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The Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Lip Duos

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tom ford shade illuminate lips

The six new Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Lip Duos, available now, $60 each

Brand new TF cream shadows! ๐Ÿ™‚

Just kidding. They aren’t cream shadows…but they look like they are, don’t they?

I can’t be the only person out there who thought that these new Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Lip Duos were actually cream shadows. In fact, I may or may not have tried one of them on my lids (FYI, I don’t recommend doing this, although, off the record, it was kind of fun!).

Are these cream shadows or what??

Tom’s new Shade and Illuminate Lip Duos look like eyeshadow duos, cost about as much as his eye products (they’re $60 each), and they even come with little sponge applicators.

Thing is, they aren’t for ‘ze ๐Ÿ˜ eyes… No, these are for ‘ze ๐Ÿ‘„ lips!

Tom ford whipped up a new formula called “powder gelee,” which I think might be fancy talk for a cream-to-powder lip formula, for these swanky six, all of which are new for spring 2017.

Tom Ford’s powder-gelee formula features emollient oils and a blend of polymers that provide rich color release and adherence.


tom ford impulse

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Lips in Impulse

These duos go on creamy but dry to a velvety matte finish. I think they look a lot like the Chanel Velvets, but they feel lighter than Chanel’s do to me, which I wouldn’t have guessed possible, because the Chanel Velvets feel sooo barely-there noticeable.

If you don’t like to feel like you’re wearing lipstick when you are, I think you’ll like how these feel.

tom ford nikita

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Lips in Nikita

Next-level highlighting and contouring

Tom Ford is BIG into contouring, with darker colors to sculpt and create angles, and lighter colors to accentuate and draw the eye to the high points of the face. It’s a structured, architectural makeup aesthetic, and it’s the kind of aesthetic these duos are designed to bring to lips.

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Tom Ford Spring 2017: The Shade and Illuminate Cheeks Cream Blushes in Scintillate and Sublimate

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tom ford shade illuminate cheeks scintillate k

Wearing new Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cheeks cream blush in Scintillate ($80)

I like to wear shades (as in sunglasses).

Connor Claire also likes to throw shade, which is cute now, but it may not be in 12 years.

Over it

Now, neither of these types forms of shade have anything to do with the two new Shade and Illuminate Cheeks cream blushes in the new Tom Ford Spring 2017 color collection, but that’s OK.

They’re lovely (albeit incredibly expensively).

tom ford shade illuminate cheeks scintillate

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cheeks cream blush in Scintillate ($80)

The Tom Ford 2017 spring collection is available now, and my gawd! — can we just take a moment to appreciate the drop-dead gorgeousness of this makeup?

tom ford spring 2017 visual

The Tom Ford Spring 2017 visuals are BANANAS!

The collection includes two cream blush duos and six lip duos that are all about shade and illumination, as in highlighting and contouring — playing with lighter shades to catch the light and darker shades for shading. Through strategically using complementary colors to shade and highlight the cheeks and lips, it creates balance.

tom ford shade illuminate cheeks sublimate

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cheeks in Sublimate ($80)

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Mad About Metallics and Tom Fordโ€™s Winter Soleil Lip Foils

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tom ford winter soeil lipsticks

A few of Tom Ford’s new Winter Soleil Lip Foils from the left: Venus Rising, Spanish Flame, Private Life and Creme Conque, $53 each

I’m not usually a sexy robot lips/metallic lipstick kinda gal, but Tom Ford’s Winter Soleil Lip Foils are making me love the look. The pearl particles are super fine, so my lips look like they’re glowing. It’s more of a glowing effect than a frost.

Tom’s Lip Foils are $53 each, which, yeah…is totally bananas. ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ But that’s Tom Ford.

tom ford venus rising

Tom Ford Venus Rising

tom ford creme conque

Tom Ford Creme Conque

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What to Do With a Glitter Eyeshadow You Never, Ever Use

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tom ford winter soleil eye cheek palette warm

What can you do with it?

I love glitter, but I get that it’s not something that everybody loves.

I mean, I wish that everybody loved glitter. How could you not love glitter? OK, anyways, sidetracked…

Sometimes, like in palettes like the Tom Ford Winter Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette in Warm, there’s one glitter shadow that you just don’t know what the heck to do with, so you just kind of leave it there…but c’mon! You gotta show that glitter some love.

