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Dior Golden Savannah Flirts With Perfection as My Favorite Dior Palette to Date

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dior golden savannah

Tabs has been a regular crankypants all afternoon. I guess he doesn’t like it when I gush about something other than him, like the new $59 5-Couleurs Designer Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in #774 Golden Savannah — or more succinctly, Golden Savannah, “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!!”

But I do have a tendency to exaggerate when I’m smitten. 🙂

Tabs doesn’t care. All he sees is me paying attention to something else, which is a big no-no around here.

Gah! I just want to play with Golden Savannah all day long,” and, “I’ll never let it leave my side! Golden Savannah is coming with me everywhere.”

dior golden savannah

I think he’s extra ornery because the palette’s name reminds him of a cat he used to know, a sleek Savannah named Goldie. They dated briefly one summer until she suddenly and unexpectedly left him for a blue point Siamese who lived up the street.

Then, of course, when Tabs rocketed to plus-size kitty modeling super-stardom, Goldie started calling again, but Tabs’ heart had already been broken, and he wouldn’t give her the time of day.

It’s a story as old as time itself, but I digress…

So the name! — whenever I say it out loud, I can hear Tabs cursing me under his breath.

Oh, well. I’m willing to risk the wrath of Tabs for this one, because I think it’s one of Dior’s best, most beautiful palettes in years.

Doing the makeup math

The $59 price, while annoyingly high, doesn’t seem exorbitant considering the quantity and quality of the colors this quint contains. Taking everything into account, I think the price, while typical for Dior, is actually a pretty decent deal, or so I’d like to think, and it compares well on price to less expensive department store brands like MAC.

With Golden Savannah, you get five 0.04-ounce pans of product for about $12 each — similar to the $12 MAC charges for their 0.05-ounce refill pans (five MAC refills would cost $60, or $1 more than the cost of the quint).

But there’s no two ways about it — Golden Savannah isn’t cheap. Thankfully, it also delivers a knockout on quality.

A sheen that shines

Starting with the finish, I think it’s absolutely beautiful and unlike anything else I have in my kit.

It’s as if Dior took a typical sheen and cranked it up to something between a sheen and a shimmer. Golden brown Soba Eyeshadow’s soft shine comes to mind, but even it doesn’t rise to Golden Savannah’s level.

When I’m wearing any of the shades in this palette, I feel like my lids just glow!

More than that, they glow without drawing attention to my fine lines, which is more than I can say for many products with similarly shimmery or metallic finishes.

dior golden savannah

dior golden savannah khaki design swatches
5-Couleurs Designer in Golden Savannah #774 (left) and 5-Couleurs Designer in Khaki Design #308 (right)
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A Dior Golden Jungle Face of the Day (Night?)

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dior golden jungle

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 11 already. I seriously zoned out playing with makeup this afternoon. Somehow I lost track of about three hours, LOL!

Oh, well. Not like it’s the first time that’s happened. 🙂

What are you up to tonight? No plans for me, obviously. My office is in a room upstairs, and El Hub and Tabs are watching TV downstairs, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, judging by the sound of it. I think I’ll go say hi to the boys.

I wish I had somewhere fun or fancy to go because I’d love to take this eye look out for a spin. I used the new Dior Golden Jungle Palette in Golden Browns #002.

Dior probably could have left out the sheer, nude peach gloss… It doesn’t exactly scream, “I’m worthy of a $70 palette!” especially one that could really benefit from the addition of a blush, but whatcha gonna do?

Love the little hatch over the gloss to protect it from any eyeshadow spillover. Good on ya, Dior. That’s a nice touch.

I think the rest of the palette is pretty fab. The eyeshadows are top-notch (and should be for $70). No fallout, easy to blend, and no creasing, yes!

dior golden jungle

dior golden jungle swatch

dior golden jungle
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It’s a Dior Golden Jungle Out There! Dior Jungle Collection for Fall 2012

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dior fall 2012

Reporting live today from the wild plains of the Dior golden savannah!

