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Ready, Set, Contour! The Nifty $19 NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette

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NP Set Contour Highlight Palette

That’s the new $19 NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette on my cheeks

OK, I know it’s almost $20, which puts NP Set’s new Contour & Highlight Palette firmly on the high end of the budget/drugstore makeup spectrum, but please don’t let that sway you from giving it some thought, because it’s a close cousin of one of my favorite products from the Hourglass Cosmetics line.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette closeup

From the left: a golden beige highlighter, bronzer, peach blush and a pink highlighter

It has it all! — almost. Everything you need to sculpt and brighten your skin, like a warm, golden coppery bronzer similar to NARS Laguna, but with a satin finish; a peach blush with a sheen finish; and two highlighters, one, a neutral light pink, and the other, a warm golden beige.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette

An overhead shot…

If you’re angling for sun-kissed California girl skin, the bronzer and blush do it to it, babe. I’d probably use the bronzer more to add overall warmth, though, than to do any heavy-duty cheek chiseling, but overall warmth is exactly what I want when I’m rushing to get out the door.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette in hand for size

With paw for scale…

So that’s the bronzer — a solid performer — but it’s not my favorite thing about this palette…

That distinction goes to the highlighters. 🙂

Are you familiar with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders? Well, these are like those, but they cost less than half as much ($22 versus $45, unless we’re talking about this holiday set).

Similar sheen, buttery texture and gentle brightening effect. The lighter shade on the far left of the palette resembles Dim Light, while the pink shade on the opposite end channels Mood Light.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette swatches

Swatches from the left: the golden beige highlighter, bronzer, blush and pink highlighter

I wouldn’t say they’re exact dupes, though, as I think the NP Set highlighters create a more muted glow than the slightly more radiant effect created by the Hourglass Ambients.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette packaging

Even the packaging’s got a cool Cali vibe

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For Vampires, Glam Comes Naturally. Humans, On The Other Hand, Need Things Like the NP Set Glam Set

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NP Set Glam Set

One day, back when Vampire Edward and I used to kick it (just friends, nothing more!), I asked him why humans find vampires so attractive.

I had a theory — something about predators — but I wanted to hear what the undead guy had to say.

We were at a Starbucks in Seattle, chatting over soy chai lattes and blood orange teas, and I remember telling him about this National Geographic special I saw on the hunting habits of big jungle cats.

The show described how cats are natural born killers, and when the conversation turned from the mechanics of a lion’s retractable claws and how their teeth are built for shearing to why vampires are able to glamour humans, Edward explained…

“It makes perfect sense,” he said, staring deeply into my eyes.

I felt lightheaded for a second, and then he continued. “When you’re turned, you become a more attractive version of yourself. And you need that, because it helps you feed. It makes humans easier prey.”

That’s it then. The shiny hair, soothing voice, porcelain skin and sparkling, seductive eyes that whisper, “I want you, Karen…for lunch.”

Long story short — hot looks help vamps reel in their next meal.

How unfair is that? Vamps get this natural, enchanting glamour and ageless beauty, while the rest of us have to work at it.

Ah, well… Maybe the new NP Set: Glam Set can help.

The subdued brown, peach and red shades aren’t the kind of full-tilt, red-carpet colors that jump to my mind when I think “glam,” but who knows? Maybe that’s by design.

The new NP Set Glam Set and Red Carpet Set palettes ($24 each) are new for spring 2012 and available now at Target stores and

Now, I don’t expect to wear these eye, lip and cheek colors to stalk man prey, but I do like looking polished and put together when I’m hanging out with the boys (El Hub and Tabs) or gallivanting with my gal pals.

np set glam set (3)
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