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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 351

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Serving up uncomfortable decisions since 2007!

We haven’t done a YOU MUST CHOOSE post in…I can’t even remember when the last one was. Tabs feels that we should rectify that ish with a special Tabs Edition. :)

Sooo…what is YOU MUST CHOOSE?

It’s just a game I used to play at work with my BFF Naaman when we got really bored. You present two really messed-up scenarios and make your friend choose between the two, mwahahahahaha!

Choices like…

Would you rather have an unlimited gravy supply or unlimited outside time?

Would you rather be feared or loved?


Would you rather be an awesome mouser or an amazing birder?


Would you rather hang out with Garfield, or hang out with Morris?

Would you rather be blessed with a luxurious, fluffy tum or a luxurious fluffy tail?

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Comment to Win a $50 eGift Card From Sephora! (Ends Monday)

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This giveaway is closed, and the winner has been contacted (CONGRATULATIONS, KATHERINE!!!), but check back next Saturday for another giveaway.

Win a $50 Sephora eCard from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Win a $50 Sephora eCard from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Goood morning, glory! Rise and shine! :) You’re going to have a wonderful day.

I hope you slept well. I feel like I could have slept longer, but you know how it is when you work for a demanding feline employer. The early cat catches the bird. The tabby alarm clock woke me up early because we have to get out there on patrol. It’s bright and sunny this morning, so who knows how many cat intruders have infiltrated the perimeter of the hill…

Oh! — that movie last night? Inside Out? What an amazing movie, animated or otherwise. From this one (part-time) adult’s point of view, I thought it was brilliant. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a movie more thoughtfully present joy, depression, fear, anger and general adolescence, at least not in a way as entertaining as this. I kept thinking, “Holy crap! That’s really what it’s like!” when they’d show one of the characters overjoyed or depressed. Highly recommended for children of all ages. I think it’s right up there with Pixar’s best.

In other news, are you doing anything for Father’s Day tomorrow? My brother and I are taking my dad out to lunch, but I’m not sure where yet. My dad is kind of picky when it comes to food, so we’re going to let him pick the restaurant. Chances are it’ll be something involving charred meat, and I’ll just go with the flow… Hopefully there will be some semblance of veggies involved.

Good luck in the giveaway, my friend. Have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon.


  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).



  • Enter by leaving a comment below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • Who’s the toughest person you know?
    • Do you have a good imagination?
    • What’s your go-to lazy day makeup look?
    • How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
    • Which would you use more: a good eyeshadow quad or an amazing 10-pan palette?
  • One entry per person.
  • You must use a valid email address to win.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, June 22, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). :)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


10 Things Under $10 at Sephora

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10 Things Under $10 at Sephora

Sometimes a girl (or guy!) just wants to treat herself to a trip to Sephora, and while she’s there, maybe find herself something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Ya feel me?! I think you do. :)

I was there earlier today under the guise of “searching for a Father’s Day gift for my dad,” while also looking for an inexpensive treat for…myself. Here are 10 potential beauty treats for less than $10 each, whoop-whoop!

1. Purely Pure Organic Cotton Facial Pads ($6)

2. Express Dry Shampoo ($9)

3. Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes ($5)

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas at Sephora

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is hours away (it’s this Sunday, ack!), and purr usual, I’m scrambling to find my dad a gift.

Is it just me, or is it surprisingly hard to shop for dudes?

I never know what to get my dad. He has more than enough flashlights, socks, radios and pocket knives, so I think this year I’ll get him something related to men’s grooming.

I guess that I could always fall back on a tech gadget or a case of beer (and there’s always beef jerky). Any of those would make him really happy, too, but he’s always seemed to like getting shave cream or cologne.

I think that most guys — at least the guys in my life — like it when they get grooming gifts because they’re the kinds of things they never buy for themselves.

Honestly, I don’t know… It’s just a theory. :)

Anywho! I stopped by Sephora this afternoon to look around. Here are some last-minute Father’s Day beauty-related gift ideas…

Skin care kits and shaving sets

Skin care kits and shaving sets are always a good place to start. I think my dad would love The Perfect Shave Kit by Anthony ($65), which comes with a face cleanser, pre-shave oil, shave cream and an after shave balm, and the Jack Black sets ($24-55) look like something most dads would like, too.

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Do You Wear Makeup When You Go on Vacation?

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nars lodhi

Basking in the beignet-fueled afterglow last week after breakfast at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans (there are probably a thousand beignets and two tons of powdered sugar just to my right in this picture)

Do I ever wear makeup on vacation?

Oh, totally, I do. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever not brought makeup with me on vacation, but what I end up wearing depends on what I’ll be doing, of course. Like, if it’s a beach trip, I’ll usually just fill in my brows and curl my lashes and go on about my high-intensity relaxing, but if I’ll be walking around someplace, shopping and sightseeing, then I’ll usually do some kind of modified version of a regular non-vacation everyday look.

And by “modified,” I mean that I’ll see how much I can get away with before El Hub starts getting antsy. 😉

Oh, about the makeup I’m wearing above, that’s pretty much what I wore every day of my trip to New Orleans — a little cat eye flick, a bit of bronzer, blush and a bright lip.

Believe or not, it stayed put through the NOLA rain and ridiculous humidity. If you’re interested in hearing more about that and the look I’m wearing up top, let me know!

Do you usually wear makeup when you go on vacation, and if you do, do you ever go all out?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy Tuesday. :)

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