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99 Mantras, and a Review of the New Too Faced A La Mode Eye Palette

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Too Faced A La Mode Eye Palette

Wearing the new $36 Too Faced A La Mode Eye Palette (available now at Too Faced counters and and contemplating life…

1. Unleash your weirdness
2. Wear pink eyeshadow
Too Faced A La Mode Eye Palette

Monaco eyeshadow…LET’S DO THIS

3. Believe in the absurd
4. Enjoy being a girl
5. Change your hair
6. If you want to, change your life
7. Schedule breaks during the day AND TAKE THEM
8. Let go of your irrational fears
9. Talk to your friends
10. Talk to your plants
11. Go to bed early
Too Faced A La Mode Eyes Palette swatches from the left: St. Tropez, Cannes and Soleil

A La Mode Eyes Palette swatches from the left: St. Tropez, Cannes and Soleil

12. Believe in yourself
13. Try something new
14. Smile
15. Count your blessings
16. Think outside the box
17. Remember who you were
18. Envision who you can be
19. Let your imagination run wild
20. Do something differently
21. Keep your desk clean
22. Set a daily schedule and stick to it
Too Faced A La Mode Eyes Palette swatches from the left: Riviera, Jardin and Cote d'Azur

A La Mode Eyes Palette swatches from the left: Riviera, Jardin and Cote d’Azur

23. Have the second helping of ice cream
24. Eliminate all the negative sh*t you don’t need
25. Have brunch
26. Take risks
27. Brace yourself
28. Start a new list
29. Drink water
30. Exercise in the mornings (even 20 minutes is better than nothing)
Too Faced A La Mode Eyes Palette Swatches from the left: La Croisette, Monaco and De La Mer

A La Mode Eyes Palette swatches from the left: La Croisette, Monaco and De La Mer

31. Use kind words when speaking to yourself
32. Reward yourself for a job well done
33. Life is short; get moving
34. Ditch the stretchy pants for a nice outfit
35. Go for frequent walks
36. Call someone — anyone — on the phone
37. Have lunch at 12, even if you aren’t hungry (see #7)
38. Hug your cat
39. Snap more pics of your cat (because the world needs MOAR TABS PICS)
Tabs the Gardener

My gardening buddy

40. Close your eyes, and remind yourself that YOU GOT THIS
41. Go against the tide
42. Carve out a niche
43. Write a letter to a friend about whatever’s on your mind at the moment…

My dearest friend,

GIRL. Pink eyeshadow. Think about it.

Seriously, though. Snaps. You can do it! Try the new A La Mode Eyes Palette by Too Faced Cosmetics ($36 and available now at Too Faced counters and

I’ve worn pink eyeshadows plenty of times before and thought, eh, that was fine, but this new summer palette of warm-toned powder eyeshadows is pretty killer. I would go so far as to say that Monaco, the palette’s vibrant pink shade, is the crown jewel in this limited edition kit.

Oh, sure, the other eyeshadows (there are nine powder shadows in total) are expertly paired. Too Faced sets the kit up in a way that completely takes the guesswork out of choosing colors to wear together. The shadows are arranged in rows for day, classic and fashion looks. Easy-peasy!

The shadows are so buttery and creamy that you can blend them with a few swipes. Plus, on top of primer, they last all day.

The kit leans warm, so if you tend to pick up a little color in summer, or if you like to fake the baked look with bronzer, these shades should look great on you.

Oh! About Monaco? YES, you can work it. One of my mantras is to think outside the box. Both in makeup and in life. And that means wearing pink eyeshadow. :)

Here’s what I like to do: swipe Monaco in the crease with a thin, pointed crease brush. Next, I take a tapered fluffy brush loaded with Jardin, the golden melon shade from the kit, and sweep it back and forth to blend it out. Then, swap out the tapered brush for a flat eyeshadow brush, and pat Cannes, the coppery shade, on my lids.

Highlight those inner corners with one of the big pans on the left of the kit (golden beige St. Tropez, golden peach Rivera or beige La Croisette); then line with one of the darker shades on the right — shimmery golden brown Soleil, shimmery taupe Cote d’Adure or shimmery navy blue De La Mer.