We’ve stepped out of our vehicle for a few moments to get a better look at the local wildlife. Around me, fall eye palettes in shades of khaki, bronze, nude and brown roam free.

It’s breathtaking, but potentially very dangerous for purses and wallets, as this area is famous for luscious, creamy shadows attacking unsuspecting, wide-eyed Dior fans like you and me.

Shh! I think I see something beautiful… Hurry, everyone! Back to the vehicle!

Seriously, there’s almost too much pretty in these compacts; I’m tempted to apply everything all at once!

Yup, lots to look forward to this fall at Dior, like a new line of brushes and face makeup, nude nail polishes and eye palettes, and a new makeup collection for eyes, lips and cheeks called Golden Jungle.

It’s a massive number of new products, and here’s a quick nibble. Let me know if anything fires up your inner jungle cat, mrrrow! 🙂

Dior Golden Jungle Palette in Golden Browns #002, $70

dior golden jungle

dior golden jungle

dior golden jungle

Dior 5-Couleurs Designer in Golden Savannah #774, $59

dior golden savannah

dior golden savannah

Dior 5-Couleurs Designer in Khaki Design #308, $59

dior khaki design
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Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Is Shining a Light on Lips With Mega Moisture, Wear Time and Shine

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dior ultra gloss flash pareo orange
Wearing Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Pareo Orange, a shimmery orange with golden glitter

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way: yes, these Dior Addict Ultra-Glosses ($28) make your jeans fit a little funny.

I giggled the first time I saw it. 🙂 The bulky rectangular tubes could pass for potion props on the set of a Harry Potter movie! Oh, no Voldemort. I’d stuck one in a front pocket the other day and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

“Uh…what’s that bulge?”

Not exactly streamlined — but they sure look adorable in makeup bags and purses.

As for how well they work, there’s nothing funny about it. I’m addicted! — in a good way, though. Not in the “I can’t live if living is without you!” way where you throw a brick through your ex’s apartment window.

These mega moisturizing, super sparkly glosses have been accompanying me everywhere (although not usually in the front pocket of my pants), making my lips look juicy and plump with loads of moisture and a blinding spotlight-like shine.

I’ve tried five of the featherweight shades, including all three from the Summer Croisette collection, (Brown Panama, Orange Pareo and Pink Croisette).

dior ultra gloss flash in hand
Dior Addict Ultra-Glosses from the left: Gold Sunrise, Brown Panama, Prety Rose, Pink Croisette and Pareo Orange

dior ultra gloss flash swatches
Swatches from the left: Gold Sunrise, Brown Panama, Pretty Rose, Pink Croisette and Pareo Orange

dior gold sunrise 224 ultra gloss flash
Gold Sunrise, a sheer, shimmery cool lemon gold
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Let’s Give a Hand (Instead of an Eye) to Dior’s Diorshow Waterproof Liner in Turquoise

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dior turquoise diorshow waterproof liner

Mysterious things that confuse me…

  • The allure of Mark Ruffalo. I dunno, he kinda reminds me of those caveman guys from the Geico commercials. I just don’t get it (sorry, Mark! I loved you in The Avengers!).
  • Cat allegiance. Tabs loves me, Tabs loves me not. One day he’s following me from room to room and baking enough biscuits on my tum to feed a small kitty army; the next, I’m not even worth a glance and a meow. How rude!
  • The new limited edition Dior Diorshow Waterproof Liner in Turquoise ($29) from the summer 2012 Croisette Collection.

The color of this intense crystal blue twist-up liner, with its flecks of tiny teal glitter, looks like it was inspired by a crystal-clear tropical bay.

It’s really cute! When I swatch it on the back of my hand, a single swipe delivers long-wearing, rich color that lasts through rigorous rubbing and several hand washings, and even though the formula is a little on the dry side, it still applies smoothly…at least on the back of my hand.

dior turquoise diorshow waterproof liner

dior turquoise diorshow waterproof liner swatch
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