My Fine Lines Like Tarte’s New Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector a Little Too Much

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Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector (2)

Maybe if I sleep for 18 hours one day and wake up feeling like a brand new girl, I might be able to wear Tarte’s Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector ($24) and get a lot out of it, but since that probably will not be happening (#teamnosleep), I don’t think I can pull it off.

Tarte calls this new creamy under-eye concealer full coverage, but I dunno… On me it’s pretty sheer. Plus, it settles into my fine lines (boo!) and makes my under-eye area look dry (grrr).

It comes in two shades, Light-Medium and Medium-Tan; both are available now at Tarte counters and online.

Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector (3)

Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector (4)

Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector (5)

Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector

Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector in Light-Medium

Adventures in Cheesecake Factory-osity

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That crispy basil, though!

I wish I could take credit for this beautiful plate of spaghetti and meatballs (OMG! The fried basil on top!), but alas, to quote Shaggy, it wasn’t me.

The dream makers at The Cheesecake Factory are responsible for this dish, which El Hub enthusiastically consumed.

Yup, I went back again last weekend for the grilled salmon. :)

I brought most of it home because I was already kind of full after the avocado egg roll appetizer. (“Avocado, Sun-Dried Tomato, Red Onion and Cilantro Fried in a Crisp Wrapper. Served with a Tamarind-Cashew Dipping Sauce.”)

I don’t even want to know how much sweat equity I’m going to have to put in after that meal, but man! — that ish was great.

You know what I just realized? I don’t remember the last time I actually had cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory… I’m always too full by the end of the meal to get dessert.

I’d like the usual, please

Oh, the miles I’ll have to run…

It’s all about the brown bread


Urban Decay’s Perversion False Lashes in Trap Might Lure You Into Thinking That You Could Wear Them To Buy Cat Food

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Urban Decay Perversion False Lashes in Trap

Urban Decay Perversion False Lashes in Trap

If you think you’re going to wear Urban Decay’s new Perversion Lashes in Trap ($15) to Target to buy cat food without having people really, really stare at you, you are mistaken. Because these lashes look completely cra-zay-zy in real life.

Urban Decay Perversion False Lashes in Trap

I mean, they look great in pics! They’re definitely dramatic…which makes sense; that is what the new Perversion Lash line is all about.

If you’re going out clubbing or have a big night on the town or if you just landed that job as a full-time dominatrix (*cracks whip), then yeah. Awesome lashes.

But for, like, real life kind of stuff, nuh-uh. I look downright insane with these on, like I should be hanging out with Britney when she shaved her head, and attacking cars with an umbrella.

Trap is one of three new $15 Perversion Lash styles, all permanent members of the UD line.

Urban Decay Perversion False Lashes in Trap

It’s weird… Whenever I wear Trap and post pics, I usually get some nice comments, and I think it’s because of the length of the lashes, especially the bundles around the center.

I think they make my eyes look wider, like that doe-eyed thing to the Nth degree, which I like. Too bad they’re about as comfortable as a pair of six-inch pointy high heels a half size too small.

Urban Decay Perversion False Lashes in Trap

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Giving Thanks for an Epic Summer Glow With the Dolce & Gabbana Smooth Eye Colour Quad in Tangier

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Dolce Gabbana Tangier Eyeshadow Quad

Wearing the new $60 Dolce & Gabbana’s new Smooth Eye Colour Quad in Tangier and dreaming about corn…

Mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, buttered corn…

CORN! Mmm, corn.

I’m trying to get a grip on myself, but my body is acting of its own accord (*tummy rumbles*). Every time I open the new Dolce & Gabbana Smooth Eye Color Quad in Tangier, I immediately think “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Dolce Gabbana Tangier Eyeshadow Quad

The Dolce Gabbana Smooth Eye Colour Quad in Tangier

It’s not my fault. It’s the orange, man. Seeing it there next to that brown and gold, and I momentarily forget that it’s not fall. I feel like busting out my boots with the fur (with the fur) and jumping into a pile of autumn leaves.

Funny thing is, it’s not a fall quad. Tangier is one of two limited edition quads in the new Dolce & Gabbana Summer Glow collection, available now at counters and online.

With its rich amber and gold, it’s perfect for sexy screen siren looks, whether now in the summer, or later in the fall.

Sixty bones is a lot for an eyeshadow quad, but at least this one is remarkably easy to use. I’ve been wearing it for the past few days, and I’m surprised. I can’t believe how easy it’s been to incorporate into casual and dressy looks — even that cray-cray matte orange.

Dolce Gabbana Tangier Eyeshadow Quad swatches

For these first pics I tried to think outside the box, so I’m wearing it in the crease with a hazy orange smokey eye.

Only semi-cray. ;)

Dolce Gabbana Tangier Eyeshadow Quad

Dolce Gabbana Tangier Eyeshadow Quad

But I’ve also used the quad in more causal ways. Like, the other day I buffed the light peach, which has just the perfect amount of sheen so it isn’t too shimmery, from my lash line up to my brow bone, blended the matte brown into the crease, and then lightly dusted the shimmery gold in the inner corners, before finishing with a bit of black liner and mascara.

Dolce & Gabbana Tangier Eyeshadow Quad

A casual daytime look! Lips are MAC Impassioned Lipstick and cheeks are Chanel Malice

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On the Bathroom Shelf: Body Lotions by Ahava, Antica Farmacista, Tata Harper and Agraria

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On the bathroom shelf

My friend Cindy is staunchly anti-beauty, and it’s rare when she wants to talk about makeup or beauty products, so this snippet of a thrilling conversation we recently had was a pleasant surprise. :)

CINDY: Do you use body lotion every day?

ME: Well, yeah. Don’t you?

CINDY: Uh uh. I don’t need to. I don’t really have dry skin.

ME: Lucky you!

CINDY: Do you have to use it everywhere? Even on your feet?

ME: Oh, yeah. Especially my feet.

CINDY: What happens if you miss a day?

ME: My skin starts to look like crusty parmesan cheese.

Yeah, it’s not a good look, which is why I’m big into body lotions. Here are the ones currently living on my bathroom shelf…

Ahava Mineral Body Lotion Duo ($37.50 for a 17-oz bottle): One for me, one for my mama! And these bottles are huge.

First, Ahava Mineral Body Lotion is hella moisturizing yet doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. It comes as a two-pack available now exclusively at Nordstrom for $37.50 ($96 value), and the light powdery scent doesn’t overwhelm my perfume.

Antica Farmacista Peonia, Gardenia & Rosa Body Moisturizer ($25 for a 10-oz. bottle): Rose dominates this moisturizer’s memorable scent, and the fragrance lingers all day long and layers well with my rosy perfumes.

The moisturizing formula is a touch greasier than the Ahava lotion I mentioned earlier, but it contains many moisturizing ingredients that sit well with my alligator skin, like aloe vera, sweet almond oil and shea butter, to name a few.

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