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Go Wild, Honey, ‘Cause I’m Candy Crushing on This Beach Babe: With i smell great, Mixing and Matching Makes Scents

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With a few of my favorite products from the new i smell great line

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Just call me “wild candy beach babe!”

Not a bad nickname, right? Got a nice ring to it. Could be a good backup drag queen name, in case I ever get tired of Kitty McDiamond. :)

Wild candy beach babe is my very own personal scent concoction, a layered combination of three products from i smell great, a brand new fragrance/beauty line by the creator of CLEAN perfume, Randi Shinder, and perfume industry vet/blogger Jane Daly.

There are four fragrances — Beach Babe (my fave), Candy Crush, Angel Cake and Wild Honey — and five product families. I like all of them by themselves, but I REALLY like this combo: Candy Crush Soft Body Whip ($28), Wild Honey Eau de Parfum ($68) and Beach Babe Hair Fragrance ($32), all worn together.

The whole mixing/matching/layering thing is a big part of these, because they were designed to layer seamlessly together.

Still, I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t come up with a gross combo yet. No matter which products I’ve layered, the resulting aroma smells fresh and feminine, like “La-dee-da! I just stepped out of the shower and skipped through a spring meadow.” Nothing too spicy or fruitastically sweet. Just chill, relaxed fragrances that one can wear practically anywhere.

i smell great: the four fragrances

  • beach babe: Ah, take me away to a land of tropical breezes, coconut cream and golden suntan oil…
  • candy crush: Mouthwatering candied flower petals, rose syrup, icing sugar and candy hearts to tempt and tease you.
  • angel cake: A comfy, cozy scent with notes of pink icing, powdered sugar and candied almonds…with a touch of sweetness.
  • wild honey: A soothing synthesis of honey, brown sugar, Tahitian vanilla and sweet nectar make this intoxicating aroma irresistible.

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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 322

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Taking time to give thanks

Dear fans, friends and felines,

It’s with a happy heart and a full tum that I say, “success!” I just finished hosting my very first Thanksgiving, and it went extremely well.

Due to scheduling conflicts later this month, my guests and I celebrated today. A couple of the major shareholders of Tabs the Cat Industries LLC attended, as well as my assistant Karen. Overall, it was an intimate gathering. Lots of food, friends and fabulousness.



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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 321

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Acclaimed kitty supermodel and business mogul Tabs the cat sat down with me for a very special interview this morning (he was paid in treats), and we covered important topics like pet peeves, bucket lists and zodiac signs.

We didn’t have time to get to all of your questions this time, but keep ‘em coming because Tabs definitely wants to do it again. :)

This post is sponsored by Purina Pro Plan #proplancatpartner. For information about my posting policy, please see my Disclaimer.

Sponsored by Purina Pro Plan Cat

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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addicts,

Karen and Tabs

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 320

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If you’ve ever wanted an inside look at what it’s like to live with a kitty supermodel…

The day always starts with snacks, because if you’re gonna do work — good work — you gotta have the right fuel.

After breakfast, meditation outside on the deck…

And some light gardening…

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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 319

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A cat makeup tutorial: How to be a black cat

Crab cakes, tuna tacos and sweet turkey crisps, cat intrigue and politicking, tons of tail twitching and furtive glances — I tell ya, there’s nothing quite like a Tabs the Cat Halloween Masquerade Ball. :)

Don’t forget to check your mailbox this week because the invites have gone out, and if this year’s gala is anything like last year’s, it’ll be one of the hottest parties of the year.

As you might recall, last year’s ball was the scene of a foiled plot to push Vladimir Puss ‘N’ Mau off the banister directly on top of Tabs, and the culprit cat was never caught. He fled the scene wearing a teddy bear mask and disappeared into the night…

But that wasn’t the only shocking development. We also found some vandalism in Tabs’ study, the words “CL was here” scratched into an antique desk.

This year, we really beefed up security, though, so we’re hoping that nothing nefarious happens. It would be a shame to have something overshadow the costumes.

Speaking of that, here’s a new Halloween cat makeup tutorial by Tabs… Hope you like. :)
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