MAC Amplified Lipstick in Make Me Gorgeous Channels Potent Flamingo Power

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MAC Amplified Lipstick in Make Me Gorgeous

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Make Me Gorgeous ($16) from the new MAC Is Beauty collection

mac make me gorgeous like this birdALL FLAMINGOS, EVERYTHING!!

Not completely randomly, that’s how I feel about MAC Make Me Gorgeous Lipstick.

I will always and forever be, first and foremost, a crazy cat lady, but, I don’t know…I’ve been kinda feelin’ the flamingos lately.

I mean, they have those gorgeous pink and coral feathers, and that graceful swooping ‘S’ shape of their necks, and that pose where they stand on one leg for hours and hours.

Seriously, how do they even do that??

They also love the water, which I can totally identify with because I’m a true-blue water baby.

Do you think I might be a combo crazy cat/flamingo lady?

I wonder…

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Make Me Gorgeous

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Make Me Gorgeous

MAC’s intense coral-pink Amplified Lipstick in Make Me Gorgeous is my lipstick spirit animal, and if I were invited to migrate with a flock of flamingos while wearing this lipstick, I’d probably fit right in.

I’m so glad MAC decided to release the color in their Amplified formula! I think the Amplifieds are among the best of the best products available at MAC. If you want a bright, bold lipstick that applies smoothly and lasts all day long without drying out your lips, the Amplified formula is the way to go, and I think Make Me Gorgeous would belong in the Amplified Hall of Fame (if there were one) alongside Impassioned, Vegas Volt and Girl About Town. It’s just as creamy, smooth, punchy and vibrant.

Of course Make Me Gorgeous has MAC’s signature vanilla flavor and scent, which I quite like. I think it’s just subtle enough.
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Cookies for Breakfast = Awesome

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Flourless Thumbprint Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Oh, these vegan flourless thumbprint oatmeal cookies are so good!

So good that when I made them last weekend (for the third time in the past two weeks, mind you), it was the first time I was actually able to successfully exert enough self-restraint to take pics of them before gobbling them up. This batch has a raspberry jam center.

I think they’re good any time of day, but especially at breakfast with a big cup of coffee/tea.

I got the recipe from, a vegan recipe site, and it’s blissfully easy to follow.

Warning: you may not want to share these at all with anyone (they’re that good), not even your significant other.

That’s why I recommend making a double batch and hiding them. :)

Flourless Thumbprint Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Flourless Thumbprint Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Flourless Thumbprint Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

MAC Philip Treacy Collection First Impressions, Mini Reviews [VIDEO]

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Hats, baby! Hats, hats, all types of hats.

What’s that fancy word for a maker of hats…? I think it might be milliner? Milner?

I dunno.

London-based Philip Treacy is a big deal maker of hats (he outfitted several people who attended the royal wedding of William and Kate), and the MAC Philip Treacy collection was inspired by three of his coiffure-covering creations.

mac philip treacy

mac philip treacy

mac philip treacy

Ninth grade me would have flipped over this collection. That’s when I was deep in the midst of my hat phase. I wore a hat every day to school for most of that year.
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P.S. I Love You, MAC Casual Colour Cream Blush in P.S. I Like You (From the New MAC Mia Moretti Collection)

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The new Casual Colour in PS I Like You from the new MAC Mia Moretti collection

The new MAC Casual Colour cream blush in P.S. I Like You ($21), from the MAC Mia Moretti collection

P.S. I love you…P.S. I Like You.

OK, that wasn’t confusing or anything! :)

I keep wanting to call this new Casual Colour cream blush by a different name. Officially, it’s called P.S. I Like You, but, well, I love it.

I really, REALLY love it, and its epic 8-hour wear time is just the icing on the cake/tip of the tabby’s tail/start of the DJ’s set.

So I’m gonna start calling it P.S. I Love You instead.

MAC PS I Like You swatch

A swatch of P.S. I Like You; for reference, I’m an NC42 in MAC.

DJ says what now…?

Yeah, this one is from MAC’s new collaboration with DJ Mia Moretti, who, I just learned (I think I read it in this month’s Glamour…or was it Allure?) was the inspiration for Katy Perry’s song, International Smile (you learn something new every day!).

Anywho, that’s one of my favorite Katy Perry songs.

The epic wear time is just the beginning, too, for this lovely carnation pink blush. It’s also smoother than John Legend’s voice. I don’t notice any problems with patchiness on my cheeks, not even on the dry areas, and it’s very kind to my pores. I barely have to do any blending at all.

And don’t even get me started on the finish.

The finish!

It’s dewy and glossy at the same time (and stays that way all day long), but not to the “point of no return chicken grease” shiny. I feel like it makes my cheeks look glowing and healthy and all that good stuff.

I know that spring has barely sprung, but I’m already thinking about my summer makeup bag (and spending lazy days next to the pool). This will definitely have a place in it.

I like to wear it on bare skin, or layer it on top of a sheer foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB cream.

Because it’s quite pigmented and bright, a tiny dab should do ya.

Wearing PS I Like You on my cheeks and lips

Wearing MAC P.S. I Like You on my cheeks and lips…

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Are You Into the Limited Edition Makeup Chase?

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I am, but maybe not as feverishly as I once was.

I still love keeping up with what’s new, what’s coming out and seeing, you know, if my favorite colors are being re-released, like if Chanel ever re-released Jade? — oh, my gawd! Swoon city. I would go buck-freaking-wild and be that crazy person who called the counter and said, “COULD YOU PLEASE SET ASIDE FOUR BOTTLES FOR ME THANK YOU!!”

But to be honest, you kind of get a feel for these things after you’ve followed them for a while, and chances are, you will see another LE coral lipstick [OR, INSERT ANY OTHER PRODUCT HERE] again.

It’s a very safe bet.

I’m not saying that I never chase down LE products or go cuckoo-crazy anymore because I do, like when something has a really cool theme or colors that I like, or packaging that I love, like Sonia Kashuk’s new collection. It has these shiny black and gold compacts and bright new green, blue and hot pink brushes with hot pink brush heads that I think look amazing!

Or the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection from last year? I went batsh*t cray for that watery mermaid action.

I was reading something online a while back, and now I can’t remember where, about why shopping feels so good, and the article talked about a study in which scientists concluded that it was linked to the primitive hunter-gatherer brain, and how, you know, when you were a cavewoman, you weren’t sure if you were ever gonna get those berries again, so when you saw those berries, you had to get as many berries as you could, and I think that sort of kicks in with the LE stuff a lot of the time.

What do you think, my friend? Are you into the limited edition makeup chase?

Are you into the limited edition makeup chase?

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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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