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5 Makeup and Beauty Lessons I Learned from Watching True Blood

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In HBO’s True Blood, the vampires have come out of the proverbial closet. In the show, which centers around the mortal and immortal residents of a town called Bon Temps, Louisiana, the generally law-abiding humans, vamps and other preternatural citizens live alongside each other, doing their best to abide by their natures while following the rules of Southern decorum.

Of course, drama ensues, and that’s what makes the show so fun to watch!

Lafayette Reynolds, the flamboyant cook/road crew worker/man of several questionable illegal pursuits, is one of my favorite residents of Bon Temps. How many guys can work lace and rhinestones and still look tough at the same time? Not many, I contend!

A sage of unique style, Lafayette has taught me so very many timeless makeup and beauty lessons like…

1. When in doubt, rock the cat eye

Dressed up or dressed down, they’re an unmistakably classic look.

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

If you plan to show some skin (and sometimes you just gotta!), accentuate the positives with accessories, like this stylish cap and matching blinged-out belt buckle.

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Take Center Stage with Benefit Scene Queen

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benefit scene queen

So there I was, minding my own beeswax, when I caught Tabs staring at his reflection in the big @ss mirror that comes with the new Benefit Scene Queen The Annie Collection palette ($38). I think he might have been checking his eyeliner (cat’s got wicked tightlining skillz) or plotting makeup larceny…

I swear, Benefit must have a soothsayer on staff because they always know what I’m craving. The particular mix of dramatic neutrals in this stash of goodies for eyes, lips, face and cheeks is, again, right up my alley. The second of two new limited edition Sephora exclusives from Benefit Trend Makeup Artists Annie and Maggie (peep the other palette, Sunday Funday, here), Scene Queen’s big drama is designed to steal scenes (and the limelight).

benefit scene queen
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MBBTV: Episode 1 – Using a Moisturizer Before Applying Makeup

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Heya, ladies. Guess which blog just turned three years old. 🙂 Yup, that’s ancient in internet years! MBB’s officially a senior citizen.

Sorry about the hiatus from video, but I’m gonna do them more often now. Here’s a quick tip I learned from makeup artist Billy B, who explained that moisturizers are good for more than just moisturizing.

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5 Days of Chanel Rouge Coco: Hot Summer Fun with La Pausa

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Pack your bags, ladies! It’s time for some fun in the sun. 🙂 Bring your sexiest summer dress, a swimsuit and sandals because today’s virtual vacay begins with Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick in La Pausa 08.

A sexy, summery coral with a hint of golden shimmer (same smooth texture as Mademoiselle), she enjoys chilling at beach bars and relaxing on the sand beneath an umbrella with a fruity drink.

I can see us now…

“Girl, is that Ryan Reynolds?”

“Hawt damn, I think he’s shirtless…”
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5 Days of Chanel Rouge Coco: Bonjour, Mademoiselle!

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With Rouge Coco, Chanel begins a new chapter in their storied book of makeup and beauty. The new flagship lipsticks launch this week, 🙂 and to herald their arrival I’m planning some looks that feature colors from the collection.

Fo’ sheezy, I fell in love the moment I saw today’s color, Mademoiselle 05, aka the creamy, rosy pink Vanessa Paradis (Johnny Depp’s baby mama) wears in the Chanel Rouge Coco ads.

Mademoiselle’s hydrating formula glides across my lips, leaving them soft AND moisturized.

Oh, and the pigmentation?
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