Correction, Colors, and Blemishes, Be Gone! The New MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Collection Is Coming Soon to the Permanent Line

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The new MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Collection, coming to the permanent line on December 23, and in-stores and counters December 26

The new MAC Studio Conceal & Correct collection, coming to the permanent line. Available online starting December 23, in-stores and counters December 26.

Under-eye concealing: it takes a village.

Honestly, though, it feels that way sometimes, with all the layering, blending, patting and tiny-little-circle-making going on beneath my lower lash lines, which I must do to disguise the fact that I roll out of bed every morning resembling Uncle Fester.

MAC is trying to make it easier with the snazzy new concealing tools in their Studio Conceal & Correct collection.

There are three new products available in multiple colors.

  1. Studio Finish Concealer Duos ($25 each)
  2. Studio Finish Conceal and Correct Duos ($30 each)
  3. Chromagraphic Pencils ($16 each)

I’ve mostly been using them to keep my under-eye circles on the down-low, but they also offer enough coverage to disguise birthmarks, blemishes, moles and even tattoos.

Oh, and since all of them are bound for the MAC permanent line, whenever you do eventually get that picture of your chubby tabby cat tattooed on your shoulder, even if it’s a year down the road, you’ll be able to easily hide it from your husband.

I’m just sayin’. :)

The MAC Studio Finish Concealer Duos ($25 each)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer Duos from the left: NW10/NC20, NW20/NC25 and NW30/NC35

The MAC Studio Finish Concealer Duos from the left in NW10/NC20, NW20/NC25 and NW30/NC35

Individually, these concealers have been available for years, but I’m glad to see them here as duos in convenient complementary colors.

With these, a little really does go a long way, and I get the best results when I buff the crap outta them with a 217, then pat the edges down with a clean finger, before setting them with a little loose powder.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer Duos from the left: NW30/NC35, NW40/NC45 and NW45/NC50

The MAC Studio Finish Concealer Duos from the left in NW30/NC35, NW40/NC45 and NW45/NC50

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Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 351

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You might be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Well, it isn’t exactly a poll. It’s more of a constantly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers every Monday morning for the past seven years. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always enjoyed reading your answers in the comments, and I hope you enjoy reading mine.

  1. What’s one thing every woman should do at least once?
    Travel by herself (safely and smartly, of course). Even if it’s just an overnight jaunt.

    I love traveling with other people, too, but there’s something liberating about doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it, without having to coordinate your plans with someone else.

    Wanna eat carrot cake cupcakes for breakfast and then spend the entire afternoon at a museum dedicated to tabby cat-inspired art? Boom, done.

  2. Bedazzled statement eyebrows: yes or no?
    I guess if I were one of Gwen Stefani’s backup dancers, then maybe…but for 99.9% of the scenarios I typically encounter in real life, I’m gonna have to go with no.
  3. What’s one of the tasks that always seems to be on your to-do list?
    “Clean office.”

    I feel like I’ve been committing to clean my office for about four years…

    I am Sisyphus, and my office is my boulder.

  4. Holiday gifts: what’s your strategy?
    To reduce the likelihood of getting another plastic banana holder for Christmas, straight-up ask for a gift list.

    If I don’t get a list, I’ll try to find something fun that reflects the person’s interests (their favorite band, hobby, that kind of thing).

  5. Something in your closet that you love so much that you’d be happy to have in every available color?
    My Zella Live-In Leggings. I have them in black, purple, gray and dark gray, but there’s also a light blue. Karl Lagerfeld himself would need the Jaws of Life to wrest these things from my clutches, mwahaha!

Le List

Your turn. :) Just copy and paste the following questions into a comment with your answers. I look forward to reading ‘em!

1. What’s one thing every woman should do at least once?
2. Bedazzled statement eyebrows: yes or no?
3. What’s one of the tasks that always seems to be on your to-do list?
4. Holiday gifts: what’s your strategy?
5. Something in your closet that you love so much that you’d be happy to have in every available color?

