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The New Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette & iPhone Case, and the Life and Times of an International Kitty Supermodel’s Harried Pet Assistant

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Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette and iPhone Case

Wearing (and holding!) the new Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette and iPhone Case ($25)

KAREN: “I’m so sorry, Mr. Lagerfeld, but I have to briefly place you on hold. Tabs’ emergency line is ringing, and I need to answer it.

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette and iPhone Case

“Please hold.”

(Picks up phone.) “Hello, Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC, Office of the President. This is a secure line. How may I assist you?”

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette and iPhone Case

Wearing the new Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Taffy on my lips…

TABS: “Meow.” (“It took you long enough.”)

KAREN: “Oh, hello, sir. Did you mean to call me on the emergency line? I have Karl on hold, and he’s kind of in a cranky mood…”

TABS: “Meeeeowww. Mrow.” (“No time for pleasantries, woman. What’s the status on the Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette report I asked you to prepare?”)

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop Out Makeup Palette

Candy Bar Pop Out Makeup Palette ($25, for use with the iPhone 5, and possibly 5s only)

KAREN: “Well, I was just about to type up the final draft and email it to you, but I can relay the highlights to you over the phone. Do you have a moment? I don’t want to interrupt your vacay on Kauai…”

TABS: “Mrow. Mrrow-mrow-mrow!” (“You know I’m always on the job, even on vacation! Give me the abridged version; I have two minutes before the limo gets here, and I don’t want to be late for my deep-tissue kitty massage at the Four Seasons.”)

Too Faced Candy Bar


KAREN: “Understood, sir. Well, let’s see, the essentials — it’s $25, limited edition, new for spring, and it comes with 11 powder eyeshadows, a matte bronzer and a matte blush. You can also pop out the palette and use the case as a cover for your phone, but it only works with the iPhone 5 (and possibly the 5s).

“I experienced some minor fallout from the shadows. As for blending, the mattes blended pretty well, as did the shimmers, although the lighter shimmers could use a little more pigment. The darker shades, however — in particular the purple and blue — made my eyes a little teary.

“Regarding the packaging, it’s cute, but the pans are rather small. I couldn’t help but accidentally cross-pollinate the colors.”

Too Faced Candy Bar Palette

The Candy Bar Palette in its case

TABS: “Mrrrwow?” (“The bronzer and blush?”)

KAREN: “I really like them both. Very pigmented, smooth, easy to blend. Again, the smaller pan sizes are kind of a pain because they don’t quite fit my bronzer and blush brushes easily.”

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop Out Makeup Palette Swatches


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For Spring, Too Faced Went Cocoa for Cosmetics! The New 11-Piece Too Faced Haute Chocolate Spring 2014 Collection Is Here

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Too Faced Haute Chocolate Spring 2014

The new Too Faced Haute Chocolate Spring 2014 collection

Baby, it’s cold outside. How ’bout some Haute Chocolate? The new 11-piece cocoa-crazy Too Faced Haute Chocolate collection should satisfy that sweet tooth. :)

All of the pieces are new. We’re talkin’ two cocoa-themed palettes, five sweet shades of lipstick, two frosted blushes and two brow defining products to keep your look sweet come spring, and in classic Too Faced fashion, the feminine, wearable collection also features a perfect pinch of sass.

Eyes and brows stay relatively neutral, while brighter pops of pink, peach, coral and berry brighten lips and cheeks.

As for timing, you won’t have to wait long to get your chocolate fix because all of these pieces, except for the Chocolate Bar Palette, arrive online December 12. The Chocolate Bar, a Sephora exclusive, goes on sale a week later on December 19.

Here are pics and swatches of the entire release! More detailed reviews to follow…

Too Faced Something About Berry Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Something About Berry, $30

Too Faced Peach Beach Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Beach, $30

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop Out Makeup Palette

Candy Bar Pop Out Makeup Palette, $25; for use with iPhone 5 only

Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks Haute Chocolate Spring 2014

La Creme Lipsticks from the left: Bon Bon, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, Pink Chocolate and Taffy, $22 each

Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift

Instant Attitude Brow Lift, $20

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows Universal Brunette

Bulletproof Brows in Universal Brunette (one of two shades; the other one is Universal Taupe), $30

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Chocolate Bar Palette, $49

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The New Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette: A Sweet-Smelling Set of 16 Neutrals for Spring 2014

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Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Wearing the new Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (and sneaking a bite of something sweet)

Honestly, the folks at Too Faced Cosmetics really, REALLY should’ve put a warning label on their new Chocolate Bar Eye Palette ($49) (“Do not bite!”), because among their fans, it would have saved the chocolate lovers gazillions of dollars in dental repair bills.

