Clarins Blog Treasure Hunt: Find the Post [WIN A PRIZE]

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UPDATE: We have a winner! Connie, you were the first person to submit the correct answer, which was Random Acts of Beauty: Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco. Congratulations!


Clarins Blog Treasure Hunt

Happy Saturday, ladies! Or, I should say, “Shiver me timbers, arrr!” I have pirates on my mind — don’t ask me why — and wanted to try something new.

Tabs hid pirate beauty booty somewhere in the archives and dares you to find it. Enter the blog archives treasure hunt by finding the picture of pirate Tabs hidden within a post. Keep reading for a clue…

The Prize

The winner receives two of my favorite Clarins products: the Clarins So Sublime Quartet and Clarins Wonder Mint Waterproof Mascara; a $63 value.

How to Enter

Look through the blog archives to find the hidden picture of pirate Tabs (just like the one above). When you find it, send me an email ( with the name of the post. The first person to email the correct answer wins.

Use every tool at your disposal, intrepid treasure hunter! — the blog search box, Google, the monthly archives links in the right sidebar or the navigation links above and below each post. Good luck!

Here’s your clue…

When yer tummy’s achin’,
and yer fur’s a’ flakin’,
quit yer fakin’, Pirate Tabs.

Head on down,
where deals abound,
and grab a tasty treat.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict, 🙂


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