But ya know, there are so many ways to work this palette. That’s probably my favorite thing about it. You can play it safe with warm, shimmery neutrals, or completely push your makeup boundaries with the pink.

I think you’ll really like it. Yes, even the pink!


44. Have a meal (or two or three) outside
45. Embrace your silliness, because there’s absolutely no need to take yourself so damned seriously!
46. Brush your teeth
47. Find a big tree, and read a book under that tree
48. Turn on some music and dance, dance, dance!

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Too Faced Summer 2014 Pics and Swatches: It’s Summer in Saint-Tropez

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Too Faced Summer 2014

Too Faced Summer 2014!

KAREN: Ryan, sweetheart, could you please do my back? Mama doesn’t want to burn…

RYAN: Sure, babe.

KAREN: Oh! Hi! How’s the vacation going? Hot enough for ya?

YOU: I’m burning up!

KAREN: You two make such a cute couple. I was just asking RyGos to sunscreen my back. What are you and J-Ren doing?

YOU: Just cruising the beach, ya know, catchin’ some rays.

KAREN: Fun! Wasn’t that beachside buffet this morning dee-vine? I just love breakfast in Saint-Tropez…

YOU: Me too!

Le sigh…

Well, I may not not be kickin’ it old-school with RyGos at a five-star beach resort, but at least I can look the part and pretend with the Too Faced Cosmetics summer collection. :)

Inspiration: the French Riviera. We’re talking first class beachside cabanas, Chanel sunglasses and Cristal. Oui-oui, mademoiselle!


The release just docked at Too Faced counters and online this week with four new palettes and a new line of liquid lipsticks, codename Melted.

Here are pics and swatches of the four palettes for now, and we’ll do the Melted lippies next week.

I’ll be testing these and getting more acquainted with them this weekend, so check back next week for reviews.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil

Bonjour Soleil Summer Bronzing Wardrobe, $44

Too Faced A La Mode Eyes

A La Mode Eyes Sexy St. Tropez Eye Shadow Collection, $36

Too Faced Brow Envy

Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit, $39

Too Faced Natural Eyes

Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection, $36

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I’m Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced Cosmetics, and This Is My Makeup Life

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Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced Cosmetics

Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced Cosmetics

The My Makeup Life series asks beauty biz insiders, bloggers, makeup mavens and artists to share their holy grail products, tricks, tips and favorite beauty tools. Is there anyone you would like to see featured in My Makeup Life or questions you think I should ask? Let me know here.

Name: Jerrod Blandino
Location: Irvine, California
Day job/current gig: Co-Founder and Creative Director of Too Faced Cosmetics
Hangouts online: Twitter, Facebook and
Beauty inspirations: First and foremost, it’s the women in my life. My sister growing up. Kind of the idea of being little and seeing my really feminine, fabulous sister, but she was also super kick-@ss. Fashion. Interiors. Wallpapers. Car paint. Cupcakes. Pastries. California. Of course, the beach. It’s such a big part part of who I am. You know, it literally comes from everywhere. I become very obsessed with things. I love anything retro glam, classic. Ya know, I love trends and I love the ’80s and I’m obsessed with, you know, just accessories and fashion. I love stationary and wedding cakes and chocolate and clovers and chihuahuas. I love horses. I don’t know, I’m obsessed with horses all of a sudden…
One word that best describes your outlook on beauty: Joyful!

What makeup/beauty products can’t you live without?

I cannot live without and will never live without my Bulletproof Brows, which is my new product that’s coming out. People will be ADDICTED to it. It will change your life.

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows Universal Brunette

Bulletproof Brows in Universal Brunette (one of two shades; the other one is Universal Taupe), $30

My bronzers, my bronzing wardrobe. I have a different bronzer for every different outfit. Every different time of year, every moment. It depends on where I’m going, what I’m doing. I’ve built a bronzing wardrobe that I’m absolutely addicted to and will never give up.

And I love my Amazing Face Powder Foundation. It’s the quickest way to look like you’ve been completely taking care of your skin and have been getting eight hours of sleep and drinking all the water that you should be drinking.

So, those are my obsessive products that I use every day.

When did you start getting into makeup?