Even before and after pics on the box would have been helpful (this is Karen before biting the palette, and this is Karen after).

For instance, for the before picture, they could have used something like this pic of a smiling cat lady just chillin’ with the cute chocolate-bar shaped case moments before she opened it…

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Oh, hello! I’m just holding a chocolate bar.

Then, for the after pic, they could have used something like this to illustrate what happened moments after that same cat lady opened the tin for the first time and caught a whiff of the scented eyeshadows inside it.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


OMG! All 16 powder eyeshadows smell EXACTLY LIKE CHOCOLATE…which I guess makes sense, seeing as how they’re all made with cocoa powder, which is supposed to help protect and smooth your skin.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


Man, I was hella hungry this afternoon, too, and after that first sniff of cocoa deliciousness I scoured the house for anything chocolate (found a can of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, score!). I bit down on the edge of the tin like I was one of the bad children from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (I’d want to be Veruca Salt, of course). So, yeah. Watch out for your teeth.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar packaging

This Chocolate Bar is a brand-spankin’-new eye palette for spring 2014, and technically, it’s not available yet, but you can put in a request to be emailed when it’s available. I’ve yet to hear word on the official release date, but I’m guessing it’ll be soon (probably within the next two weeks).

“Too Faced Co-founder and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino learned of the healing properties of cocoa while getting a chocolate facial in Maui. With Chocolate Bar he created a first-of-its-kind palette that combines the healing benefits of chocolate with richly pigmented, velvety smooth shadows. Chocolate has been used for centuries for its soothing properties and to protect, condition, and heal skin that has been damaged by sun and wind. Studies have shown that the scent of cocoa powder can increase memory and brain power.”

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Chocoholic says what now?!

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Unsung Makeup Heroes: The Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3-Piece Set

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Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3-Piece Set

The terrific teddy bear-haired $39 Shadow Brushes Essential 3-Piece Set from Too Faced Cosmetics

“Made with luxurious teddy bear hair!”

Every time I see that phrase on my Too Faced Shadow Brush Set tube, I see a sad teddy bear with long, luscious ’80s rocker hair, like Bret Michaels had back in his hair heyday before he stormed the reality TV show circuit with a weave.

(No judgement, Bret! It’s all good!)

Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3-Piece Set

100% pure teddy bear hair (not)

When I mentioned these brushes last week, I got some requests to review the set, so here goes… :)

First, it’s darling, isn’t it? $39, comes with three eye brushes, a cute carrying tube, and it’s in the permanent line.

I like this set, a lot, mostly because of the epic Crease/Blender brush. I mean, none of the brushes are slouches, but that one takes the cake.

The bristles are made from synthetic fibers, otherwise known as “luxurious teddy bear hair,” and yup — there’s Bret Michaels again in my mind’s eye…

Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3-Piece Set

The set’s three eye brushes

It includes:

  • One Crease/Blender Brush — This one’s like a thinner MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush, and it’s fab for applying shadow in the crease (more on this in a sec).
  • One Lid/Smoker Brush — This dense, flat eyeshadow brush is all about quickness and precisely packing tons of color on lids.
  • One Liner/Smudger Brush — Like a hobbit-sized version of the Lid/Smoker Brush. I use it to line my lash lines with eyeshadow or soften the edges of pencil eyeliner. In a pinch, I’ll also use it to fill in my brows.

For me, the Crease/Blender Brush headlines this show. That brush — I kid you not — I use practically every day.

It’s shaped like the MAC 224, only thinner, and that makes it perfect for placing eyeshadow right where I want it.

Very handy, particularly in smokey eye looks, or any looks with precise placement in the upper and/or lower crease.

Of course, it’s also OK for blending, but I think its forte is placing product, and not buffing. For blending, I like fluffier brushes, like the MAC 224, with bristles that fan out to spread product over a wider area.

Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3-Piece Set

The Crease/Blender Brush on the left beside a MAC 224

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A Green, Brown and Gold Eye of the Day With the Be Merry Palette by Too Faced Cosmetics

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Too Faced Be Merry Be Bright

I literally (OK, figuratively) have one foot out the door (haircut time!), but I wanted to show you pics I took of the makeup I’m wearing today. It’s the Be Merry palette from the $45 Be Merry Be Bright Holiday set by Too Faced.

Those are Be Merry products on my eyes and cheeks and Too Faced La Crème Lipstick in Spice Spice Baby on my pout.

Too Faced Be Merry Be Bright

The Be Bright Palette

Too Faced Be Merry Be Bright

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