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k new hair 1

Um…so why can’t someone come by and do my hair everyday?? I don’t think that’s too much to ask. LOL!

Got my hair done yesterday by my friend Alis over at Fox + Stone salon in Corte Madera, and I feel like a brand new girl. She trimmed my bangs, patched up my roots and dragged dark chocolate brown through the ends. Right now I have a kind of highlighting placement called balayage, which is when the stylist paints the color freehand on big sections of hair so the highlights look more “random,” and you can’t really see a line of demarcation where the regrowth starts and the painted parts begin.

I really like it. I think it looks a little more natural than traditional highlights.

k new hair 2

k new hair 3
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NARS Isolde Eye Duo in Action

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nars isolde k1

I wasn’t playing the other day when I said I’ve been all about NARS Isolde lately. Both it and NARS Cordura (LOVE YOU, C!!!) have been two of my full-time eye makeup BFFs for weeks, and even though I’ve mostly gotten over this cold of mine and want to wear more makeup again, I still don’t have the patience to sit still for 45 minutes and blend six different teals till my fingers fall off, ya know?

nars isolde k

This week I’ve been using the timer on my iPhone in the morning to rein myself in. I set it for 25 minutes, and whatever I’m able to do in that time, that’s what I end up wearing for the day.

Before I even start, though, I keep all the basics, like foundation, mascara and concealer, etc., in a little box next to my desk so I don’t waste any time hunting stuff down. Then I also put whatever eye and lip products I plan to wear in the same box.

I like to spend the lion’s share of the 25 minutes on my eye makeup, so I’ll cut back on some things and spend less time on my skin, which is why more of my freckles are peeking through in these pics than usual.

nars isolde eyeshadow dow
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These Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blushes Are My Latest Drugstore Beauty Infatuation

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neutrogena healthy skin blush

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blushes

Close your eyes, and imagine your favorite, coziest, most comfortable sweatshirt. How warm and soft it feels…

Now, you step out of the shower. Ooh! — the tiles are cold, and you reach over and grab your glorious sweatshirt, then pull it on over your head. Then you put your arms through the sleeves.

Ah… So soft and snuggly.

OK, basically, these powder blushes feel like that! :)

neutrogena healthy skin blush 10 rosy

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush in 10 Rosy

My goodness, they’re soft.

(How soft are they?)

Well, if you, like me, have clumsy Shrek hands early in the morning and you attempt to open one of these, try not to accidentally jab it with a nail, because you’ll probably take out a huge divot. That’s how incredibly creamy and soft they are.

According to Neutrogena, they have a gel base, which is supposed to make the application smoother.

neutrogena healthy skin blush 20 vibrant

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush in 20 Vibrant

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theBalm Holiday 2015 Collection First Impressions

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thebalm holiday 2015

The two theBalm Holiday 2015 palettes

I hope the holidays are hella balm, girl, because you know what!? YOU DA BALM.

You da balm dot com!

The balm…? Get it??

Alright, alright, I know. Weak word play…but it’s so much fun. :)

thebalm in the balm of your hand 1

Yes, I’m actually holding theBalm In the Balm of Your Hand palette ($39.50) in the palm of my hand…

The holidays have officially begun over at theBalm. Their new holiday 2015 collection is available now, and it’s just two pieces — actually, two palettes. One of them is called “In theBalm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 1,” so you’ll literally be able to hold theBalm in the palm of your hand.

Both palettes are filled with some of the brand’s most popular products, so there aren’t any new colors here. One consists of powder and cream products for eyes, cheeks and lips, and the other contains a trio of powder highlighters.

thebalm in the balm of your hand 2

theBalm In the Balm of Your Hand palette ($39.50)

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Neat and New to Me: NARS Cordura Duo Eyeshadow

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nars cordura

Neat and New to Me

Unlike my Unsung Heroes series, which features permanent collection products I’ve known and loved a long time, the Neat and New to Me series showcases permanent collection products that slipped under my radar for a while, but then I discovered them! — and now I think they’re neat and new to me.

Aaaaaand in tonight’s startling new episode of “NARS Neutrals I Never Realized I Needed Until Right Now,” Cordura Eyeshadow Duo… It, along with Isolde, have been my top two neutral eye loves lately.

I don’t even know where to start, because I think there’s so much to like about this duo. How about the colors? On one side, a warm, mid-toned golden brown with a light luster; on the other, a neutral-toned deep coffee brown that, on most people, will probably come across as a deep golden coffee brown, but on my warm skin tone, with my yellow undertones, it reads almost like a plummy chocolate.

I lurves it.

nars cordura

Yesterday when we were chatting about Isolde, I think I mentioned how much I’ve always liked the way NARS toys around with finishes, and they’ve done it again here with Cordura. Both of its shades have the subtlest of shimmers — so subtle that my fine lines are like, “Hey, girl! That’s what’s up.” :)

Most of the time I’ll start at my lash line with the lighter shade, then take that up to the crease, fading as I get closer to my brows. Then I’ll smudge the darker brown at the outer corner of my lower lash line, do a messy black or dark plummy liner on my water lines, smudge whatever ends up on my lash lines, then mix the two and also blend them on my lower lash line.

Then mascara, of course!

Seriously, it takes all of five minutes to do a daytime smoky eye with this that looks like it took a lot more time to do.

nars cordura swatch
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