Repeat after me: “I can wear glitter!” You can wear glitter. You can! I know I say this all the time and must sound like a broken record, but I really do believe that everyone can wear glitter.

The thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to go all out. You don’t have to load up your lids with it. You can use just a little.

Instead of a brush, use your finger. Just run it across the pan, or make little circles in it, then lightly pat that on top of another eyeshadow.

Patting on the glitter with my finger

Pat, pat, pat…

You can also apply a little on bare lids, too, but the easiest way to use a glittery shadow that I can’t find another use for is to pat it on top of another eyeshadow I’m wearing.

Patting with a finger works well for this. It gets the little glitter bits evenly distributed, like a glittery galaxy, and you’ll get a gorgeous, subtle sparkle.

Your standard bronzy brown eye look

BEFORE: Your standard bronzy brown eye look…

glitter from the lash line up to my brow bone

AND AFTER! — I took the glitter from my lash line up to my brow bone, because that’s how I roll these days…

Glitter doesn’t have to become “this thing,” like this full-on, orchestrated THING, where you have to wet your brush, then pack ALL OF TEH GLITTER on your lids.

It doesn’t! It doesn’t have to look super blingy or go over the top, and when you use your finger to pat it on your lids (instead of a brush), it’s very subtle.

How high you take it up is totally up to you, but generally, the higher you take it up the lid, the more dramatic the glittery look. If you want subtle glitter, start at your lash line, and stop right before you go into the crease.

In these pics, I went all out (because that’s how I roll). I went from my lash line all the way up to my brow bone — which you might think would turn out cray, but I think it’s still pretty subtle.

Try it sometime! Use your finger and pat, pat, pat. Give that glitter shadow you’ve been ignoring some love.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. OK, truth? One of the reasons I’m so into glitter at the moment is because I’m hoping that it distracts people from the hardcore dark circles I’m rockin’.

The Coywolf is teething! The poor thing was up all night long, which means that I was up all night, too.

It’s been a very interesting few days. It’s taking me back to her itty-bitty baby-hood when we weren’t getting any sleep.

I agree with Connor. Pants are way overrated!

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Tom Ford Lips and Boys, 25 New Fall 2016 Shades: The Creams

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tom ford lips boys 2016 cream

The five new Tom Ford Lips & Boys Fall 2016 Cream finish lipstick shades from the left: Alexander, Bradley, Jack, Ashton and Mitchell

One of these shades is called Bradley, and that makes me think of Bradley Cooper, so now I’m wondering if Bradley Cooper could actually wear this shade…

I don’t know. I think it might wash him out… He might need something warmer. ๐Ÿ™‚

On that note, Bradley Cooper should probably wear more lipstick. I mean, I would if I had a lipstick named after me.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys
$36 each, 50 shades, 25 of them new for Fall 2016 (10 matte, 10 metallic, 5 cream)
Coming soon to select Sephora stores and #TFLIPSANDBOYS @SEPHORA

These five little lippies, like the 20 other new lipsticks being added to the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection, are all named after different dudes that Tom admires. These are the five new creams (and here are the mattes and metallics).

tom ford lips and boys 2016

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 2016

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 50-Piece Set — The complete collection housed in an exclusive black lacquered Tom Ford case: $1,950 (side note: holy sh*t!).

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Three-Piece Container — A custom set of any three clutch-size lipsticks displayed in a luxe carrying case: $108 for your choice of any three shades.

“Tom Ford presents Lips & Boys, the third adaptation of the originative Lip Color collection named for the men he finds admirable and inspiring. The 50-piece lipstick lineup unleashes 25 new boys including 10 modern matte finishes.

“From nuanced nudes like Bradley and Alexander to the unabashed bold reds of Nicholas and Dominic, each transformative shade amplifies a woman’s individuality while inciting an insatiable desire to suit her every mood.

“Showcased in sleek mahogany and gold cases, each tube is compact enough to slip inside the smallest of clutches.

“The clutch-size lipsticks of this decadent wardrobe contain rich, specially-treated pigments blended to deliver pure color payoff in three ultra-kissable finishes: matte, cream, and metallic.”

— Tom Ford PR

The 10 new creams

tom ford alexander

Alexander (Cream)

tom ford bradley

Bradley (Cream)

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