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The New NARS NARSissist Eye Palette Plays Like a Compilation of NARS No. 1 Hits

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NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette

The brand-spankin’ new NARSissist Eye Palette ($79)

I think of two things when I hold the new NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette in my paw…

The first one is awesomeness, as in the state of being awesome.

The second one is Greek mythology.

Remember Narcissus? He was the guy so enamored with his reflection in a pool of water that he couldn’t leave it, and eventually, um, he died.

Seriously, dude? You couldn’t even take a break from admiring yourself to at least eat some fruit??

Anyway, I remember reading that story for the first time in fourth grade, which was during the height of my Greek mythology phase, and thinking, “Wow…Narcissus must’ve been really, REALLY cute. I bet he looked like Michael J. Fox.” LOL!


Not gonna lie, I could spend hours cooing at this palette like I’m Narcissus at that pond. “Oh, sweet palette… You’re such a gorgeous palette. Yes you are! I lurve you sooo much.”

NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette

Essentially, it’s the brand’s version of a neutral/Naked palette, and holla! — it’s kind of amazing.

NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette

It houses 15 shades…

NARSissist (NARS∙is∙sist) (n.) – lives by her own rules, not afraid to express herself in every look, mood or attitude. Effortlessly captivating with a bottomless makeup bag.

NARS Cosmetics introduces the NARSissist Eye Palette, named for and inspired by the brand’s devoted fans and cult followers, this inaugural palette will set the stage for future NARSissist products to come.


The limited edition palette plays like a compilation of NARS No. 1 hits. Most of its 15 powder eyeshadows hail from the NARS single eyeshadows permanent line, while a handful of them appear in NARS permanent eyeshadow duos.

There is also one formerly limited edition shade, Bad Behavior, a deep pewter from the Guy Bourdin holiday 2013 collection.

The whole enchilada: 15 shades

  • All About Eve I: a flesh-toned neutral (permanent)
  • Ashes to Ashes: a shimmery violet-based brown (permanent)
  • Fez: a velvety cocoa (permanent)
  • Bad Behavior: a deep pewter (limited edition; this is the one from the Guy Bourdin holiday collection)
  • Bali: a neutral matte brown (permanent)
  • Brousse II: a shimmery blackened violet (permanent)
  • Coconut Grove: a deep brown infused with reflective particles (permanent)
  • Dogon II: a charcoal black (permanent)
  • Madrague I: a matte cream (permanent)
  • Madrague II: a matte caramel (permanent)
  • Belissima I: a shimmering beige with subtle glitter (permanent)
  • Mekong: an espresso infused with gold (permanent)
  • Lhasa: a lavender grey (permanent)
  • Pandora II: a matte black (permanent)
  • Nepal: a soft, sheer rose (permanent)

Nepal! Lhasa! Coconut Grove! The darker shade from the Dogon duo! OMG! I can’t even…

If I were ever to make a list of my end-all, be-all, must-have NARS eyeshadows, so many of these colors would make the cut. It is literally (OK, figuratively) my NARS eyeshadow palette dream come true.

NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette

Hello, lovah!

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The New Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette & iPhone Case, and the Life and Times of an International Kitty Supermodel’s Harried Pet Assistant

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Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette and iPhone Case

Wearing (and holding!) the new Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette and iPhone Case ($25)

KAREN: “I’m so sorry, Mr. Lagerfeld, but I have to briefly place you on hold. Tabs’ emergency line is ringing, and I need to answer it.

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette and iPhone Case

“Please hold.”

(Picks up phone.) “Hello, Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC, Office of the President. This is a secure line. How may I assist you?”

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette and iPhone Case

Wearing the new Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Taffy on my lips…

TABS: “Meow.” (“It took you long enough.”)

KAREN: “Oh, hello, sir. Did you mean to call me on the emergency line? I have Karl on hold, and he’s kind of in a cranky mood…”

TABS: “Meeeeowww. Mrow.” (“No time for pleasantries, woman. What’s the status on the Too Faced Candy Bar Pop-Out Makeup Palette report I asked you to prepare?”)

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop Out Makeup Palette

Candy Bar Pop Out Makeup Palette ($25, for use with the iPhone 5, and possibly 5s only)

KAREN: “Well, I was just about to type up the final draft and email it to you, but I can relay the highlights to you over the phone. Do you have a moment? I don’t want to interrupt your vacay on Kauai…”

TABS: “Mrow. Mrrow-mrow-mrow!” (“You know I’m always on the job, even on vacation! Give me the abridged version; I have two minutes before the limo gets here, and I don’t want to be late for my deep-tissue kitty massage at the Four Seasons.”)

Too Faced Candy Bar


KAREN: “Understood, sir. Well, let’s see, the essentials — it’s $25, limited edition, new for spring, and it comes with 11 powder eyeshadows, a matte bronzer and a matte blush. You can also pop out the palette and use the case as a cover for your phone, but it only works with the iPhone 5 (and possibly the 5s).

“I experienced some minor fallout from the shadows. As for blending, the mattes blended pretty well, as did the shimmers, although the lighter shimmers could use a little more pigment. The darker shades, however — in particular the purple and blue — made my eyes a little teary.

“Regarding the packaging, it’s cute, but the pans are rather small. I couldn’t help but accidentally cross-pollinate the colors.”

Too Faced Candy Bar Palette

The Candy Bar Palette in its case

TABS: “Mrrrwow?” (“The bronzer and blush?”)

KAREN: “I really like them both. Very pigmented, smooth, easy to blend. Again, the smaller pan sizes are kind of a pain because they don’t quite fit my bronzer and blush brushes easily.”