Well, that’s kind of funny that you asked that because it’s kind of weird. I was always an artist growing up. I was that little kid who won art shows and was always drawing, and I was obsessed with The Muppets! I went to art school and actually became an art teacher and taught kids art.

Ya know… Well, really in high school, I remember my friend, Bernadette was amazing, and she would spend three hours in the mirror doing her makeup. It was the late ’80s and early ’90s, and I remember thinking that this was just like another form of art. I clicked into that, and I remember the moment it clicked. I was sitting in her bathroom watching her. She was putting on, like, eight different lipsticks to create whatever look she was doing.

And so, then I went to art school. I went to animation school for Disney and Warner Brothers. It was a sort of school where they’d find talent and furrow them in [and it was there] I discovered makeup on accident. I got a job at Estee Lauder behind the counter at Saks Fifth Avenue — it was all totally an accident, freakishly — and on my very first day behind the counter, it all made sense. My art background, my creative background, my dreaming — the way I looked at the world was very cartoonish, always, growing up. I was always ready for, you know, the stuffed animal to come alive and talk to you. I was that kid. I would wait for the rainbow to come into my background so I could climb it and go into the clouds. That was me.

And when I got my first client in the chair, I saw that this was just a different type of art medium, but it was an art medium that would transform people. It would embed self-esteem into women. I saw the transformation that occurred when I was doing my art on people, not on paper. And I was hooked.

What’s your best beauty time-saving trick?

My best beauty time-saving trick? Okay! Alright, so this is what you’re going to do. You’ve going to wake up, and wash your face. You’re going to apply my tinted BB Creme, my BB Balm, because it’s got every amazing skincare serum that I’ve ever tried in my life embedded into that formula. It’s full of moisture, full of anti-oxidants, full of anti-aging, decongesting, wonderful ingredients but it also gives great coverage. So, instantly, boom — we’ve got your skin covered.

Too Faced Bronzer Boxes

Too Faced Bronzers, $30 each

We’re going to take my Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer that’s full of antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients, and we’re going to spread that around the perimeter around your face, closest to the hairline, around the jaw, and through your cheekbones. Boom! We’ve got you sculpted and you’re ready go.

You’ve got to put on my Better Than Sex Mascara, because it’s so rich, and so thick, and the powered peptides in that thing make it so black that you don’t need eyeliner. So you’re going to wiggle that right along your lash line. After that, a little bit of my Lip Injection Plumping Lip Gloss will get your lips full, pink and luscious, and you’re out the door. You’re ready to go to work, you’re ready to go on a date, you’re ready to meet your kid’s future husband, you’re ready to have sex, whatever you want.

What’s your favorite beauty tool?

Easy. It’s my Teddy Bear Hair Retractable Kabuki Brush. It’s great for bronzers, it’s great for blushes, it’s great for powders. It’s retractable and twists up and down.

If you keep the head twisted down almost so it’s really tight, and you just get a mound, and the bristles are tight, you get a lot of coverage. You could even use it as a quick eyeshadow brush if you wanted. You could use it as a sculptor. When you twist it up all the way and it gets to its fluffiest self, it’s the perfect bronzer, loose powder, powder foundation applicator. And because it’s synthetic hair, you could even apply your liquid foundations with it. So it does everything!

What’s the best beauty advice you ever received?

You’ve gotta smile. You’ve got to feel it. You’ve got to love your life, you have to feel it from the inside. Because you can do anything you want in the world to the outside, and it’s not going to make any difference. The most beautiful people in the world are the people who are happy, who are self-confident, and who love to be alive. Who are joyful, who are kind and full of love. You know?

Too Faced Haute Chocolate Spring 2014

The new Too Faced Haute Chocolate Spring 2014 collection, available now at

What’s your skincare routine?

Oh sh*t, do you really want to get into that? Honey, we’ll be on this call for eight hours.

[KAREN: give me the abbreviated version]

Ooooooh, HONEY. Obsessed with skincare! I have lots of great friends in the industry. No, I’m lucky enough to meet and call friends like Dr. Brandt one of them. I’ve been given too much information so… (Laughs.) But because of that, because I know of this, I’ll tell you what I do. A lot of the things I use and love and depend on are in my makeup. Because I’ve realized how important it is, and how important it is to preserve and take good care of your skin. And with science, nowadays, I can incorporate that into my cosmetics.

