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The Four Universally Flattering Shades in the $15 Sephora Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set Pack a Seriously Shiny Punch

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The new Sephora Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set

Sephora’s new $15 Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set

Sephora calls the four petite pink and nude shades in their $15 Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set universally flattering.

I call ’em perfect for purses and sunglasses, on account of their diminutive stature (0.1 ounces each), their easy, breezy sheer-to-medium coverage and a finish that’s brighter than the sun!

sephora mini ultra shine gloss set

sephora mini ultra shine gloss set

From the left: Precious Pink, Pin-Up Pink, Rose Petal and Perfect Nude

sephora mini gloss set swatches

From the left: Precious Pink, Pin-Up Pink, Rose Petal and Perfect Nude

sephora mini shine gloss set

Pin-Up Pink

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For $15, Sephora Brings the Bling: The New Sephora Blinged Palette Squeezes Some Great Pieces Into a Bedazzling Product

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sephora blinged palette review

Wearing the products in Sephora’s new $15 Blinged Palette on my eyes, cheeks and lips

“Bling it.”

“Oh, it’s already been blough-it.”

Sorry… Made myself laugh. :)

So, what’s better than getting a great deal on a face palette with eight pigmented shadows, a perky pink powder blush and five flattering lipsticks?

How ’bout this: getting it all with a side of bling.

No need to bust out your BeDazzler to bejewel the new limited edition Sephora Blinged Palette, because it already comes complete with sparkly rhinestones. It’s also pretty affordable at $15.

Oh, how do I love thee, Sephora Blinged Palette? Let me count the ways…

The shadows

Fallout? What’s that? I hardly see any at all from these eight powder eyeshadows. Worn with my beloved NARS primer. With the primer’s help, they’re a breeze to blend and last all day long on my lids.

I love the mix of matte and shimmer finishes and the brown, gold, peach, beige and green shades, which are nicely balanced between cool and warm tones.

Only thing is, the high-shine shimmery shades have an appetite for fine lines — meaning they like to highlight ’em.

The blush

What a nice surprise! It’s so smooth and natural looking.

The lipsticks

I wish these five unscented, unflavored lipsticks weren’t seated so close to the blush (such a pain), but I think the colors work so well with the palette that I’m willing to let it go.

Sephora Beauty To Go Mini Palette

Sephora Beauty To Go Mini Palette
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What’s Cooking at the Sephora Gloss Lab? Sheer, Non-Sticky MAC Cremesheen Dupes

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sephora gloss lab review Hot Pink No. 5

Wearing Hot Pink No. 5 from the new $25 Sephora Gloss Lab kit

If chem lab had been anywhere near as much fun as Sephora’s new Gloss Lab, I never would have finished any of my titrating!

I would have been too busy mixing and matching the 10 marvelously moisturizing glosses (which could easily pass for MAC Cremesheens) in the $25 kit, and then watching the clouds above my head part to a concerto of harps and herald angels singing.

Unlike chem lab, Gloss Lab is exclusive to Sephora. The limited edition holiday kit, which is available now, comes with seven shades in an assortment of nude and bright colors and three colorless top coats (one clear gloss, another with small bits of white shimmer in it, and a third with larger bits of multi-colored shimmer), and all 10 of them come with an easy-to-use doe-foot applicator.

sephora gloss lab

sephora gloss lab
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Share a Tip Tuesdays: This Eye Makeup Tip Will Have You Busting Out Those Bright Eyeshadows More Often

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Share a Tip Tuesdays

Among the many eyeshadow palettes making their way into the hearts and homes of lovely ladies and makeup-lurving gents this holiday season, I’m betting there’s bound to be at least one (or two!) bright colors in the mix, and if you’re anything like me, some of those brights can be completely terrifying.

For me, it’s usually the bright pinks…

I have no qualms about wearing bright pink on my lips, but my eyes are a different story. It’s like, bright eyeshadows take a different kind of cajones, and sometimes I just don’t feel cool enough to pull them off.

But I know it’s just a state of mind, and so over the weekend, I busted out some of the bright eyeshadows I hardly ever wear and began to experiment. I was just messing around when I stumbled on something by accident…

Wow! Starting with a black base works wonders for bright eyeshadows!

And pretty much any formula should work, be it paint pot, smudgy liner or a creamy kohl. Just apply on your lids, smudge it out, and pat your bright eyeshadow directly on top. The black base sort of grounds the bright shadow, toning it down.

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Say Hello, Kitty, to the New Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing

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Hello Kitty Say Hello Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing

Apparently, I’m a one cat woman. This, according to Tabs.

That cat is so protective, or territorial, or whatever it is, that he won’t even tolerate another feline diva in the house if it’s orange and stuffed!

Witness his fearsome reaction to this predatory plush toy…

Observe the menacing posture, raised claw and puffy tail. There was also a lot of angry meowing and hissing.

Hello Kitty Say Hello Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing

Hello Kitty, however, is a completely different story.

Hello Kitty Say Hello Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing

Tabs just loooooves anything and everything Hello Kitty, and that includes the new Say Hello Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing ($36).

Like a brazen alley cat, the new limited edition palette recently strutted onto shelves at Sephora, just in time for the holidays. The funky print packaging (um…is that a giraffe or a leopard pattern?) contains two tiers of products, one row of shimmery powder eyeshadows, and a second row with a bronzer and a pale powder matte blush.

I also love Hello Kitty, but I’ve always thought of Sephora’s Hello Kitty makeup line as something targeted to teens and tweens (MAC’s Hello Kitty collection, on the other hand? — totally different story).

I am kinda feelin’ this palette, though, especially the eyeshadows. A couple of the colors seem surprisingly complex. There’s a pretty purple, all packed with flecks of golden glitter; an opalescent, peachy pink that reminds me a little of MAC Vex, except without the green and blue; a warm bronze; and a neutral gold. All four of them apply with little-to-no fallout, a good amount of pigment and a striking, shiny finish.

Hello Kitty Say Hello Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing

Hello Kitty Say Hello Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing

Hello Kitty Say Hello Eyeshadow Palette in Wild Thing

Hello Kitty Say Hello Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

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