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is open my curtains first thing in the morning to see the Christmas lights on all of the houses in the dawn’s early light.

Aaaaand, it’s raining here again. And it’s gloomy and misty, but that’s OK, because my heart is filled with sunshine and kittens! :)

Anywho, the Christmas lights. I don’t know why, but seeing them first thing in the morning always brings a smile to my face.

In other news…I did a little more Christmas decorating last weekend.

Nothing too fancy. Just one string of white lights around the inside of my office window, where it’s visible from the street; some ornaments on the orange tree in the front yard, so now it’s a Merry Citrus (haha); and I hung a pine wreath from Trader Joe’s on the front door, complete with plaid ribbon for flava.

Today, my plan is to do some swatchin’ first thing, then assist the tabby for a few hours, and then take El Hub to the doctor’s office for something called an endoscopy this afternoon, because he’s been having some tummy troubles lately… I’m always a little nervous about medical things (who isn’t?), but I’m just trying to focus on happy thoughts.

I hope your Monday got off to a good start. Your nephew says “mrow!” by the way.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 326

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat Ladies

Dear friends, fans and felines,

Christmas is coming, which means that cats everywhere (myself included), are on the prowl for gifts.

To save you the time of having to spend hours sifting through the various corners of the Interwebs to find presents with panache, I, Tabs the cat, style maven and professional personal shopper, have curated this cat lady gift guide of accessories, home decor, clothing and, of course, makeup for the makeup-lovin’ feline aficionado in your life.

I hope you find something terrific. :)

Each of these cat-themed treasures was lovingly picked by my own paws.

Happy holidays, and have fun shopping!



7 Ways to Win a $50 eGift Card From Sephora! (Ends Monday)

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Win a $50 Sephora e-gift card from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Win a $50 Sephora e-gift card from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Time is running out!

Christmas is less than two weeks away! I gotta get on that ish. I only have two gifts so far — TWO! — and even those are unwrapped.

Oh, and I had all these grand plans to have everything done by the end of the November.

The end of November!? Ha! Yeah, right. I blame it all on that detour I took to Middle Earth.

Rotten hobbits…

In other news, HAPPY CATURDAY! Your nephew woke me up with a kitty back massage. I was sleeping on my tum, and he just crawled right on top. Made a bunch of biscuits on my shoulder blades. It actually felt pretty good…

Today is all about chores and Christmas for me. I have to make some headway on both, but if I finish early, I’m going to try to squeeze in a trip to HomeGoods (just to look around!).

I hope you’re doing something fun, or at least catching up on your chores, if you have any. Good luck in the giveaway. I’ll talk to you soon.

Win a $50 gift card from Sephora

  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).

  • Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • Metallic eyeliner: yes or no?
    • Have you ever ridden in a horse-drawn carriage?
    • Christmas-themed nail art: trendy or tacky?
    • Do you like fruit with your cereal?
    • Have you dated someone with a beard?
    • Have you ever painted anyone’s toenails other than your own?
  • You can enter in up to seven ways to boost your chances of winning.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, December 15, 2014 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). :)
  • Full terms and conditions are available in the widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Clinique’s New Wear Everywhere Neutrals All About Shadow 8-Pan Palettes, and the Perpetual Pursuit of Purple

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Clinique Wear Everywhere Pinks and Greys

The new $36 Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals All About Shadow 8-Pan Palettes in Pinks (on the left) and Greys (on the right)

Since discovering that Clinique’s purple eyeshadow pigments, unlike so many other purple shadows I’ve tried, don’t make my eyes freak out (thank you, Act II palette, for that), I have yet another reason to lurk around the Clinique counter like the creepy makeup stalker that I am. :)


Have you seen the purples in these two palettes from the Wear Everywhere Neutrals line?

Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutral Greys

Wear Everywhere Neutral Greys

Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutral Pinks

Wear Everywhere Neutral Pinks

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