves, as buttery autumn sunlight weaves through the high rises downtown. I love it.

I suppose my love for the city in fall explains why I’ve fallen for Sally Hansen‘s new nail collection, inspired by 10 fall colors created in collaboration with clothing designer Tracy Reese. The industrial grey, black and blue shades contrast well with maroons and neutrals, as do the streets of my favorite city in the fall.

  • Alchemy – deep plum with subtle purple and gold shimmer
  • Cruel Heart – maroon with subtle gold flecks
  • Divinity – pale beige with grey flecks
  • Moonstone – white shimmer
  • Night Lily – maroon matte
  • Raven’s Wing – black with big silver glitter
  • The Good Earth – dark chocolate brown with subtle gold flecks
  • Torrid Bloom – matte hot pink
  • Quartz Cameleon – pale peachy- pink beige with subtle gold flecks
  • Stormy Blue – dark grey blue shimmer

At $6, these drugstore polishes are a downright steal! You get a little bit less product than you would from a Lippmann Collection shade (0.45 oz for a bottle of Sally Hansen versus 0.50 oz for a Lippmann Collection bottle), but you’re paying half the price. These colors are also durable like Lippmann polishes, clinging like that ex-boyfriend you wish would just go away.

I painted my nails with three layers for these pics, and five days later they had nary a chip. And that’s without topcoat, yo. If your nails take a beating like mine do, then definitely put one of these in your basket on your next trip to Rite Aid or the House of Tar-ghay. Update: These Sally Hansen colors will hit the shelves in September. 🙂

Torrid Bloom


Night Lily


Cruel Heart








Night Divinity


The Good Earth

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Lippman Collection Rich Girl Hand Cream Protects Your Paws with SPF

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My hands have now officially made it onto the “Body Parts I Wish I Slathered Consistently With Sunscreen At a Younger Age” list. Also on this list: neck, chest and feet.

I just recently started thinking about wrinkles on my hands. When I see women at malls and grocery stores who’ve obviously had some “work done,” the one thing that always confirms my suspicions is the appearance of the skin on their hands. The hands tell no lies, girlfriend.

Now I’m FREAKED OUT about all the years of sun damage my hands have endured. I know I can’t turn back the clock (sigh), but at least I can do the right thing now. Lippmann Collection Rich Girl ($24), a moisturizing hand cream with SPF 25, has entered my life at just the right time. Its active ingredients (oxtinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone) protect hands from UVB and UVA damage, the two major types of sun radiation.

While I don’t have age spots (yet), Rich Girl is also supposed to gently fade these tell-tale signs of aging with a “botanical lightening complex” of grape, mulberry and saxifraga (a perennial plant) extract.

I think it moisturizes my perpetually dry hands just as well as Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Cream ($17, but no SPF) does, but Rich Girl makes my palms feel a little greasy — not annoyingly so, but still. Good thing I don’t walk around on my hands, lol! I think the light powdery fragrance makes up for the slightly slick feel.

Lippmann Collection Rich Girl SPF Hand Cream

Price: $24
Use: To protect and moisturize hands
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

Lippmann added a small, but nice touch by attaching the twist cap to the tube. Just turn the cap, give the bottle a squeeze, and then turn the cap back in the opposite direction to close it. I seem to have a knack for losing hand lotion caps, and I really appreciate this one.

The 3-oz tube will set you back $24, which is way, way out on the expensive side. I’ve been going through this stuff pretty quickly, too, because I wash my hands a lot. Because it is so pricey, I’ve supplemented it with the far cheaper Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion with SPF 15 ($8). The big problem with Lubriderm’s lotion, though, is the gargantuan 16-oz bottle it comes in — perfect for a counter at home but not ideal for a purse.

Also consider Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Age Shield Hand Cream with SPF 30 ($6 for a small 2-oz tube), another inexpensive alternative (although it doesn’t make the same anti-aging claims) to Rich Girl.

You can find Rich Girl at Nordstrom stores, or check it out online.
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Lip Look: Chanel Aqualumiere Ironic Tonic Lipgloss Makes Dark Lips Easy

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Inevitably, every season there’s at least one makeup trend that’s great in theory but not so easy to pull off in real life. Right now, my big beef lies with the dark plum, brown and berry lip shades that keep popping up in the fall collections. I like dark lip looks (the more vampire-y the better), but I don’t always like having to go through the steps involved to get them, nor am I always up for the maintenance required to keep dark lips looking their best.

It can be exhausting!

I’ve long searched high and low for an easy way to get dark lips looks and found comfort at la casa de Chanel (where else?), thanks to a sexy plum-gold lipgloss sporting the oh-so-clever name, Ironic Tonic.


This Purple and Gold Combo Reigns

A beautiful plum with subtle flecks of gold, Ironic Tonic looks great even after a single layer. It delivers a hint of purple with lots of gold shimmer. I like to think of it as a watercolor dark lip look with the shine turned up to the max.


A quick change artist, Ironic Tonic flashes from purple to gold depending on the light and the angle of view. The gold in it dominates right after application but fades to more purple as time passes between applications. I really like how it looks after about an hour. By then the gold has diminished somewhat and what you’re left with is a sexy, deep flush — like you’ve just engaged in the most excellent makeout session with ya’ boy toy (woot!).


OH, and sidenote, MAC lipglass fans — Ironic Tonic is the plum version of Nymphette, a pink shade with gold shimmer. If you like Nymphette, you’ll probably dig this shade, too.


Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss in Ironic Tonic

Price: $26
Use: To add shine and a plum-gold color to lips
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+

Low Maintenance and Easy to Apply

Aqualumiere glosses do have a limited wear time (for the full deets, check out this earlier review), but it’s easy to reapply. Ironic Tonic is sheer enough to make liner optional; plus, the brush that comes with the gloss works like a charm. I found one layer was just enough to give my lips adequate ZAP! BAM! POW! And, unlike really dark colors, which I have to constantly worry about, the sheer plum-gold doesn’t stand out when stray streaks accidentally end up on my chin.

Other Ways to Wear It

So far I’ve only worn Ironic Tonic by itself, but I think it might look pretty on top of plum or gold lipstick (try Chanel’s Formentera or Plum Rouge lipstick shades from the fall 2008 release). The combination possibilities are endless.

Things that Make You Go Hmmm…

Last, but not least, I’m thinkin’ whoever named this shade either majored in English Lit or has a weird sense of humor. What, exactly, is an Ironic Tonic? Is it tonic you’d take to cure an excess of irony, or does it bring out more of the irony in life? Hmm…
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