I’m going to abbreviate it for you because it gets scary! I use DermaQuest Peptide Mobilizer, and then I use Stem Cell Day Serum, and then I use a skin growth gel, it’s Bio-Serum, it makes your skin grow thicker and stay healthy. I do that. Then, I use an eye serum. And I fluctuate back and forth.

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Lifting Brows One Swipe at a Time, the New Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift

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Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift

Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift

Hey, lady, can I give you a lift?

Well…I never say yes to strangers trying to pick me up, but since you’re a pencil, and you’re offering to lift my brows, why not? :)

Please excuse my weird expression at the top of this post. I figure, life is too short to not laugh at yourself while applying $20 Instant Attitude Brow Lift by Too Faced, LOL!

Trust me, though, it gets better after the buffing…

Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift

Instant Attitude Brow Lift ($20)

A new addition to the Too Faced line, Instant Attitude launches with the rest of the spring 2014 collection tomorrow (Dec. 12). It’s a chubby eye pencil that comes in a matte vanilla shade designed to create the illusion of higher arches.

Apply it beneath your brow bone, or along the entire length of each brow like I’m doing here, and then buff down with a finger or brush (I used Too Faced’s Lid Brush from the fab Shadow Brushes Essential 3-Piece Set).

The result? Instantly lifted brows! Oh, yeah…

Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift before


I actually do this trick all the time for pics and video. How does it work? Well, generally, applying lighter colors makes that part of the face look as if it’s closer to the viewer (think highlighting). Lighter colors beneath the brow, like with this pencil, bump up that area visually, giving it a bit of a lift.

Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift after

And after…

You can do this with a bunch of different products, too, like concealers, eyeliners — anything, really — as long as it’s several shades lighter than your skin tone.

This new pencil from Too Faced is ideal for this on account of how easy it is to buff into the skin. I usually do this trick with a MAC Chromographic Pencil in NW25/NC30, which I have to swipe more than a few times to soften and remove any harsh lines.

Instant Attitude, by comparison, blends quicker. Swish, swish and done.

Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift Box


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Bulletproof Brows By Too Faced Cosmetics Blazes Through Building Sweat-Proof Brows

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Too Faced Bulletproof Brows

Wearing the new Bulletproof Brows by Too Faced

Chocolate: 1. Treadmill: 0.

In the Battle of Sweets Vs. Sweat, I can usually bribe myself into working out (“bribe” being the key word here), but I just couldn’t do it last night.

I’d planned to test the sweat-proof-ness of long-lasting new Bulletproof Brows by Too Faced, which I’d been wearing all day, but the Dark Chocolate Stars won in the end…

They always win… (*shakes fist!*)

Trader Joe's Mini Dark Chocolate Stars

Oh, my gawd, Becky… TOTES AMAZE-BALLS!

I actually did wind up testing Bulletproof on the treadmill later in the day, but we’ll get to that in a few. :)

A new Too Faced brow product recently launched with the spring Haute Chocolate collection, Bulletproof comes in just two colors — Universal Brown and Universal Taupe — and with the product, which comes in a round compact with a mirror, you also get a dual-ended tool with an angled brow brush on one end and a spoolie on the other.

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows Universal Brunette

$30 Bulletproof Brows in Universal Brunette (one of two shades; the other’s called Universal Taupe)

Too Faced says that Bulletproof Brows has a “cashmere clay formula” that works like a powder, gel, pencil and setting wax in one, and that’s supposed to translate to waterproof, smudge-proof and budge-proof brows in 60 seconds.

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows Universal Brunette

The box, for your viewing pleasure…

It works like Benefit’s brow zings but waaaaay better.

The drier formula might take a little getting used to, but once you figure out how much to apply (at first, I thought it was easy to go overboard with) and find the sweet spot, it looks effortlessly natural.

Good stuff. :)

I wore Universal Brunette in my brows yesterday for at least nine hours, and my brows looked full and fresh — no patchiness — the entire time. Even my brow bald spot (EFF YOU, RAUL!) stayed hidden.

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows before

Before Bulletproof…

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