Dreaming of Big Plush Hair? Full & Plush Hair Is Within Arms’ Reach (SPONSORED)

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Advertorials like this one are brought to you by my sponsors. They’re carefully chosen based on what I think you might like; however, this post was entirely written by the sponsor.

Do you dream of beautiful thick hair that feels full and looks even fuller? Thanks to Garnier Fructis, you can now have big, bigger hair with the new Full & Plush system!


Full & Plush is the first-ever haircare range with fibra-cylane, pomegranate and active fruit concentrates that penetrates and plumps hair for a full, voluptuous look. To learn more visit garnierusa.com.

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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

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5 things loving lately

1. Conditioning washes

I’ve been washing my wavy hair with conditioner to give it a break from harsher shampoos a few times a week for years, so it’s been kind of cool to see some of the big hair care brands embrace the whole “co-wash” trend as a thing.

When I feel minty, I use Pureology Hydrate Cleansing Conditioner ($34), because it makes my scalp minty and tingly (feels so clean!); Living Proof Curl Conditioning Wash ($26) or Living Proof Curl Detangling Rinse ($26) when I need serious, real-deal intense detangling; or Aveda Be Curly Co-Wash ($24) or Aveda Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque ($27) when my hair needs a shot of moisture.

2. The Girl’s Guide: Getting the Hang of Your Whole Complicated, Unpredictable, Impossibly Amazing Life, by Melissa Kirsch ($13.50 on Amazon)

Talk about practical advice on seriously everything! This terrific tome was probably written with college-age girls and 20-somethings in mind, but I’m sure women of all ages will find something helpful in it.

Tips like…

  • Figuring Out What Looks Best on You
  • How to Get a Haircut You Don’t Hate
  • Hassle-Free Laundry
  • Moving Home Doesn’t Make You a Loser
  • The Messy Intersection of Dating and Social Media
  • Where Are All My New Friends?

Finances, finding roommates, making and keeping friendships, cleaning, clothing — seriously, freaking everything! It’s like a kind older sister or a wise mentor…in paperback. Highly recommended.
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The Blame It On NARS Cheek Palette: I Daydreamed About Blush (and a Lot of Other Things Today), and I Blame It on NARS

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nars blame it on nars cheek palette

It was one of those days, ya know? Where you just stare out the window dumbfounded, like, everything was just sort of confusing me…

Ha! I’m serious, though. I felt like things weren’t quite computing correctly, if you know what I mean.

Oh, well… At least today I could conveniently Blame It On NARS (hello, easy transitions!). :)

Introducing the new $59 NARS Blame It On NARS Cheek Palette, one of this summer’s three limited edition gift sets from NARS (the others are the Ultimate NARS and True NARS lip sets).

nars blame it on nars cheek palette

The NARS Blame It On NARS Cheek Palette ($59)

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Chic Crimson Helps the $40 BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette Contour, Sculpt and Brighten Eyes

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becca ombre rouge eye palette

Sportin’ the new $40 BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

I highly recommend that you roll your R’s when you say the name of BECCA’s new crimson tinged $40 Ombre Rouge eyeshadow palette like so: “Ombre Rrrrrrrrrrouge. Rrrrrrr-ooooo-uge.”


BECAUSE IT’S FUN. That’s why. That’s the main reason. And, also, because rolling the R makes the palette seem extra rouge-y, and therefore extra fancy.

Yes, this is irrelevant to most important, thought-provoking aspects of real life, but like I said…IT’S FUN, and this is makeup we’re talking about (not rocket science).

becca ombre rouge eye palette

The $40 BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

Don’t be scurred, intrepid eye palette addict! All of the shades in this five-pan palette of powder eyeshadows may be tinged with red, but they aren’t straight-up reds, so you won’t be left with your brush in the air wondering, “What the heck am I gonna do with these?” They’re still very wearable and useful.

They’re also warmer and richer than the cool browns in BECCA’s Ombre Nudes Palette, and consequently interesting and different.

becca ombre rouge eye palette

BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

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The “Ultimate NARS” Lip Pencil Set Shifts Lips Into Neutral

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nars ultimate nars

The $49 “Ultimate NARS” lip pencil set

Yo, whose hoopty is this? Yes, the red ’95 Civic in the driveway. Will somebody please get this thing out of neutral and drive us to the Nordstrom NARS counter so we can play with the new “Ultimate NARS” lip pencil set ($49)?

Wait — what? What do you mean there’s nobody here who can drive a stick? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? NOT ONE PERSON HERE CAN DRIVE A STICK!?

OK…well, I can’t drive one either. :) So I guess we’ll all just have to sit here and admire it on the interwebz.

nars ultimate nars

nars ultimate nars

From the left: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine, Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park and Satin Lip Pencil in Stourhead

LOL! You don’t actually have to know how to shift a hoopty out of neutral to roll with the three full-size pencils in the Ultimate NARS lip pencil set, but a healthy appreciation for neutral lips colors would probably help. This trio of pale, pink lip pencils is all about ze neutrals.
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