Too Faced Candy Bar Pop Out Makeup Palette Swatches


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Sun-Kissed Peach, Gold and Cocoa Colors Bask on the Beach That Is the New Limited Edition NARS Loves Miami Set

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NARS Love Miami

Wearing the new NARS Love Miami set on my eyes, cheeks and lips

Even though I’m feeling like this because it’s hella cold here today…

NARS Love Miami


Wearing the new NARS Loves Miami set makes me feel like this…

NARS Love Miami


It’s one of those sets that makes you (me) wish you (I) lived someplace tropical during the winter — someplace where its golden shimmer and glitter and peach and brown shades (with a shot of violet) would play well with your perpetual tan, which, of course, you earned through regular after-work surf sessions…le sigh!

Um, did I mention that it’s cold here today?! Well…cold by Northern California standards (the high was 54 and the low was 30, and yes, I can hear you laughing from here).

I think the lack of warmth in my extremities right now might directly correlate with my sudden interest in makeup with a warm-weather theme.

NARS Love Miami: A three-piece set

Clockwise from the left: Eye & Cheek Palette, Orgasm Nail Polish and Orgasm lip Gloss

The three-piece limited edition holiday set contains some of Miami’s bestselling shades, like peachy pink Orgasm Nail Polish and Lip Gloss, and an Eye & Cheek Palette with glittery pink Fathom Eyeshadow, shimmery sugared cocoa Kalahari Eyeshadow, matte deep violet Daphne Eyeshadow, shimmery dark brown Cordura Eyeshadow, peachy pink Orgasm Blush and golden brown Laguna Bronzing Powder.

NARS Love Miami: Eye & Cheek Palette

Eye & Cheek Palette

NARS Love Miami: Orgasm Nail Polish

Orgasm Nail Polish

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Get 96 Excellent Eyeshadows (Conveniently Laid Out) for 10 Cents Each With the New ELF Eyes Lips Face 96-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

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ELF Eyes Lips Face 96 Piece Eyeshadow Palette

How many elves does it take to screw in a lightbulb? make one heck of a gnarly holiday eye palette? Answer: just one, if that elf is e.l.f, and the palette’s their 96-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette (regularly $20, but it’s on sale for $10 now at

This budget-friendly behemoth isn’t one of those streamlined holiday palettes with just a small handful of select, everyday shades.

Hello! — there are at least five varieties of green up in that one corner (Kermit the Frog would be pleased).

Yeah…there’s definitely a lot going on here.

ELF 96 Piece Eyeshadow Palette 2

It’s downright daunting, particularly if you get overwhelmed easily (like moi). I mean, the thought of 96 powder eyeshadows all in one case intimidated me at first, but then I took a closer look at the way the colors are all laid out and started seeing a method to the madness…

ELF 96 Piece Eyeshadow Palette 3

The triangular pans aren’t just randomly strewn about. They’re arranged in such a way as to make it easy to find coordinating colors (usually a big struggle for me with these blockbuster palettes) — browns with golds in the upper left, greens with peaches and yellows in the upper right, cool-toned purples and pinks in the lower left, and cool-toned grays and blues in the lower right.

So the palette isn’t just mathematically interesting. It’s also wise. :)

ELF 96 Piece Eyeshadow Palette 4

I looked at this palette’s smaller nephew, the 18-Piece Geometric, a couple weeks back and thought it, too, was a great value — quality, long-lasting eyeshadows rich in pigment — and the shadows in this larger 96-pan package perform just as well. Same formula, same pigment. I think they’re way up there in terms of drugstore makeup quality.

My only semi-major gripe with the 18-piece version was the diminutive pans (too small for most brushes), but this larger one addresses that with bigger pans, meaning more room to run my brushes across the shadows, making it that much easier to pick up product.

There are so many budget-friendly holiday palettes out there now, but this is one of the best ones I’ve tried. You should be able to track it down in drugstores for $20, but if you don’t mind shopping online, it’s available now for $10 at

Oh, and for the rest of Cyber Monday, they’re also offering 50% off everything on the site (and free shipping on all orders over $35, no coupon code needed).

ELF 96 Piece Eyeshadow Palette swatches 1

ELF 96 Piece Eyeshadow Palette swatches 2

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Le Métier de Beauté’s Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Saint-Domingue Has a Fresh, Unusual Combination of Colors and a Knack for Staying Out of Trouble (Also Known as My Fine Lines)

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Le Métier de Beauté's Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Saint-Domingue

Wearing the new $95 limited edition Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Saint-Domingue, available now exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue

Whoop! I just had a NARS moment.

I swiveled Le Métier de Beauté’s Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Saint-Domingue open, and you know how some NARS limited edition collections leave you scratching your head at first?

It’s happened to me more than once. Sometimes the color pairings seem a little odd at first glance, but then I start digging in, and everything clicks (or usually does).

Le Métier de Beauté's Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Saint-Domingue

An overhead shot of Saint-Domingue

That’s how it was for me at first with this four-pan palette of powder eyeshadows. The rosy peach matte, matte periwinkle blue, shimmery reddish golden purple (so pretty!) and shimmery gunmetal gray aren’t the kinds of colors I would think to put together, but once I started playing with them, they started making sense.

Le Métier de Beauté's Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Saint-Domingue

A closer look at the four pans…

At $95, the limited edition set, exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue stores and online, isn’t exactly budget (that’s an understatement!), but they are an interesting blend of colors that go together in unusual ways.

“This exquisite collection, inspired by the uniquely rich, colorful Creole culture that was born out of Haitian, West African, and French influences on the island of Hispaniola, features soft, misty neutrals combined with rose and shimmering plum. Kaleidoscope Eye Kits contain four complementary shades in one compact that create a prism of color for the eye. The kaleidoscope is easy to carry and has a mirror on the top for on-the-go touch-ups.”

Le Métier de Beauté's Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Saint-Domingue

Swatches of Saint-Domingue

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